Monday, May 6, 2019

Quiet Day, Baltimore Orioles Visit, Casino Supper

The Ridge
On Monday, May 6th, I woke up once more to an empty Suite and after a few thoughts rushing through my head (in a half sleep/awake state) I realized where he’d gone. Then I saw his note. “Gone for water”. Grass doesn’t grow under Bill’s feet and although he has slowed down tremendously over the last 3 years of retirement, he still has a normal speed. It now hovers around 65/100 rather than 95. 😊

Fresh water transfer - first order of the day
I saw that it was a gorgeous sunny morning but couldn’t go for my walk until Clemson got up. So, I made my tea and sat at my laptop and downloaded pictures onto an SD card. When I was cleaning yesterday, I decided to update pictures on our desktop Picture Viewer. The ones on there were over 3 years old and although fun to look at, it was time to put more recent ones on the card.

Clemson got up at quarter after 8 and Bill returned while he was out for his morning constitution. I slipped on a light hoody and my vest and set off. Down North Line, Baptist Church Road and as I ran a scenario through my head, I quickly found myself past the turbine road and on the top of the hill looking down towards the horse farm. Time to turn around. It was over a mile this far and it felt good to get out and stretch the leg and back muscles.

A few things brought out of the storage shed
Back at the Suite, Bill had the riding mower out of the shed which meant that a few more things were going to make it out today. Yesterday, I removed my folding bike from the bag since Bill reminded me that there is no reason that I can’t ride it here on the country roads. He’s right but first, he is going to try and pick up a new inner tube. Because of the style of bicycle it is, it may be difficult but when I think of a children’s bike, there shouldn’t be much difference. We’ll see how he lucks out.

The irises lining the outhouse are reaching for the sky
He left for Durham with an empty propane tank and to West Grey Auto Parts to look for a ‘tap’ – the mechanics name for a tool for cleaning out rusted bolt holes. You men will know what I mean. I got an interesting lesson yesterday on the subject. While he is in town, I’ve asked that he check out the laundromat for me. I’m curious whether it was cleaned last night. When he returned around 10:30, with no luck on the ‘tap’ thingy or on the inner tube, I warmed up some quiche for brunch.

Hey Mickey! He liked it! I’m glad as that means a trade off some mornings instead of the whole bacon and eggs ordeal. I offered to clean up dishes since he hadn’t stopped all morning I wanted to give him a break. While Bill was in town earlier, I chatted with the former owner of the Durham laundromat. What a lovely lady Darlene is and she was so pleased to hear from me even though she hardly knows me. I got the information I wanted and I have decided to accept her invite to drop in for a coffee one day soon. 

Pond reflections
Pat texted that they were in Hanover and wondered if Bill wanted Rob to pick up the ‘tap’ for him. Yesterday, Bill had no luck while the most promising store was closed on Sunday. Bill said ‘yes, please’. Once they returned to Durham, I slipped into town and picked it up, paid Rob and then stopped at the bank for some cash. I took a peek through the health food store on Main St. as I’d never been in there before It is called Chicory Common and there are about 4 or 5 small café tables for diners and 3 of those were occupied. Hmm, interesting.

I need to repaint the sign this spring
A beautiful morning
the bus rolls on by with children excited for school
Wha??? Okay, maybe not excited.
I walked back to the store area to check things out and make note of their prices. It is a health food store so naturally some prices made me shudder but sometimes you have to pay it if you can’t get it elsewhere close. Dave, the owner proudly introduced himself and we chatted. He knew he hadn’t seen me before and wanted to welcome me. What a nice man! The conversation was interesting as he knew London, our former home city, quite well and was familiar the the Thames Valley School Board where we worked. 

I wasn't walking alone today
so nice to have my shadow back with me today
A picture just because it is beautiful
3 buddies on our photo viewer
I don't think we'll keep it, pictures lose a lot in the process
I didn’t dawdle long as I knew Bill was anxious to get to work with the item I’d got from Rob so scooted home. He went to work. I was only needed briefly to assist and then went and pulled some grass out of my flower garden. It grows up through the ground cover of phlox and that drives me crazy all summer. I thought I’d nip it in the bud now when it is easier to get my hands inside the plants. I’m tired of babying my aches so just worked away at it but only for a short while.

