Saturday, June 15, 2024

Whoa! June is Stepping Up!

The Ridge

On Saturday, June 15th, I had a busy work morning scheduled. Not hard work, mind you, but paying work. 😊 Bill and I left the Suite at the same time. With a laundry basket of dirty clothes in Ptooties, I was headed to the Mat to ‘launder’ and clean the facilities. Bill was on his way to hook up his cargo trailer and headed to the flying field near Hanover. He was a happy camper now that the weather is finally straightening up. It is supposed to be windy later so he’s hoping for some early flights.

Good morning!
Now that right there is perfect
clothes drying weather!

There was no one at the Mat when I arrived but halfway through my cleaning, a nice older gentleman came in. He was a chatterer but very nice, curious about my lifestyle in the rv, Arizona and such. Not that he has any endearing thoughts of either but still, he was pleasant and interested. 😊 When I finished cleaning, I semi-folded and placed our damp clothes in the basket.

I'm sorry Mrs. Dove for a scare again but my
clothesline is up here! It allowed me this photo though.

I debated popping into Rethreads (2nd hand store) to see if they had any decent 500-pc. puzzles but it was 8:55 and the Closed sign was on their door as I drove by. Nope, I scooted home, and Gibbs came out to help me hang the clothes on the line. He keeps watch, you know, for Chippy. I was sitting inside with him when Robin from Nfld that her guests had checked out of the bnb. It was only 10 so that was nice that I could go earlier than usual.

you've probably noticed that I have a 'thing' for some
trees in the area. This is yet another favourite
down Baptist Church Road to the north.

It was 10:30 when I pulled out with some nibblers to get me through the lunch hour. I like getting in and out asap since she has other guests coming after 3. The place was left in really decent condition! You’d hardly know anyone had stayed there, they took such care to ‘leave(almost) no trace’ with beds made up and garbage neatly bagged and the firepit empty of unburned items. 😊 That’s nice.

Some Potato Vines with a Dichondra
(or Silver Ponysfoot)
will make a nice drooping planter

I stripped the two queen beds and set everything in the machine to wash while I worked. I was done, with the sheets and towels in the dryer, by 12:30 so a 2-hour job. I stopped in Durham at the Foodland to check out the sale prices in their garden centre. I didn’t think I’d buy more but with such great reductions, I couldn’t resist and the plants are almost better than they were two weeks ago. I’m happy I stopped.

My flowering Raspberry is blooming too.

Back home, Bill had arrived home around noon, had eaten lunch and snoozed. I was glad about that since I didn’t expect him to wait to eat with me. I had a bit of cheese and ham with yogourt and that filled me. He was happy to get 3 flights in this morning before the winds made things too scary. 

Gibbs slept while he could hear the trimmer running.
When it stopped he had to go find Daddy.

We all went outside and that’s where we remained until 4:30. Bill got all the weed trimming done up at this end of the property. Gibbs and I were lazy and just relaxed in the sun/shade. ♥ My grass is growing so fast, now that he’s trimmed, it looks worse, so in the morning I’ll give it a shorter cut. 

My chariot awaits 💕

We discussed supper plans and hopping on Jazz to drive to Jenny G’s, our favourite truck stop, made us both happy. They weren’t open on our last ride when we stopped mid-week. I ordered just deep-fried halibut, Bill had a cheeseburger and we shared medium fries. I didn’t want a whole order, neither did he. It was perfect and finger-lickin’ good! I'll do that again.

A picnic table in the sun was nice so
we took our jackets off.
But on the highway, we sure needed them.


We had noticed the air was cool, only 16C/62F on a motorcycle does not a warm ride make. Sitting at the picnic table to eat was hot enough to take our jackets off. Funny how much wind you have when riding. We headed for home. It was a great ride for just over an hour, with 40 minutes of that on the bike. 😊 Bill hopped in the shower and I finished my blog post for the day. We only got as warm as 18C/65F but with no clouds and moderate winds, it felt hot.

We love our rides, long or short, and hope to have
lots this summer but returning home safely, to our little bum, is also something
we love. 💖
Good night!

What a wonderful day! Thank you for the visit, your comments are welcome.


  1. What? No Rain? It's look spiffy!!!

  2. More rain here today, and cool temperatures. Perhaps next week we'll finally see some near normal temps.
    Your halibut looks delicious!

    1. Sorry about the rain. We may see some overnight but a low chance of that.
      The halibut was delicious!

  3. There aren't many couples
    our age that ride a
    motorcycle to their
    favorite truck stop ..
    you two are so cool, Mary

    1. You're so cute! We look old but feel young still (most days!)

  4. I love that tree, it is so neat looking!