Sunday, May 12, 2019

Happy Mother’s Day! Laundry and More Clouds

The Ridge
When Bill got up on Sunday, May 12th it was around 6:15. I wasn’t ready and I could feel that my back was unhappy so I did some stretches and rolled over for another 45 minutes. When I got up, I debated on a walk but that is as far as it got. Instead, I made my tea, took a couple of Advil with my vitamins and sat at my laptop, admonishing my lazy self.

Mom's card and her repaired necklace
We read our friend’s blog posts to see what they’ve been doing. Bill went to the Hangar and shortly after 8 I started breakfast. Again, this girl wasn’t really hungry but then soon talked herself into a poached egg on toast! How does that happen? Just before serving things and calling down to Bill, my daughter called to wish me a special day – and visa versa. She always beats her brother by a mile with the wishes so it isn’t even a challenge for her anymore. Ha ha

LOL I forced the last few bites down as it would be a busy morning with no time to stop and eat until after 12 noon. Bill was my main concern, keeping him fueled up. He did dishes while I sorted a couple of loads of dirty laundry. I’m going to do that and before coming home, stop in to see Mom and give her her Mother’s Day card.
Bill fixed the necklace she was fiddling with on Tuesday so I would take it back as well. Cathy and I don’t remember ever seeing her with it on so don’t know where it came from BUT with a dementia patient, you just never know. It will disappear in one of her little stash-away pouches. 😊

And Sleeping Beauty didn't hear me come into the room
It was 9:30 when I drove into town. Thank you, dear for loading the basket into the SUV for me. I was pleased to see that the Laundromat was very clean. Oh! I guess I didn’t tell you who our visitor was last night. Jamie and his daughter, Emma came after 7. At first, he came in and Emma preferred waiting in the car. Emma is almost 16 so nothing more needs to be said. Teenagers aren’t really into ‘adults’ now, do they?

Jamie is the new owner of the Durham Laundromat and in response to a letter I left him, a very nice letter I might add, he wanted to come and meet me and chat about possibilities. I’d offered my services to help his family in any way I could to make it a prosperous business. At the expense of giving up some of my freedom and at the profit of having the assurance of a clean building when I need it. He has had praises as well as complaints and I now believe that the days I’ve noticed the uncleanliness was a day other than their cleaning days.

Long story short, we are going to keep in touch and he isn’t refusing my help just yet, he has another lady who has also offered the same assistance. (However, she is hoping for more $ than I would ever ask for) Jamie is a very nice young man and when Emma came inside, she too is a lovely young lady. We had a few laughs, some serious conversation about the place and his hopes for it and we also chatted about a few other things related to small town living.

Mom liked the picture of the dog on the front of the card

I love this one
I feel good, it wasn’t so much an interview as a learning experience for me. Now I know his situation and would never put pressure on him in any way. I wanted him to know my situation too and let him know that I would be willing to do what I can if he made the decision in my favour. It wouldn’t all be easy but it would be fairly flexible. Maybe I can just be a ‘fill-in’ if they were going away or something. Anyway, it is in his court, the ball, I mean. I will go one evening this week to walk through the laundromat with him and go from there.

So, the first one didn't turn out because of the blind being open
So, today I wasn’t surprised to see a nice clean place and a busy place at that! Before I left, I grabbed the broom and did a sweep in one area that needed attention but that could be from one or more patrons just this morning. It wasn’t a day for hanging them so after folding the clothes and loading them back in the car, I drove to Rockwood Terrace to visit Mom. I couldn’t find her at first, I walked every which way on the 3rd floor and then finally I found her in the Sports Room, asleep in a chair. So peaceful.

and then we did it better when I moved over

I sat on the couch in the same room and waited. Soon she was whispering to herself that she was so comfortable but she should get up and move. 😊 When she woke, she was delighted to see me. We watched some of the League Soccer game on the tv, just because it was on, and then walked back to her room. Her spirits were wonderful and we had another great visit. I feel so blessed when they are this nice. There wasn’t any confusion about her parents this time, which has been a regular conversation. Such a strange disease.

