Thursday, May 16, 2019

Busy Morning, Quiet Afternoon, Bill Comes Home

The Ridge

I woke up before the alarm again, around 5 am and couldn’t go back to sleep again. It was Thursday, May 16th and Bill comes home today. Yay! I’d decided last night that I want to start this job from scratch so when I cleaned yesterday, I did everything with the exception of windows and mopping the floors. That way I know what I’m starting with and the time required for each task will be easier to determine.

And I was up before the sunrise
It would have been feasible, saying that, to stay and damp mop the floors as well but I didn’t want to scare Jamie. He might think that I’ll be working 3 hours each time I go. That isn’t the case. So, starting with a clean slate meant that today I was going back in to sweep from yesterday’s use and then damp mop. 
Promising, yes?
This morning, I was in the parking lot waiting for the doors to open at 7 and was very pleased that I got the floors done and the washroom cleaned in an hour. I even had time to wipe the inside plexiglass bubble in the doors of the ones used yesterday.

Just a few pictures around the property
The bathroom, unfortunately, is not only used in laundromats by the patrons. We all understand that happens and Jamie looks at it in the way that during open hours, between 7 – 10:30, he is providing a service to the locals. Each time I’m there, I will probably have to give it a wash through. Part of the job and it needs to be clean for everyone.
When I returned from cleaning, guess who was still up in the bed?
Before coming home, one more time I stopped at Foodland. I was hoping yesterday to get Bill some Zero Coke as his ‘cupboard is bare’. It wasn’t on sale until today so I went in and got him 3 cases. Usually, all summer Coke and Pepsi products are on sale a lot but now he is stocked up and we don’t have to think about it for a while. Back home, Clemson was still sound asleep upstairs in the unmade bed. With the sun shining so brightly, I was counting on temperatures rising quickly. Hmmm, not so.

Looking up from the top of the laneway
I loaded some Coke in the fridge and the remaining cases down in the basement and then headed out for a walk. As I sometimes do, I overdressed and by the time I completed my 2 miles, I was very warm with jackets undone and my silk scarf in my pocket. No gloves were needed today. Along with working today, my steps were up and my body tired. It wasn’t even 10 o’clock! I had a piece of banana bread and some milk shake which seemed to fill the gap.

The little furball all coddled up in his blanket
And his nose is tucked right down in for this one
Around 10:30, after ready blog posts, I made myself a coffee. That was when Clemmy came downstairs and hopped up on the couch. I had turned the heat off before I left this morning, well, actually turned the infrared heater to P1 but it was still only 64F/17C inside. Now that sounds warm with sunshine but let me tell you, it was still chilly. Clemson shivered and kept tucking his little nose in under his ‘wing’ so I used his blanket to snuggle him in. Plus, I turned the heater up to P2.

I went searching for the morrel but it was tiny
and past its prime
Every year it returns but I couldn't find it a couple of days ago
The sun from earlier disappeared soon after I returned from my walk. Joy of joys. More rain? A 25% chance ‘they’ say but the clouds make for a dreary day regardless. Hopefully we will at least reach the forecasted 16C.  Clemson and I remained inside for the most part, other than a lane walk to check the mailbox. I missed seeing the mail lady today so wasn't sure if she left anything. She didn't. By this time, I had the heater off again and I utilized my afghan instead. For some reason, I felt chilled.

Most of the day looked like this
and the winds were between 10 - 21 mph in the afternoon
I sat and finished my book and it was a good one. Instead of starting another one right away, I decided to rip out my latest crochet project. Yes, my slippers. They are nice but I didn’t take as much care with them as I had with Bill’s, Bridgette’s and Chris’s. I told Pat last night that they were too pointy and looked like Peter Pan shoes. So, with Clemson snuggled beside me in my chair, I proceeded to ‘rippit’.

Cooked spaghetti squash
Once I had 2 balls, I immediately began doing them again. It is a time passer and really, I wasn’t on schedule for anything else. I was enjoying myself. Before 6, I had one done and the second one started. It looks much better. I stopped there and began my supper. I cut the end off a spaghetti squash, (it was still probably too much), and prepped it for the microwave in a dish with a bit of water, butter, salt and pepper. In 5 minutes, it was ready.

a wonderful bowl without pasta
I had removed 6 of my homemade meatballs from the freezer earlier so heated those in sauce on the stove. I added some sliced green and black olives because I can. When served in my pasta dish, I added shredded cheese. Yum! It was a big serving but I hadn’t eaten too much all day and it was delicious! After dishes I wrote on my blog and while doing that, Bill texted that he was on his way home. It was 6:45. I would see him before 10. Now, I can  settle down.

And if you've never tried the squash, this proves
that you can still twine it around your fork
Obviously, there is no sunset tonight so I’m glad the last few nights were fulfilling. This was a great day, even though Clemson and I were by ourselves. I hope you’ve had a good day.

No sunset, so let's try Geese-party
and they were all getting along!
good night y'all!
Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Sorry, I can't get excited about spaghetti squash!

    1. ha ha, you are not alone! I'm just trying to avoid the carbs in pasta. :) 7 grams vs 35 grams. :)

  2. Clemson certainly looked all snuggled in on your bed. Nice sunrise. Being parked in our driveway and watching the sunrise and set over houses just is not the
    I really liked your last picture the scene looks so serene.

    1. Mountain sunrises are still my favourite. :)
      The geese were quiet too so it was serene!

  3. Spaghetti squash - not my favorite either but that look rather tasty. Jessie and Clemson are just alike. Snugglers!

    1. I actually love the taste and I'm amazed that it replaces the pasta so well for me.
      I love our snuggle bums.

  4. Some people like it and some don't. What can we say.
    Nice to read that Bill is on his way home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. We enjoy our spaghetti squash when I can get it for a good price, with many recipes. including pizza crust.

    1. When I have it, I use it for spaghetti and it isn't heavy on my stomach as pasta is.

  6. You know we love our spaghetti squash! Now I'm ready for some spaghetti looking at your picture! I'm glad Ken likes it too. YUM! I think it's very sweet that Jamie has restrooms open to the public if needed. So many places here make the point that it's only for patrons. Sounds like a good guy! Nice that you're figuring out your timing for your job. Bet you're glad to have your hubby home!

    1. I love s.s. too even just with lots of butter and salt & pepper.
      Jamie is a very nice guy, down to earth and respectable.
      I always make a point to tell Bill that I'm glad he's home. I don't mind the time alone but when he is here, life is better. :)

  7. I prefer zucchini noodles myself but other than that with you. I've just learnt to Crochet about a month ago when I attended an RV really. Happy to report I finished the teatowel to I learnt on plus a beanie I made for my granddaughter. Wondering what my next protest will be but in the meantime I'll keep going with my sock monkeys and other sock animals.

    1. Hmm, never made zucchini noodles, do they shred the same way or maybe more like fettucini? I'll try it as I have some to eat up.
      Good for you and the crochet projects! I need to learn to make sock monkeys, thank you for the idea!