Saturday, May 25, 2019

Rain, Rain Go Away, Story of our Spring

Ridge Living
When I woke up on Saturday, May 25th it was to the sound of strong wind and rain again. On again off again but at least we got our grass cut yesterday. It was 7 am and that surprised me that we both slept in! Nice! No complaint there, we obviously needed more rest. We joined together downstairs for our morning coffee and tea and Bill opened the blinds to appreciate the…… dullness. Ha ha.

The sun was certainly trying to make an appearance here!
We caught up on what our friends were up to yesterday and seems we were out enjoying the warmer weather as much as possible. It was nice to be able to have the outside door and some windows open again with no wind. Today, a different story and the rain is King for the day. At least it will be mild and we can find things to do indoors to pass the time. I’m with my sweeties so what more could a gal ask for? We discussed the futon in the bunky and I ordered a new mattress online. We need something comfortable and easy to assemble when guests arrive. This was the best option for us.

Taken facing north from my indoor perch
I fried us eggs and breakfast sausages for breakfast around 9:30. We had paid West Grey Beef butchers a visit yesterday and stocked up on some meat for the freezer. These little piglets are a treat sometimes. 
A good little breakfast this morning
After dishes, I pulled out all my wool and gathered it together. I didn’t take any south last winter because, ( I probably told you this) knitting wasn’t something I could do easily. When I picked up crocheting I remembered that I had quite a few balls and needles etc. etc. at home.

Bill was putting a post together
A lot of mixed balls and if they were all the same weight, perhaps an afghan would be in my future. However, they are very mixed and not well blended colours so I just rerolled what needed it and rebagged them. I have about 10 skeins of a blended white and blue mix that I want to start a new blanket with. This one for us, not Clemson. Just because. It won’t be fancy, I’m still at the beginners’ stage but I want to have something on the go for these inside days.

This bag is mixed with varying colours

This bag is all one kind
Enough to make a nice blanket for cuddling
I made myself a coffee, caught up on today’s post before sorting my yarn. Bill was sitting at his laptop, writing his own post. You can check it out here. I think he just wants everyone to know that he is still alive and kicking! 😊 Clemson has retired up to the bedroom, his favourite place to be except when he can sit beside Mom or Dad. The rain kept us holed up inside until around 1 o’clock when the sun popped out.  It was nice to see the light pouring in the windows.

I got out as soon as I could for a quick walk around the property
Couldn't go too far, I couldn't trust the sky
We had a couple of windows open and the wind had calmed down before the noon hour. Bill’s anemometer needs new batteries, we think, as it wasn’t registering the velocity today. Around 2:30, Bill went out to putter in his Hangar, you can only sit for so long. I put my book down and began my blanket. By 4, I was ready to stretch my legs and the rain had temporarily stopped so I went out with Clemson for a short walk to see what Bill was up to. Actually, I was killing time, trying to entertain someone and distract him from too early a meal.

The Bunky colour shows the evidence of a recent battering of rain
Back inside at 4:30, I fed him and sat back to do another row of crocheting. The rain came and went and that was pretty much the story of the day. 

I didn't think this morel was any good when I first found it
But it has grown since I began protecting it!
I got down to get a close up picture of our pond
And had to include a picture of a dandelion for Deb D.
and strawberry flowers

And some new purple flowers along the fenceline
I can never remember the name of these little cone shaped delights
At 5, Bill came in, while he could without getting dumped on, and I started putting together a meat loaf for supper. I’ll have to get creative with what to have with it, we should have gone to Hanover for groceries. I’ll find something! Instead of doing the loaf in the oven or in tin foil in Madame IP, I put it directly in the inner pot and set Madame IP for 25 minutes.

We decided on French fries in the air fryer and what a great decision! They turned out perfectly after 25 minutes and both things were ready at the same time. The meat loaf was also perfect and cooking in the round pot got a thumbs up! Plus, no clean up in the IP tonight. We have enough for 2 more meals and that is awesome. It is one of our favourite standby meals. 

Spreading the sauce on the top before popping it in Madame IP
And it is Magical!
The sky pretty much cleared out by 6 pm and after dishes, Bill went out to test his anemometer again. Thumbs up to that too!

The meatloaf piece looks tiny but it wasn't really
It would be a quiet night here indoors. No sitting out tonight either, even though it is 70f/21C. The black flies are still hungry. 

Let the sunshine in! I love our big windows.

And our day ended brighter than it began
Looking forward to a lovely day tomorrow again
How lovely to see the sun shining in through the windows. We had a good day with a few puttering things here and there. Time together, that’s what it means.

On one of my walks down the lane, I took this on the way back.
Good night everyone from the The Ridge
Thank you for your visit today.


  1. Now why aren't you eating that premo morel mushroom? They are one of the best and one of the easiest to identify and be safe. You are missing something. :O)

  2. Too bad you had the all day rain, but at least you got some inside things done.

  3. I have taken notice of the outdoor fire pit you have and really like it!
    Would you please tell me where you bought it? I especially like what you did with it, making the rock base. Looks great!

  4. I will pray a little harder for sun!!!! It's the same here today ... rain rain rain.

  5. Love the colors in the yarn for your new blankie! Knowing you it'll be done before you know it! Seems everywhere is really weird weather, waking up to cloudy skies and wind here this am. Beautiful pics of the Ridge! Dinner looks yummy.

  6. Enjoy reading your blog every day Patsy. A nice ongoing look into The Ridge and what's happening in your life. Dinner looked pretty good too!