Monday, May 27, 2019

Periwinkle Scrounging and Planting, Relaxing Afternoon

The Ridge
On Monday, May 27th, we were very surprised with the gorgeous blue sky when we woke. Bill was up around 6 but I was still ‘dead to the world', he said. I didn’t rise until just after 7! I know I dreamt a lot but I had a wonderful sleep. Suffice it to say, that is not too unusual for me. I made my tea, already prepped by Bill, and although I should’ve gone for a walk, I instead decided to sit with him for a few minutes. Today was going to be exerting enough.

Bill taking the garbage down to the road
I gathered the house garbage and Bill did the rest, taking it and the recycle bins down to the road. He went out to the Hangar with his second coffee and I read blog posts. We decided on a quickie breakfast of cereal for him and a toasted zucchini bagel for me. Enough to get us through until noon hour at least.

By 8:40, I had finished reading and playing my 3 FB Scrabble games with my sisters so took a walk down to the corner after all. It is beautiful out there, already 56F/14C at 9 am. 

A rare sight this spring
I toasted my bagel and got dressed for working in the garden. 

On my walk,  I look back to see our garbage being picked up
At 9:30 we were on our way to Chatsworth to ‘steal’ some periwinkle from my sister’s property. I think you’ll agree by looking at this picture that they have lots to spare! Actually, Gayle was happy to let us get what we need, there would be no stealing involved.

My zucchini bagel was tasty
It is only about 25 minutes to Chatsworth so we were there in no time. 

We went on that lovely country road that is a favourite of mine
Gayle pretty much gave us free reign from where to dig the plants and Bill started with the shovel while I pulled with my gloved hands. We both had our bug hats on as the black flies really like Bill, especially. 

As I said, lots of periwinkle and this is only one view
I’ve come out mostly unscathed from their bites, other than a couple, but they are certainly hungry. Gayle has bites all over too. We all hope they are on they way to Death Valley soon. Literally!

Bill digging in through the thick plants
When we left Gayle and John's, I texted Jamie back in Durham about picking up my ‘work’ keys on the way back through town. We met him at the Tim Horton’s and had a nice little chat with him. We are both very fond of this young man, I say young but he must be 55 in order to retire early from Honda. Still young, eh? He asked how many hours I’ve put in to-date and offered to pay me but I told him we could wait until the weekend. I promised not to lock my keys in again (but my fingers were crossed, just in case)! He felt good that he wasn’t the only one that had done that. 😊

Gayle's pretty garden leading up to the house
Her irises are beautiful and early!
Back at the house, we saw two Goose families in the front field. There were 14 babies and then another family walking up the lane ahead of us looking for an exit. Another 5 babies there so Bill said we almost need new signs “Goose Causeway”. I love it! 

So, 14 babies here
Instead of going off the side into the pond,
Mama led them up the whole length of the driveway
We haven’t had the weather for the turtles to be encouraged to try nesting in the driveway. Or else they’ve found other places to lay their eggs. I know there are a lot of small turtles on the logs in the pond, visible along the lane way.

We chuckled about their little bow-legged waddle
I set to work spreading the periwinkle on the hill. Not an easy task keeping my balance on the steep incline and pressing the roots into the newly raked earth. 

The 'free' periwinkle
I’m not even sure if this will take since it hasn’t been tilled up to loosen the dirt. All we can do is try and be positive. I emptied the rain barrel by using the hose to water. With no pressure that was a slow process so I took to filling the watering can as well and making sure everything got a dosing of rain water. I made 5 or 6 trips doing that and it was tiring to say the least.

This was how I left it yesterday, after my own garden was raided

And this new greenery is today's addition
Overnight tonight and tomorrow are looking like wet ones so for once, I’m grateful for it. But one day would be enough to make me happy! Be careful what you wish for, eh? 
Bill hooked up the hose for me but it was a slow flow
I walked up the berm behind us when I heard the farmer spraying his field of wheat. It is growing quite quickly so the grain obviously loves the wet weather. 

Radishes have popped their heads above ground
While up there, taking a break from the watering can fill ups, I walked to my garden and was blown away that my radishes have poked their heads above ground! Yahooey!