I drove in the lane to find Father Goose waddling out of my way

And he glided away with ease on a 'glass' pond
This didn’t do my back much good, no matter what position I was in, grrr, this getting old business is infuriating. I hate how it takes me so long to heal from a simple strain. I have 3 large groupings of this plant and completed one before calling it quits and moving inside. Bill was soon finished his job and cleaned up as well. We agreed that it was time for a shower and then a snooze. Well, a snooze for him at least.
Our Cactus bowl is doing well - another new sprout since we've arrived home
 After our showers, we had a nibble on some peanut butter cookies (my homemade sugar-free ones) (or was that before showers?) and set about doing our own thing. Soon enough from the recliner I heard sounds of sleep as I sat at my laptop to catch up on Scrabble games and my blog. 
A fun collage of a pair of twins
Identical in looks and actions
The birds today were putting on a magnificent show for me again. The finches showed no fear as I stood a mere 3’ away. They continued to fill their little beaks and then push the seed in further with their feet. I never knew they did that.

And they are daffodils! Spring!
While I was inside, I could see the gorgeous Baltimore Oriole (why can’t he be called the Ontario Oriole?) thanking me for filling the hummingbird feeder. I had made up a fresh batch this morning. I’m glad someone noticed! The hummers aren’t around yet so I’m happy that these orange guys are enjoying it. I laughed at him drinking it, almost turning himself upside down in order to catch the drips on the bowl of the feeder.
A lonely turtle today - no gang meeting

A cow with an itch

A pooch on a walk
At 4:30 Bill fed Clemson and we finished dressing for the evening. We left the Suite at 5 and drove to Hanover Casino for supper. It was the birthday supper for brothers-in-law John and Gerry and a bit of an anniversary supper for Bill and I.  It was nice that Cathy and Bill were able to join us and also that Gerry’s brother, John could come too.

And a performance from our resident Oriole
Get ready for some acrobatic moves
A little drink

Are you watching?

I can do this

Still there?

Just wait

And a big stretch

Woops, I missed a drop

My best action of the day
This buffet restaurant has recently opened and we all found a table. The price of $17.99/person was pretty good for all you can eat including your drinks. We certainly ate all we could and probably more than we needed and I tried really hard to stick to the ‘right’ foods. 
Hanover Casino Buffet
The beef, chicken and ham were cut with your fork delicious and you know that is my goat for my IP meals. Yum, it was a great meal. I should’ve skipped the desserts because I didn’t need them, but why do we do that? Peer pressure or stupidity? LOL

The dessert buffet
Mine, oh my! I should have just stuck with the Sticky Pudding and sauce on the left
It was to die for and would have been quite enough
We said our goodbyes and all 4 vehicles went in different directions. We were home by 7:30 with full tummies. I made Bill up a sandwich while he packed his bag. Yes, already he is on his way back to London. Once everything was put together and his ‘Coolatron-like’ cooler packed, we relaxed together for the night. The forecast said to expect 65% precipitation today but I’m happy to say that we didn’t get much at all.

Most of us - Cathy had gone to try her luck at the slots
John had stepped away from the table
From back: Gerry - Donna
Bill - Gayle
Bill D.
We’ve got another week of strange weather coming our way and to be very honest, we are all very tired of it. Not just this family, everyone I talk to feels the same and now we’re looking forward to June! This has been a good day and I hope you can say the same.
And Bill took one with me in it
Good night everyone!

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  1. Orioles love oranges too. I cut oranges in 1/2 and stick them on the bird feeder poles. They sit and nibble on them.

  2. Sounds like a pretty good day you had ending up with the birthday party meal.

  3. I could sit out there all day and watch the critters. My theory on dessert is you're so full of eating the good stuff, there isn't much room left for dessert, so you're really not getting that many calories!!!

  4. What a great day ending with a delicious meal..You don't do it often so there's no guilt involved! Glad Bill liked the quiche, they are tasty! That bird is interesting to watch, cute! The health food store sounds interesting. Curious if you checked out the menu? Since you said there were tables I'm assuming food, or smoothies? Some of those healthy vitamins etc are expensive but if they work it's worth it. Once again without Bill..sounds like only for a day..enjoy the day anyway.