Thursday, May 23, 2019

Special Day for Mom and a Life Long Friend, Changing Skies, Garden and Pond Shots

Home on the Ridge
It was 6:30 when I woke up on Thursday, May 23rd. Clemson was up at 2:30 am but only for a drink of water. This means I have to get up too because in the dark, it is too challenging for him to jump up on the bed at his age. I was happy that he didn’t ask Mom to take him out for a piddle. We crawled back into bed, me under the covers and he remained on top until shortly after 6 when he pawed at the cover to come under.

new gravel
Without the heat on through the majority of the night, it was still not too bad first thing in here. I turned it on for a boost of warmth on what looks to be another damp day. No comment. The outside temperature was 56F/13C so that at least was somewhat encouraging. I made my tea and chatted with Bill across the miles. This morning is a lazy indoor one for me, especially since just after 8:30, the rain arrived.

And a bit of a conflab going on out there in the rain
We all got looked after right and proper out here in the country
I read some blogs and searched for something on my own blog from 2016. That is why I love having one. Trying to remember dates or places and it is all there for me when I need it. I found the pictures I was looking for and put a couple of new collages together. This afternoon, I am meeting an old, dear friend of Mom’s at the Tim Horton’s in town (a good landmark for anyone).

On one of my walks down the lane today, it is obvious
I'm not the only one who loves the sunshine
Smitty lives in B.C. and is currently visiting her niece in Galt/Cambridge. She wants to visit Mom when she is so close so Wendy is bringing her up. They were in the Air Force together way back in their late teens, early 20’s, stationed at Pat Bay, British Columbia. I’m not sure how it will go, with Mom’s status changing so rapidly. Their last meeting was in August 2016 right after Mom’s surgery. Either way, I’m happy to be a witness to this reunion.

I warmed up the last of my spinach quiche for breakfast and got tidied up. Smitty will call when they reach Varney giving me enough time to head in to meet them. They will follow me to Rockwood. Mom recognizes Smitty in any pictures we look at of her so I’m thinking this will be fun for both of them! She is an ‘old’ memory and those recollections Mom and many dementia patients are usually better with.

From "I know you don't I?" to "Smitty!" to "You came to see me!"
Clemson slept in until 8:30 and luckily went out before the rain began. It really does feel mild and already at 10 it is 60F/15C. After writing some of my blog post and putting together the beginnings of another new recipe, I was ready to drive into Durham. I’m not good with waiting and even though they weren’t late in any way, I figured that I may as well wait at Timmy’s as here at home. I parked in the back and worked on the Word Search and the Crossword from the local paper.

Good thing that I came in when I did because even though it was probably half hour wait, Smitty forgot to call me from Varney. 😊 No worries, they parked 3 cars down from me and called. At Rockwood, I invited Wendy in too, not knowing if she was interested or not. She had brought stuff to do either way but we all walked in together. It was about 1:30. Upstairs, we couldn’t find Mom.

And the sky did everything you can imagine today
I didn't take a picture of the rain because you've seen enough of that
From one end of the 3rd floor to the other, we forgot to go to the north wing which is where one of the staff found her. When she was told she had company, we laughed as she pretended to run with her walker towards us. I stepped back so she wouldn’t see me and Smitty stood out in front. It was cute. Mom knew her and even though it took a minute for the ‘what, when, why, how’ to register, she finally clicked in to the ‘who’. They hugged. 😊😊

More garden joys
My morel is growing, poppies, corabelle and Jack in the Pulpit
Instead of settling in Mom’s room with limited seating, a bed and 1 chair, we walked to the Parlor. Let me tell you, between Daddy and Mom, there is no need to question where I get my sense of humour. She is indeed a card. Smitty and Mom chatted like school girls although much of the conversation didn’t make a whole lot of sense. Smitty didn’t mind, they have known each other for a lot of years and understand each other.
Zucchini bagels
Hand shaped (as if you couldn't tell!)
and they taste quite good!
When it was time to leave, Mom naturally wanted to go with us but with some valid excuses why we needed to get home (that is the hardest part) we left her at the elevator on her floor. Watching the doors close and her peeking around them to the last minute broke my heart. ‘When will I see you?’ “In two days, Mom. I love you!” Smitty was happy with their reunion, all of us noting how spry she is in every way but her mind.

And the big guy is still sitting there, watchful
We parted ways and I drove up town to pick up a greeting card that I forgot the other day and drove home. The sky has showered us with rain, burst open with brilliant sun and umbrella’d us (new word) with dark clouds. Another one of the silly days. It has been warm though, nice and temperate despite the strong winds. I don’t know how strong the gusts are because the anemometer is down again, but enough to jiggle the Suite handsomely.

The sky looks like a flannel blanket before sunset
I sat with Clemson and dove into my book about Tucker Wayne and Kane. Once through the Prologue (sometimes they are a chore to get through) I was very involved. Bill called at 5:15 that he was done work and on his way home. Yay! I know when to expect him and planned supper late, in case he was hungry. I had stewing beef thawed so browned it in Madame IP, added onions, broth, potatoes, carrots and corn. I can smell it after 15 minutes and I’m feeling hungry.

Bill got home at 7:30 which is really nice. Home before the sun sets, that is rare and lovely! The frogs are chirping again, as they did last night at 9 pm. So, the 3X count hasn’t started yet. Just sayin’. 

And my IP stew was delicious
I could cut the beef with my fork
The rest of the evening was quiet with some tv in the background and our books in the foreground. It won’t be a late night for either one of us. He is tired and I need to get up early in the morning.


Good night from the Ridge
This was a good day and I’m so happy for Mom and Smitty. Who knows how many more of these reunions they will have?

The story of the day was a great one
Notice the picture on Smitty's shirt?
That is the two of them in their uniforms
(Mom is on the right)
I hope your day was a good one too! Thank you for your visit. I love reading your comments if you wish to leave one.


  1. I am so glad you enjoyed your day with your mom! If you want to read two THRILLERS that I absolutely could not put down read The Sandman and then The Stalker by Lars Keplar (I think) Scary but good! Read The Sandman first...

    1. Depends what kind of a thriller. I enjoyed the Stephen King years ago but not so much these days. :O

  2. What a nice story about your mom and Smitty :-)

    1. Thank you, it was a joy to watch. Not sure if there will be another one so special.

  3. So nice that they could get together after all these years of friendship.

  4. Oh gosh Smitty and your mom are so cute! The T shirt is really special. It was nice you could arrange and make that meeting happen along with Wendy. The zucchini bagels look interesting. Did you get the recipe off Pinterest? Dinner looked really yummy and I know you're glad to have Bill home :) Beautiful sunset pics and love the new header!!

    1. Aren't they? I got looking after at the picture and I think that it is Mom and their 3rd pal from the air force on her t-shirt. :) I'm glad it worked out so well for both of them.
      the recipe was on Low Carb with Jennifer. I put it on Pinterest. :)
      I'm happy to have Bill home and probably for a whole week! YY!