Sunday, May 26, 2019

Nice Spring Day, Early Cleaning, Keys!, Garden Transfer

The Ridge
We were up before 6 on Sunday, May 26th and boy it was nice to see the sun coming up! Bill made his coffee but I declined my tea. I headed into Durham for and early start today at the Laundromat. Using my override key, I entered at 6:30 and set to work. It looked pretty good this morning and the garbage and recycling cleaned up so I knew Jamie was in last night.

A nice sky as I was leaving for work
While I was damp mopping the floors he showed up on his way to Elmira for rugby with their daughter. It was nice to see him briefly and we touched base. Cheryl, his wife, was in the car so I grabbed at the opportunity to meet her when it was offered. Cheryl has MS and uses a wheelchair so challenging for her to get out and about. After they left, I finished the Mat and with 20 minutes left on my 90 minutes, I washed the front windows inside and out. Sparkling now!

Why are you guys out on the road at 6:30 in the morning?
When I left, I messed up and locked my keys in what I call the Lock Up. It is where all of the cleaning supplies are. Jamie warned me ‘don’t leave your keys in there when you close the door because it is an automatic dead bolt’. Well, I’ve been so careful but got distracted today and walked out without them. Good grief! Good thing I was finished and everything was put away. I got outside and texted Jamie. He’ll chuckle over that for sure. He can get them out for me and I’ll get them before Tuesday.

Bill captured pictures of the Geese party today while I was away
Back home, the day was more overcast but warm at 55F/13C, it didn’t drop below that all night long. We put our Blue Flame heater away on Friday in the hopes that we won’t need to use it anymore until the fall. Other than cooking, we haven’t used our propane too much over the last month. There are still a couple of cool nights coming in the next week so we’ll keep our carbon infrared heater out for a little while longer.

Bill had to drive into town, in between the rain yesterday, to get a propane tank filled. It seemed like the sensor wasn’t reading properly as we didn’t think it was empty. Now they are both topped up and we should be good for a while. I made my tea and sat reading posts for a while before making some breakfast around 9:30. After we’d cleaned up dishes, Bill was back in the Hangar and I went out, garbed in light coloured clothing and my bug hat.

Bill met the family down the lane
After killing the grass on the corral hill, we talked about ground cover so I began digging up phlox and periwinkle from my flower garden. It grows quickly and so this will be a start on the hill. I loaded my wagon up twice and then with my little hand rake, disturbed the earth enough to push the roots in. There are so many roots in periwinkle that mostly it was just pushed down. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow (hahahahaha) I will water the plants from our rain barrel.

Not sure if you can see my additions of green and purple on the brown earth
This was enough work for the day and I called it quits and just sat outside for a while. Eventually, I moved inside and sat with Clemson. My goal was to finish my book but when Bill joined me, we soon were dozing in our chairs. When he got up to go back out to the Hangar, I turned the last page of War Hawk. It was a great story and because of the tense parts of it, two thumbnails are shorter. LOL

Gerry's new scooter
At 12:30 we all loaded into Black Beauty and drove over to the Acreage. Donna and Gerry had arrived and they were having trouble with their water heater ignitor. Bill is happy to lend a hand if he can and we needed to fill our water bladder as well. Two birds with one stone. He helped them get it running, something that should not have been an issue had the dealer set it up right. Gerry showed us his new toy for carrying wood from the back of their property to the front for fires. Pretty cool!

Bill tries it out
Clemson checks for traffic
I had a pooch sleeping beside me in the chair so I remained where I was and moved on to the next thing. I got about 5 rows done on my blanket before moving around 5 ish. I fed Clemson and Bill came up to light the Weber for supper. Just bacon cheeseburgers tonight but enough. We had just finished eating when Rob called and asked if we were up for company. He wanted to see Bill’s progress on the Hangar.

Clemson making himself at home at Donna and  Gerry's trailer
We cleaned up dishes and soon after, Rob and Pat drove in. We had a nice visit, starting outside for a few minutes before retreating indoors. We haven’t seen them for a little while and it was nice to catch up on what each of us has been doing over the last few days. It was shortly after 7:30 when they said goodbye and headed home. Bill and I closed things up and came in. I had a blog post to finish and so Bill turned the Memorial Day Celebration on television. Something different.

Bill's pictures of wind devices

This was a good day. More things accomplished. Tomorrow morning, we will drive to Chatsworth to get some more periwinkle from Gayle and John’s huge bounty. I hope you’ve had a good sunny day.

Good night from our Home on the Ridge
Thank you for stopping in today to see what we’ve been up to!


  1. Another productive day with some decent weather, Nice electric scooter, for hauling wood. The warmer sunshine feels good.

    1. It was a wonderfully warm day and we got a few more things done. Gerry traded his golf cart in for this scooter. Too many problems with the cart. :)

  2. Luckily you didn't have your car keys on the same ring! :0 That was a great start to a nice early, busy day! Love that scooter! Never seen one quite like that ever. Did you watch the Memorial Day special on PBS? I haven't cried so much since last's so moving..a good cry but oh what a cry :)

    1. You're right!! Isn't that a cute scooter? Men and their toys.
      Yes, we did watch the Memorial Day special. It had me crying too. The personal stories of course were my favourite. I think Patti LaBelle needs to pack it in though, I'm not keen on her performances anymore.

  3. LOVE the baby geese! And that scooter is a perfect wheelbarrow!! I've never seen one before. Sorry about your keys ... I put a clip on mine so I can hang them on my jeans. It's the only way they don't get set down and lost.

    1. Aren't they adorable? The scooter was a real find for Gerry to haul his wood.
      Bill is buying me a clip tomorrow so they will always be with me and I can access the locks w/o removing them. :)