When I left her at her table, she was smiling and waving AFTER multiple lip kisses for me, Bill, Bill again and once more for Bill and then two for my children. She was happy for the visit and loved the card with the dog on the front. I was soon back home and actually grateful that I didn’t have to hang the clothes. The wind had picked up and even though 51F/10.5C is semi-warm, they were gusting between 15 and 25 mph, making it quite chilly.

So, I started making the custard and had to put things
on hold until tomorrow
I made myself a coffee after going down to see Bill’s progress and then put my clean clothes away. He is almost done insulating and soon after came up and put his clothes away too. Now he has more dirty clothes for the next time, insulation that he is working with is better than the pink stuff for itchiness but still gets into the clothes you are wearing. At least he had a dust mask to prevent it from getting into his nose etc.

With some strawberries and bananas to eat up, I blended us up a tropical milkshake for later. I added milk, cream, yogourt and half a can of pineapple, one of Bill’s favourite fruits. Now, I needed to do something with the spinach so prepared another quiche to clean that up. While it was baking, I thought I’d try some Low-Carb Keto Custard. Sounded simple enough and who doesn’t like custard?

I got half way through the recipe and when it came to the final steps, I remembered that I don’t have ramekin dishes anymore. Or anything resembling those single serving baking dishes. Hmmm. Now what? They need to sit in water while they bake and I didn’t have anything else that would work, not even one pot. I put things on hold and decided to check with my buddy and see if she has something that I can pick up tomorrow to finish this off.

Around 3 pm, Bill came inside, done for the day. Where does he get his energy from? We sat together in our chairs and enjoyed the remainder of the afternoon. Clemson, of course, skipped back and forth between the two of us, unsure of where to settle. A snooze was in order for Bill, that’s for sure but I was hoping to get further into my book. I actually got quite a few chapters read before I, too, gave in for a snooze. It’s my day, after all, so why not?

I used up the spinach in my quiche
It looks yummy!
Clemson slept beside me until 5:30 when I moved to get up and start supper. So, Bill fed him.  He has been a very good boy about his mealtimes for the last few days. Bill earlier requested toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches for supper. I’d eaten enough bread in the last couple of days so I wasn’t keen on that. I decided to help Bill make it for himself and then warm up the hamburger stew for me.  That worked out well.

When dishes were done, we got into our recorded programs from the previous week. We had quite a few to watch. New Amsterdam, NCIS and The Voice for starters tonight. I didn’t get pictures today, as you can see, so I hope you are still awake. Not only did I either get a text or a wish on Facebook from my step-daughters, I was especially happy to hear from my son, Patrick, before supper tonight. I love it when my children call when I can't see them. Hearing their voices across the miles means everything.😊

Happy Mother's Day, Mom
As my card said, "You have my heart and I love you"
good night all!
Thank you for stopping by. We had a good day. Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. So very happy the your Mothers Day with your Mom was so positive.

    Hugs to you both.

  2. A nice mother's day visit with your mother, glad you both enjoyed it.

  3. So glad that you got in to see Mom. I knew I couldn't be there so was happy that one of us was available.

    1. Me too, sis. She was in great spirits and no sad memories came up. :)

  4. Your mom has a great smile that she has passed on to you!!!

  5. Glad to read your visit with your mom went well. Makes a nice Mother's Day gift for both of you. Like the picture of her sleeping she looks peaceful. More than once we wondered were the outfit or jewelry Tom's mom had on came from but then decided in the overall scheme of things it really didn't matter. Then her wedding ring went missing, same thing happened with a friend's mom, never to be recovered and that was just sad.
    Great pictures of the turtles.
    Lovely picture of you and your mom...great smiles.

    1. Thank you, such a blessing it was. :)
      I love the one of her sleeping too. You're right about the missing things, it isn't as if any of them do it on purpose, they have no control over this disease.

  6. You and your mom are too cute! The quiche looks amazing! Is it crustless? You don't want a job do you?!! Horrors...just kidding. Nice that you know more of the story and that he cares. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you Shirley. The quiche is crustless, yes.
      As for a job, I know! I never thought I'd say that but it wasn't until I saw this opportunity that I became interested. No interest in anything permanent or with scheduled hours. No house cleaning, egads! A little under the table cash for a few hours a week wouldn't be bad. :)
      It was a love Mother's Day visit.