Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Quiet Day, Bill Stressed? More Baking Trials, Laundromat Walk-Through

The Ridge
I woke up around 7 on Tuesday, May 14th after many hours (or so it seems) of dreaming. Wow, strange night and now they are gone out of my head but there were so many people from my past involved! Bill was already up and in the shower. He has a stress test in London this afternoon at 1 so he doesn’t have to rush but likes to be ready. It worked out well as CanAm also needs him to work this week. One trip, two events.

A sunny reflection, wow!
It was 40F/5C with minimal wind and the sun was trying its darnedest to poke through the cloud-filled sky. I wasn’t missing an opportunity so got bundled, appropriately, and went for a nice 2-mile walk. It felt so good to get out again in the early morning air and my legs complained for a while. It has been close to a week since I’ve done this. I’m sure my back will be better by just getting out walking. Maybe this is the turning point of the weather.

I enjoy looking at the turbine in the morning sun no matter how
many times I see it
Today, shows promise of a warmer day and some sunshine later on. Heck, already at 10 o’clock it is warmer than it was all day yesterday. Yay! Bill pulled out at 9:30 and Clemson and I were left on our own. We don’t mind, really, especially now that the daylight sticks around until 8:30 ish. Around 11 I made myself a coffee after catching up on our friends’ blogs and started my own for today.

Picture of the day, I think

The entertainment out the window this morning is not much different from any other day. The geese on the pond. This is either a power struggle over the pond or it is a game of love. I’m now thinking the latter as I watch them swim around in pairs after chasing each other in flight. Ah, to know what they’re thinking. There are 4 today and have now matched up in 2’s. I can’t tell male from female so they leave me guessing at their antics.

All is quiet in the forest
I received a text from ‘Laundromat Jamie’. He’d like to meet after his work today to give me a walk-through. That is encouraging, even though this was planned, as it means he and his wife (and family) have discussed my proposal. If nothing comes of it, that is okay but even if I’m a backup for them, I would like the opportunity to help us both out. A little bit of spending cash on the side would be welcome.

And a bright yellow spot appeared in my peripheral vision
Yup, I think it is a little romancing going on here

I mentioned more trial baking in the heading of my post so I set to work. Time for a cauliflower pizza crust. I gathered the ingredients together on the island, mainly to make sure I had what I needed to complete this recipe. With a large head of cauliflower as Dave’s blog suggests, I began cutting. Because I don’t have my food processor anymore. 

(I sold it last summer) I had to do something different than all recipes advised. Hmm. A little bit of thinking was involved here and the recipe didn’t call for that.

Time for a smoke?
First, I cut all stalks off and separated the flower heads. I chopped them on a cutting board to diminish their size even more. To soften, I did the microwave thing as recommended and tried them in the blender. It said in one of the recipes (George’s, I think) that it should resemble rice. Nope, the blender didn’t do anything, really but make a mess in there. One recipe said (Dave’s I think)1 large head of cauliflower where George’s said 2-4 cups. It worked out that I had about 5 ½ cups so I was likely doomed from the start.

I had success with my masher
Once cooled, I added the cheeses, spices and an egg. Dave said 2, George said 1. I’m getting a bit concerned but mixed everything with a wooden spoon and spread it out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet. It filled the whole thing and I was getting hopeful. Then came baking. In a convection oven, it is always different. Sometimes less time, sometimes more so I started with 20 minutes. It sure didn’t look like George’s picture at this stage, which looked the way it should.

still hopeful
Another ‘hmmm’. Perhaps I’ve just wasted a cauliflower and a whole big lot of time. After 20 minutes, I tried for another 10 minutes. Sure, it was browning up but this looks more like a ‘use a spoon’ pizza than ‘use a knife and fork’. It is kind of comical though and fun at the same time, trying to figure it out. It won’t be tonight’s supper anyway, so I’ll bake it once more before tomorrow night and maybe I’ll invite my good buddies to be guinea pigs with me. 😊
I'm not sure about this. The top seems to be cooking
but not the bottom
I talked to Bill a couple of times during the day and I was so relieved that everything went well at his stress test. Yay, flying colours! You know everything ‘should’ be fine but you still worry. He will have a quiet afternoon and evening so we decided he should go to Costco and pick up a couple of new work shirts. He had the time and they are good quality and good prices. It is nice to have variety, even if you’re a guy who thinks he has too many shirts!

