Monday, May 20, 2019

Early Bird Gets the Worm, Visit with Mom, Fall Temps Return

The Ridge
I slept well after pushing myself to go to bed at 10ish. I woke up at 5:30 on Monday, May 20th, before my alarm. Bill came back to bed after using the facilities and seemed to be dropping off to sleep. Those are rare moments so I shut my alarm off and got up at 10 to 6 so I didn't disturb him. I could hear the wind whipping again, doggone it, our summer period is over.

Good morning and this is all I saw of the sun
I got cleaned up, dressed for work and opened blinds. The sun wasn’t going to be around today by the looks of it but I did catch a glimpse out the back window before it disappeared. I caught up on a few of our friends’ blog posts and as I got ready to make my ‘tea-to-go’, Bill got up too. I wanted to test my key at the Laundromat for overriding the system so left home at 6:40. If it didn’t work for some reason, I would only have 10 minutes to wait for doors to unlock.

Because there were not many pictures taken today
I share with you what Mom and I shared today
Our Sunday school class of 1959
I'm bottom right at 5 years old, my sister Donna behind me
and Bruce in the middle at front
3 other sisters in here as well
Everything worked great and I let myself in and got to work right away. I feel very comfortable with the routine and today was a good test on the time it takes me to do the basics. Don’t worry, you won’t hear the details every time I go, but it is new to me right now and I want it documented for my own information. Within an hour and a half, I had dryer screens cleaned, washers wiped down, washroom clean, counters wiped, floor swept and mopped. Woohoo! I was pleased.

Grandma and Mom, pregnant with my little brother, Michael
so, 1966
I left the lot at 8:30 after filling out my chart for Jamie and headed for home. It was very cool with the strong winds but it felt good for the time being. I was very hot in there. Bill was out getting ready to work in the Hangar when I returned so I filled him in on things. He is very encouraging and insistent that this is ‘my’ cash that I’m earning, but we’ll see. Like him, if I can help out for things we want, I will. I needed to call my boss 😊 and ask him about a couple of things before I forgot.

Blurry, but this is Daddy showing off his latest catch
The cat watches on hoping it drops to the ground
As soon as I got in, I took a sponge bath since I’d showered yesterday and at 9:30, I fried up some peameal bacon and eggs for breakfast. I can hear the saw working down in the Hangar so not sure what he’s up to today! We did the dishes together and I left at 11 to go visit Mom. Arriving at her room, the door was closed which indicated that she was sleeping or not ‘home’. She was stretched out on her bed with a quilt thrown over her. So peaceful.

And here he is again with our Pontiac (missing the C)
The partial picture on the right shows Mom in her prime
after 6 kids
She woke when I entered, hearing me speaking to a nurse who just washed her floor. Her frame of mind was perfect! Happy, smiling and giggly. We had a nice chat about her ‘babies’, the doggie pictures around her room and other things. I tripped on her foot at one point and made an ordeal of falling on the bed and she laughed like a school girl. I love that we can laugh together. Somehow, the name Daisy came up and she broke into song. I joined in and we made a recording, our first single! A Marjorie and Patsy duet!

The beach picture, Daddy on the Pontiac, sister Gayle, Granddad in the chair
Uncle Fred leaning on his Corvair and sister Aj
Right hand picture - our family in 1965 dressed in our Sunday best
You know who in the front in knee socks at 11 years old
I walked her down to lunch and it was a long but fun goodbye with many kisses, one coming home for Bill, of course. She brings out the best in me at times like this and makes me proud to be her daughter. We waved and threw kisses all the way to the door. That was a fun visit. I drove home and although it was chilly in town, the colder, stronger winds up on the Ridge made it down right cold. The temperature has dropped 5 degrees since we got up.

Blurry one again of brother Bruce on left
Daddy and little brother Michael when he joined the service
After parking Ptootie for the day, I walked down to see Bill and tell him of my visit and of course, pass on the kiss from his mother-in-law. Back inside, I decided to do some baking and peanut butter cookies and custard were on the agenda.  Time got lost as I went about putting the cookies together. Again, Dave’s Adventures provided the recipe. I wish they held together a little better but because there is no flour, they are pretty crumbly.

And today, after the heat and storm, these mushrooms pupped up
The frog is scratching his head about it too
Bill likes them and they can be eaten guilt-free so it works for us. After making approximately 40, I made the low carb custard. Now that I had my own Ramekin dishes, I was good to go. We’ll taste it tonight. I managed to make 6 dishes and put them in the fridge covered with plastic wrap. The afternoon was lazy for my boys. After puttering away all morning, Bill came in to try and start a new book. I’d finished The Haunted so he picked it up.

The grass is continuing to die on the hill
They snoozed while I finished the baking and then sat to watch even more recorded programs. By the time I started supper, we were caught up. I had to watch the last 20 minutes of American Idol that Bill recorded last night to see who won. I won’t say in case you haven’t seen it but I’m pleased with the result. It was a great choice, America! We watched NCIS New Orleans and Los Angelos’ season finales.

Yummy peanut butter cookies
For supper, I fried a couple of ground beef patties and potatoes, carrots and corn from last night. A one pot dish right there and on the side, I made gravy with the chicken broth as well. It was delicious! We cleaned up dishes and at 7 started into our Monday night programming. Most shows are over for the season so other than The Voice, we watched reruns or read our books. I needed to find a new one too so chose James Rollins’ War Hawk with Tucker Wayne and Kane his military dog. We’ve read one before and enjoyed it.

Second yum
This was a good day for doing what we wanted to do. Some work, some play and some kicking back. I hope you have enjoyed yours too.

Have a good night everyone
Thank you for stopping by. I enjoy reading your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. Always nice to looking back at your old photos so many wonderful memories. Sharing with your mom as well.

    1. Mom gets her siblings and her children's names mixed up when looking at photos but we love the photo reminiscing.

  2. What a great day! That's nice (but I wouldn't expect anything less) of Bill to say that's "your cash" sweet. Loved the video on FB of you and your mom singing! Can you transfer it to your blog so you will always have it? Great day you had and your baked goods look awesome. I know what you mean about crumbly cookies but they sure are delicious anyway. Love the old pictures :)

    1. Thank you for all the nice things you said. I have the video on my laptop so I can keep it forever. :)

  3. I saw the video of you and your mom singing! LOVED it!!!
    Guess I'll have to look up your custard recipe. I'm getting tired of those bitter chocolate "fat bombs"!!

    1. thank you, it was so much fun! She was so happy.
      The custard is very good. Google carb free low fat custard. :)