Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Looking after the Fort, Visit with Mom, Puttering

Home on the Ridge
On Tuesday, May 7th I woke to Bill’s 5 o’clock alarm. I didn’t fully come out of sleepiness but didn’t really drop off too deeply. He came up to the bedroom at 6 to say goodbye as he was headed for London for another couple of days work.  Clemson didn’t budge so I told him later that Daddy left us in charge. Now was when I wanted to go back to sleep but couldn’t so got up just after 6:30 and made my tea.

Early morning reality
I read blog posts to see what our friends have been doing and when Clemson got up at 7:45, soon after I dressed to go for a walk. It was reading 41F/5C with very light winds around 7 mph but I was surprised how damp and cool that felt. It took a few minutes of brisk walking before I started to warm up. It wasn’t supposed to get very warm today, maybe to 52F/11C but the sun can make or break that rating. By the time I returned after 2 ½ miles, I was quite warm and the sun was visible.

Morning Promises - blue patches
 I came inside and decided that maybe this afternoon would be a good time to do some outside jobs. Little ones, nothing too strenuous for this ole gal but even putting out some of our garden ornaments would be something. I wanted to write a letter for the new owners of the laundromat so sat and did that. Nothing nasty, just offering a suggestion. I’ll leave it on the post inside the building and see if I get a response. Clemson went back upstairs to bed and around 10 I made myself a coffee.

The grader was working on North Line to the west of Baptist Church Road
and then did our side
Tuesday is usually my ‘visit Mom’ day, not that it is written in stone, and I planned to be cleaned up and on my way by 11. We never know what to expect and Donna’s visit yesterday was a bit upside down. I am praying that today will be a good visit. I went outside since I had some time to kill and gathered all the beer cans, bottles, wine and liquor bottles that I had collected. It was surprisingly a lot more than I thought. I loaded them in Black Beauty for the trip to town.

These might be Trillium leaves or Lily of the Valley
Inside, I got cleaned up and dressed nice to see Mom. There was a bit of a kerfluffle over where Mom eats her meals. Donna had suggested she be moved to a table where someone talks. The lady at hers, simply doesn’t talk to Mom. I wasn’t quite sure why she was concerned about moving her since Mom’s conversations make no sense anyway these days. However, the suggestion was put to the dietitian and she obliged.

Looking back up the lane
 We got a call that they wanted to discuss this change so before going up to see Mom, I scoped Allison out to chat about it. Let’s just say the new table didn’t work out for one reason or another and between us we decided to move her back. In my opinion, Mom is better at a table where no one talks. With dementia and her state, some days you don’t know what may be said to put her in a funk. With that settled, I went up for my visit.
It is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I drove home on B.C.Rd.
I was surprised to find my oldest sister, Cathy, already there! We try our best to arrange our visits so this doesn’t happen, two on the same day, but obviously Cathy and I didn’t communicate about it last night. No worries, it was a good visit with only a couple of slips where Cathy and I had to steer her attention away from a sad subject. Before we knew it, the time had flown and we took Mom down to her regular table. She was a bit confused about where ‘everybody’ went but she happily gave us our kisses and hugs goodbye and waved to us all the way to our exit.

Cathy and I had a nice visit with Mom
She looked so pretty with her turquoise sweater and pink pants
she is still a fashionista!
I felt good, really good, knowing these may be fewer and farther between so we bask in them while we can. From there I dropped my letter off at the laundromat before going to the Beer Store. I took my donations in and walked out with a well-earned $6! I told Bill when I talked to him later “See? I’ve got a part time job too!” Ha ha we laughed over that. Clemson and I took a walk down the lane to collect the mail and after putting him inside, I worked at cleaning up the flower garden some more. When my back started giving me grief, I stopped.

Yup, the sun was out so were the turtles
oh and the buds are very prominent now on our trees
With the wind coming from the north, I moved my chair around to the other side of the Suite and took a tea and my book to enjoy the sun. Bill said they had no sun in London today, clouds and rain off and on all day. The wind was cool and the temperature didn’t get above 52F but that was what was expected here so no surprises there. When the chill got to me, I moved inside and got Clemson his supper at 5.
This was my late brunch around 1:30
From our walk down the lane, we noticed scads of painted turtles out basking in their own way. If I dawdled to snap a picture, they’d slip off into the water. This afternoon when I returned from town, I sliced the peal meal bacon that I’d bought at Walmart last week. It would have been easier cutting it half frozen but I still managed to get it cut into 5 meals plus I had 3 pieces to fry up for myself for lunch. I haven’t had this salty treat for a very long time and enjoyed it with a piece of quiche.

Clemson and I went for the mail this afternoon
Can you see him? I was ahead of him this time

He was running towards me
Supper was simple, just for me, fried chicken hearts and zucchini slices and tomatoes on the side. That’s all I need, plus there was one serving of creamy Jell-o for my dessert. It was quick to prepare and filled me up. Because we went out last night to a buffet, that meant no leftovers for Bill’s supper tonight. That gives him reign to go down the street to the Flying M Truck Stop. Their meals are home cooked, tasty and usually very reasonably priced.

My supper doesn't look like much but it filled me and tasted good
It is Tuesday night but I think I’ll skip watching any of our favourite shows. Bill has them all set up for taping so as long as I leave the satellite on, they will record and we can watch them together. I’m into this book by a new to me author, Harlan Coben. 

this is such a good book
My first by this author
This one is called Don’t Let Go and I’m flipping pages like crazy! After I ate, Clemson wanted up on the big bed so that’s where he went. He sure knows what he wants.

With these clouds, I was expecting a great sunset
Although it was beautiful, it wasn't the one I expected
The rest of the evening would be quiet so I closed up the outer doors of the bunky and settled in for the night. I’ve enjoyed this day, taking care of a few things and getting a nice visit in with Mom. 

I keep forgetting to post these pictures of Clemson missing his Daddy
These were from last week's absence

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day. The sun is still shining bright as it has all afternoon and I’m hopeful for a beautiful sunset again, this time with some cloud effects.

And I leave you with one of my favourite views from here
Good night y'all!
Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your visit!


  1. Awww Clemson’s looking for Dad. Looks like you both miss him.

  2. Another decent day you enjoyed and your part time job paid off. Harlan Coben is another good author we have enjoyed as well. Lots of good reading.

    1. It would take me a long time to earn a living this way but I was happy that it was worthwhile. :)
      I'm enjoying his books too.

  3. Cute pics of Clemson missing his dad..the expressions are priceless. Love the pic of you, mom and Cathy. Nice that you all visit mom and try not to overwhelm her. Trying to figure out lunch for her would be a trial. Does she sit with the same person at dinner? Sounds like you certainly got some things done in town! Beautiful day at The Ridge!

    1. Clemson does this at least once a day when Bill isn't here. I'm hoping that he does the same for me! haha
      We were blessed that Mom was in a great state of mind yesterday.
      She sits with the same lady, one who doesn't speak really at all. In the long run, that is the best thing for Mom who really is beyond most conversations anyway. :) That way no one can upset her. :)

  4. That last photo is so lovely. Definitely a great view!