Not a complete failure - I made Bill poached eggs on toast before
he left this morning
At 4 I fed Clemson early. Not because he was bugging but because I was meeting Jamie at the Laundromat at 4:30. He gave me the walk through and I asked questions in relation to ‘if’ he was going to hire me. At this point, I had no idea, thinking maybe I would be a back up only. We went through the place, him showing me keys, dryer screens and problem machines. Before I left, he asked if I could go with him to the Home Hardware to meet Josh and get some keys cut. Before I left for the night, we shook hands, I had a part time job!

And another batch of yummy Jell-o
It will take me a while to get my schedule worked out but I can choose my own hours and use my own judgement as to what needs cleaning. I’ll keep track of when I’m there and what I do and at the end of the week, collect some cash. Works for me and it seems to work for him too. He will be retiring in 6 weeks from his full-time job but would like to pursue another part time job because of his young age.

And my delicious quiche was my lunch
I’m hoping this works out for both of us at least through the summer. Back home, I realized it was 6 and time for me to find something to eat. I didn’t feel hungry, but knew better than to skip the meal. I cooked some carrots from the freezer and fried up 2 pieces of peameal bacon. I didn’t feel like a salad so just had olives and tomatoes on the side. That did the trick. After I did the dishes, I sat and made up a schedule for cleaning. Jamie trusts what I tell him but I want it on record at least.

this afternoon I went for a walk and this was the sky
This one looks like I'm standing on my head but it is just reflections
of the same sky
Bill was happy for me when I called him on my way home. It was something I thought I’d like to do and I pursued it. I’m pleased with the result and plan to do a good job. Clemson has spring itch, I think. He wants out all the time again. 

That is as far as he got before I caught up to him
He doesn't look like a little turkey
but he got called a little turkey tonight!
I went for a walk down the lane earlier today to collect mail (all it was was a Canadian Tire flyer!) and tried to encourage little lazy bones to go with me. Fruitless. He sniffed around and wasted time. I was back at the bottom of the hill by the time he noticed.

Caught in the act of pulling my sweater off the chair

And while I did dishes, he curled up on it on the floor
My simple but delicious supper tonight
With my chart done, I sat in my chair (to try and settle someone down) to finish my blog. He has been out 4 times in an hour, ask me if that is frustrating? The bonus of taking him out is that I’ve been able to see the beautiful sunset tonight.

So, there were a couple of nice pictures to show for his persistence. This has been a great day! The only disappointing thing was my pizza crust. Maybe it will turn out in the long run. How was your day?

What can I say? it's gorgeous
Also a favourite picture of the day
Good night y'all!
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  1. Yay for part time work!! Clemson just wanted to cuddle with his mom I think. Friends have tried the cauliflower crust and not liked it. There’s another one with almond flour, cream cheese and Parmesan. I’m going to give it a try.

  2. Sue dries the riced cauliflower in the oven first on low heat, and then adds the egg and cheese and bakes it into a crust. The cauliflower has quite a lot of moisture in it, and tends to be soggy on the bottom with out this step.

  3. Good luck with that pizza crust, I have done it a few times and my recipe seems to work, not sure about a convection over though. I have seen riced cauliflower in the frozen vegetable sections. I will be trying it with that next time.

  4. Glad to read that Bill passed his Test and is in good Health.
    Congrats on the Part-Time Job.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Congrats! Glad to hear Bill's test went well too! I've never made the cauliflower crust because I don't like cauliflower, but I would think like the others and the moisture, wringing it out first in a tea towel might help once it's slightly cooked. Either way I'm sure this one will be delicious with the toppings melted ooey gooey..yum! Clemson is too cute on your sweater!

  6. Great day today visiting nurseries after breakfast out!

  7. I've used the frozen rice cauliflower from the grocery store. I let it thaw (doesn't take long), then poured it out on a few paper towels and blotted it to remove as much moisture as I could. I think I used the same recipe as you mentioned. It doesn't hold together as well as regular dough but I was able to remove it with a spatula/pancake turner to a plate and eat it with a fork. It definitely has a different texture but it was definitely edible.
    Good news on Bill's test!!!
    Wow, a part-time job. It will be nice to have extra spending money!!