Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Wet Day, Clean Laundromat, Inside time

Home on the Ridge

I woke at 5:50 after a good sleep. Once I got there. Bill went up to bed around 9:30 last night, too tired to keep his eyes open to read and nothing interesting on tv after 9. I was feeling pretty tired earlier so decided to go up too, with an early morning rising on my horizon. I should have listened harder to my body “you’re not ready yet!” as I tossed and turned for over an hour. I stayed in bed rather than getting up to read some more and eventually dropped off.

Dull wet day
When I woke on Tuesday, May 28th, I felt that I could have slept later. I was the only one telling myself to get up at 6, I could’ve pushed things off for a while but instead stretched and we both got up together. I washed, brushed my teeth and with my keys hooked on my belt loop (!) headed into the Laundromat. I arrived at 6 and slipped in the front door which is never locked. We’re still discussing that, Jamie and I. Whether to leave it that way or to fix it so it locks as it should at 10:30. Makes no difference, it could be propped open when the last person leaves anyway.

And my only morrel was delicious
So was the last zucchini bagel
I was making good time and able to wipe a few of the ledges around the place again, like on my first day. Bill had asked Jamie about buying me a new floor mop, instead of using a broom. It was in the Lock Up when I arrived on Sunday and it sure makes things easier and therefore faster. Things weren’t looking too bad, just the floors which are always dirty/dusty and a couple of soap spills here and there. In an hour, I was done with the exception of mopping the floors.

There are two recycle bins in the place and it drives us both crazy that people can’t recycle properly! Some use it as a garbage bin rather than walking the 20 feet to the actual container. Each day, I sort through and distribute the items into the proper container and empty as needed into a clear recycle bag. Today, after noticing how gungy and dirty the one bin was, I washed it out with spare time at the end of the run. Now each one has a bag that sits in it so it is easier to dump plus the plastic bin will remain clean.

My keys for work with a new clip on the end
and a bracelet for my wrist
I was out of there at 8, all keys intact. Thank you, Sweetie for the clip! I drove to Rockwood Terrace to sign a paper for Mom. She needs the foot nurses to tend to her feet/toenails on a regular basis and they need someone with ‘authority/signing power’ to make it official. Well, as it has been said, “I have about as little authority as anyone so I’m the gal for the job!” The office wasn’t open until 8:30 and because it isn't urgent for today, I wasn’t about to wait around. We'll be through town tomorrow and I'll stop in.

As I was driving home in the rain, on Highway 4, I saw an amazing sight! Ahead of me there was a school bus, lights flashing picking up country children. There were 2 cars behind the bus, in front of me. I saw her (female driver) stop, pick up a child and then pull over to the side of the road to let traffic go by. Wha??? Where does that happen? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen that before. I was very impressed and waved as I crossed into the passing lane and moved on ahead.

Our little trees are in full blossom and the bees are loving it
The rain isn’t likely to stop all day, nor did it all night, so my periwinkle is getting a good dose of wet. Good! This should be the tell all for whether they will root for us. Inside, Bill made my tea and darn it all, we tripped a breaker. The infrared heater was on high (P4) to take the damp chill of 60f out and warm it up in here and it turns out that the Keurig and toaster plug are on the same circuit. Strange way they do some things inside these rigs. We should know better, that doesn't happen when it the heater is on P3.

I sat and read blogs for a while and Bill was just finishing with his shower when I arrived home. I can see that either a lot of my book or a lot of my blanket will get done today. No matter, we are here together and looking forward to a nice day. Somehow the day passed doing all of the above. I didn’t get back outside except with Clemson for his business. I had a snooze, again, geesh getting used to that! I made a batch of Strawberry Jell-o and once set, made up the creamy mixture to blend in.

A fulfilling supper
For supper, I thawed and warmed up the last of our homemade meatballs and sauce. Bill had spaghetti noodles and my noodles were from spaghetti squash. I think I ate more than I needed but it was good all the same. We cleaned up dishes and did more of what we’d done all day. 'Chilling' inside. The rain wasn’t steady but it was a cool damp day, only getting a high temperature of 54F/12C. The winds were up and down but mostly around the 5-mph velocity.

Rain or no rain, we had a good day. I got another hour and a half worked and, on my schedule, plus a lot of reading and crocheting done. I hope you found things to do to endure yet another wet spring day.

Thank you for stopping by. I love hearing from you! Good night y'all!


  1. Glad you had an Enjoyable day. Hopefully today's weather will be headed your way.
    Most RV Trailers have all the Plugs on a single Breaker that also has a Ground Fault Plug in the line. For Trailers with a Fifty Amp System it is such a lame way of doing things. They normally only connect the second AC to the second line.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We enjoyed the day when though spent indoors. We saw that Windsor was a hot spot today. It is strange how these units are wired.

  2. We had some decent weather here, and were able to enjoy the outside pretty well all day. Once you get to know the circuits in your rig things should work much better, we mostly us very little power and quite often inly a 15 amp plug for the whole coach.

    1. Yah we heard about good weather around us but even London wasn't very nice.
      Bill knows where things are but it is still frustrating how they did some things. I tend not to worry about what is plugged in, this was one time the heater was set too high and took too much power. LOL

  3. That was a great early start to your day! The rest you kept nice and busy even though you were indoors, but still enjoyed. Even here at home I know I can't run the microwave and coffee pot at the same time..and in the trailer same thing, or if we have portable heater on. We turn it off to use the coffee pot. Just have to remember to do it haha. Your dinner looks yummy! The spaghetti squash is all we use anymore for noodles..good for you!

    1. I like an early start but just not as early as you two birdies! :O
      Tripping a breaker happens to everyone, once we know why we try to avoid it but I still forget at times. :)
      I wish Bill would eat the spaghetti squash but that's a no-go so we just don't eat 'pasta' meals too often.

  4. Yay for key clips! I keep one on mine all the time after locking them in the truck once. Jamie is a lucky guy to have you working for him!!

    1. Yes! Thanks for your tip. you and Bill think alike. :)
      Thank you, I'm lucky to have a boss like Jamie too - or I wouldn't be working for him.

  5. When we lived in the country outside Guelph, we'd see school bus drivers pull off frequently. I was sympathizing with you secretly over the rain yesterday. Glad you enjoyed it anyway.

    1. I think that is pretty neat. Around the London area, I don't think I'd ever seen it.
      Thank you for your sympathy, did you not get any?