Friday, May 3, 2019

Making the Best of a Dull Day, We Survive our First Anniversary Apart

The Ridge
When I woke on Friday, May 3rd, one thing was on my mind. Happy Anniversary, Sweetie. They were the first words spoken to each other through our Samsung phones. I stirred first around 6:45 and since Clemson was cuddled under the covers next to me, I remained still until I contacted Bill to let him know I was awake. When he called back, we chatted and he informed me that he’d found the card and package I left him in his carryall.

This little guy was sound asleep snuggling right up to mama
It is our first time to be apart on our anniversary and that feels strange but we wouldn’t be doing anything too special anyway. We will celebrate on Monday evening with my sisters and my b.i.l.’s birthdays. 22 wonderful years with this guy, wow, we should be incarcerated since we each stole each other’s hearts all those years ago. Har de har. 

Part of why I said yes - look at that smile
Some single people may think ‘hmm, you are incarcerated in a way, aren’t you?’ Nope, not us. I’m happy to be where we are today. He still makes my heart pitter patter on a daily basis.

The day of the big event - sorry for the blur
These were non-professional photos
Bridgette, Dad, me, Bill, Mom
I crept out of bed without disturbing the little bum beside me and made my tea. He was up at 2:15 am but seemed to only want a drink, not go out. So, I picked him back up and brought him back to bed. He remained under the covers with me up to and after that point. Good boy! He rustled himself out of bed around 8:30. It is a dreary morning and not going to get above 10C all day so I don’t blame him his sleeping in.

I love this cake cutting picture
Happy Anniversary, Sweetie
On the agenda today? After the call I just got - a trip into Durham to pick up Mom’s income tax papers will be a definite and I am going to jump in hands first and make at least one of the keto dishes my friends have been recommending. I have the spaghetti squash, zucchini and cauliflower so I’ll start there. I found and copied a few recipes into my Word docs so I can work away. Wish me luck! Before I started, I had a few greeting cards that needed to be mailed today so walked them down to the mailbox.

I thought I should get something to eat so around 11:30 I fried up more chicken hearts with zucchini and an egg for lunch. That was another fulfilling meal sticking to the appropriate foods for keto. I cleaned up dishes and as I sit here now, the road grader is making its trek down North Line. We do appreciate how they look after these gravel roads. This time, different than the other day, he is doing the stretch down our end of the road to fill the pot holes before they get worse from all this rain.

Another section of the freshly graveled road
I drove into Durham and met with Tim, our tax guy. We chatted about Mom’s income tax results, I paid him and left. I wanted to stop at Foodland for some fresh mushrooms for a pizza I was planning to make. Then it was home again. I pulled up my recipe, the one I found on line for a pizza with spaghetti squash crust. Let’s see if I can make this and then the test of all tests – can I eat it?

I cooked the squash in the microwave for 10 minutes and cleaned the stringy innards out into a bowl. Now to try and get as much liquid out as possible. This was the hardest part of the whole recipe. There is a lot of it in spaghetti squash. I tried many ways to do this even down to squeezing it into a ball in my hands. When I thought I’d sufficiently removed all of the liquid, I mixed the spices, shredded cheese and an egg to make the ‘dough’.

Ready for the oven
It certainly wasn’t dough-like at all but I carried on and shaped 3 pizzas onto a parchment lined cookie sheet. It wasn’t enough to cook them for 15 minutes as the recipe instructed but 25 minutes seemed to do it. At this stage, I didn’t think that it would be a ‘pick up and eat it’ type of pizza. I loaded it to my satisfaction with some sauce, bacon, cut up salami slices, ham, green peppers, green onions, mushrooms and cheese on top.

I let it sit until I was ready to eat around 6. I cooked it for 8 minutes until the cheese melted. Turns out I was right. I could pick it up with a lifter but I had to use a knife and fork to eat it. It didn’t stay hot for too long but it sure tasted good. I’m not sure what I did wrong and maybe nothing, maybe it is just the liquid in the squash that changed the crust texture. I’m happy though that I have enough left over for tomorrow night.

And it tasted wonderful!
I talked to Bill after I finished dishes and after he finished his day of work. He’ll be having a leftover roast beef dinner tonight so I’m happy he’ll have a good meal too. I settled with Clemson, who took a while settling down, and we watched old Clint Eastwood movies. The last of Magnum Force first and then the Enforcer. They were made in the 70’s so some things make me chuckle but he didn’t act in a bad movie so I enjoyed them.

And I had to wake this little guy at 20 to 6, way
past his supper time!
This was a good day and I got a few things taken care of. Woops! I meant to get the dusting done today but I guess that will be tomorrow’s chore. Nice that not too much is on a schedule in this life. The temperature did hit 10C today but no higher. It wasn't sunny but it wasn't windy either so not too bad of a day. I hope you had a good day. I was happy to hear that our buddies made it home safely from Manitoulin this afternoon. Welcome back, Rob and Pat!

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  1. I love it when the puppies snuggle. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, we do love the spaghetti squash crust and especially the cauliflower crust pizza.

    1. Thank you.Are you able to pick the pieces up to eat, George?

    2. I probably could if I did not load them with so much stuff. no matter love them anyway. Even a regular pizza we usually eat with a fork when I make them.

  3. Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds! The pizza looks awesome (sorry I didn't send you the recipe...bad girl)..but most of the recipes on Pinterest are pretty much the same. Wringing out the squash IS the hardest part! I use a lint free dish towel and tons of water comes out. The other thing is when it's the squash is out, before adding egg and cheese is chop the strings shorter. We can pick our pieces up even though I like the knife and fork..but hubby likes to be able to pick it up. Good for you for trying does look awesome! Bet you'll be happy when your sweetie gets home! Love Clint Eastwood! When Adam was about 4 or 5 he changed his name to Clint. He knew all of Clint's make my day..and the Do You Feel Lucky? Guess he spent too much time with Papa!! hahah..oh those days! :)

    1. thanks Shirley!No worries about the recipe, this one was good. I'll chop the squash next time too but I absolutely loved it! :) Knife and fork is what I do with normal pizza anyway. Thank you for the suggestion.
      We are happy to have Bill home. Both Clemson and I.
      Love Clint and that is a cute story about Adam. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like a good day, even though you weren't able to be together.

  5. Happy belated anniversary wishes to you two! I had never heard of spaghetti squash pizza before but it looks like that is something that might take off even on a commercial production some day. Dr. Oetker might be interested in that recipe since they always come out with new pizza inventions. Sorry for not commenting for a while. I'm catching up but will be away again shortly. So my apologies.

    1. thank you for the wishes and the comment. It is the crust that is spaghetti squash and yes, maybe Dr. Oetker would be interested. Shirley? :)
      No apologies, I am happy when you can comment and I hope things are good for you!