The monster sprayer in the back field
I also noticed that Goose, our spruce tree, has not only new growth but baby pine cones! They are adorable! Gosh, I guess anything ‘baby’ appeals to me. I was quite happy to see that he is healthy and pulled the grasses around from his base. 

Goose, the Spruce with new growth
 We don’t like using the weed-eater too close in case it damages his small trunk so early in his life. Goose is only 3 years old. I finished watering, emptying the barrel and 2 of our rain pails at the corners of the Suite. I was done for the day. Really done.

Goose's pine cones
Inside, I had a lovely hot/cool refreshing shower and sat at my laptop, moving pictures into folders and onto my external hard drive. I promised Smitty pictures from her last visit with Mom in 2016 so downloaded some onto a usb stick plus the ones from this year. I will print them off in town and send them to her through royal mail. At 93, Smitty is ‘old school’, bless her heart and will appreciate the hard copies to keep with her. 😊

Rob gave us this J.A. Jance book
Have to get into it tonight
After doing that, I went outside for a walk down the lane. Today is the first day that I’ve been comfortable wearing my shorts jumper. The bugs didn’t bother me as I walked out to the road and back to Bill’s Hangar to see what he’s up to. It was time to retire inside again and I managed to finish another few rows of my blanket. Clemson had taken himself upstairs to the bed again, all on his own with no hesitation. There’s that young pup coming to the forefront again.

My sweetie is happy in the Hangar
Around 4:30 he came down and sat beside me in my chair, soon drifting off. Bill came in at 5 and got his supper ready before he jumped down to see what Dad was up to. His sense of smell had to be what alerted him since his eyesight is failing and his hearing, as you know, is almost non-existent. 

Tree fungus is always interesting
At 5:45, my turn to start our supper. Nice to have leftover meatloaf and fries in the freezer. I heated the air fryer, oiled the fries and we were eating by 6:30.

I think there is some cross breeding going on in the Daffodil world here
This has been a really nice day. We got some things done in the early part of the day and Bill was able to work on his airplanes down in the Hangar into the afternoon. I completed the chore I had for the day and now the rain can come and dampen my work. I picked my one sole morrel and will fry it up in the morning after putting some time in at work first thing. 
And my morrel will taste wonderful fried up in butter
in the morning
Today, we reached 67F/20C and loved every minute. I hope your day was a good one. PS – the frogs are still singing.

supper was delicious even though a repeat of a couple of nights ago
Have a wonderful evening!
Thank you for visiting us today.


  1. Surprising to have cones on such a young spruce tree!

  2. Love that picture of the periwinkle surrounding the trees!

    1. Their property is beautiful, makes you want to lay on the periwinkle mattress. :)

  3. It was another wonderful day enjoying the sunshine and warm weather. Enjoy the J.A Jance love reading her books. Especially the ones written around southern Arizona.

    1. It was a great day and we enjoyed the warmth. I'm sure this will be another good story.

  4. You are planting periwinkle and I was ripping some of it out because it takes over the flowerbed. Just caught up on your new job. Wow, you are a busy lady. Hope you are also getting fringe benefits, like free laundry?

    1. That's funny! Gayle said she needs to pull some out of an area too so I'll probably get more. I don't mind it taking over in my garden, it means less grass and less mulch. :)
      I'm enjoying the job and Jamie is such a nice boss. No free laundry, I get paid well enough. Pat asked me the same thing. :)

  5. Don't you just love the spring? Everything is growing nicely and it's so GREEN!!! I just love the baby geese!

  6. Gayle has a lovely place! Nice you met up with Jamie and that you really like your boss! Really makes it better. Cool that your garden is already popping through and radishes yum! Bill looks happy in the hangar and it looks like he's got more of the moisture vapor up on the walls. It's going to be so cute once he gets it done! Dinner looks yummy oh and your little tree with the pine cones is just too cute :)

    1. She does have a nice place. More work than what we have with all the trees and gardens but it is what they love right now.
      Bill is happy with the Hangar, soon getting drywall and then he will be REALLY happy!
      Loves being able to work on his planes. I've never seen baby pinecones so was quite excited.

  7. Everything is so green and pretty. Except for the "flies", what a blessing to have so much beauty around you. And the fries looked delicious, as usual.

    1. Thank you, the flies are leaving us soon, I've packed their bags. :)