Saturday, May 4, 2019

Gotta Love Saturday! Clemson's Fresh Air Walk, May the 4th Be With You

The Ridge
I woke up at 7 on Saturday, May 4th and once more, I had a little fur ball curled up beside me. He crawled under the covers with me around 3 and once more slept through the night. It was 11 pm when we went to bed last night, watching yet another Clint Eastwood movie, Sudden Impact before I was tired enough to sleep. Well, once I was ¾ of the way through it, I was very tired but had to see how it ended.,

there were two, one jumped off and one remained for a picture
I made my tea since I couldn’t go anywhere as long as he was still sleeping. I read some blogs and comments, chatted with Bill and then hopped in the shower. It didn’t get as cold as they were calling for overnight so it was nice not to need too much heat on this morning. Clemson got up at 8:30 but my day was already in motion so no morning walk today. When he came inside, watching him, my heart was in my throat. 

Then he jumped off - you can see his wake
His back, right leg seemed to be unmanageable and yet I couldn’t find anything wrong. He was extremely agitated yet not seemingly in pain. He’d come to me as if to say ‘do something, Mom’ and all I could do was comfort him and rub his leg to ease whatever it was. He wasn’t even able to walk on it, hopping around on 3 legs so it might have been a kink. Eventually, after about 10 minutes, he seemed to be fine. Oh my.

I chatted back and forth with my buddy, Pat, about keto foods and helping each other out with food plans. Around 10, I set to work making Crustless Quiche, a new recipe that I found on line yesterday. I’ve made it before but the previous recipe was much fussier than I wanted to be. This one was so simple. I’m hoping it will turn out good so I can substitute between eggs and bacon in the morning.

Ready for the oven

Ready to eat
With avoiding breads, our egg omelette sandwiches and poached eggs on toast should not be a habit. In moderation, we’ll have them but I was making them 2 or 3 times a week. I don’t know if Bill will like this quiche but if not, I will still make his regular bacon and eggs w/toast if he wishes. Today, I swore I would get the dusting done yet I realized that I don’t have any Pledge or equivalent. After my quiche was finished baking, I blended Murphy’s Oil and water in the small sink to take care of the woodwork.

Finished the chore of the day, I cut and tasted my lunch. It looked wonderful and tasted great although a little soft in the centre. I popped it back in the convection oven for another 10 minutes hoping it would firm up.  That seemed to have done the trick. Yay! I had another project that I wanted to take care of, since it was another inside day, so got my Fabric Dye out that I’d bought in Arizona at Hobby Lobby. I have a white summer top that I would wear more often if it were a different colour.

I had 3 of these summer tops
Gave the beige one away, kept the orange
and decided to dye this one
Denim Blue, you say?
That turned out perfect! Even though I was a 'love child' during the 70’s, flower power and all that ‘cool man’ phase, I chose not to tie-dye the top. Although I could have! I love the colour it is now and I only managed to get a slight tinge of Denim blue on a couple of fingers. 

I love how it turned out!
Then I sat with Clemson and finished The Prince of Beverly Hills and it was another good one written of times in the early 40’s. I enjoyed it and now I have to move on to another one. That's the hard part.

I wanted to go into my Word document and update the latest books we’ve read but before doing that Clemson and I went for a walk. I took his retractable leash so we could go to the corner this time, rather than just to the mailbox. 

Off to a good trot here
He had a couple of stumbles over his own balance thing but for the most part, he ran ahead of me stretching the leash as far as it would go. 

Good thing he's on a leash or he'd be in the next county
Lovin' the walk
He was loving the fresh air. Back on our property, in the front field, I took the leash off and let him loose. God, how I love watching him run, then wait, then run again.

Off leash, he hitails it for the Suite
He was waiting for me and then came running when he saw me
Before turning tail and racing me up the hill
On the patio mat, he wanted to play ‘chase’ so we did that for a bit before he let me pick him up. Inside, we each had a drink of water and then I  made a cup of tea. It is Happy Hour time and even though I’m alone, I can still be HAPPY!    

Not ready for you to pick me up Mom
This is his "I'm ready to play" stance

And the 'Chase me' position
 Back to the laptop, I updated the book list and went to the cupboard to see what was left to read. I know there are still some James Patterson under the bed but I’d like to read these first. I found one that was recommended to me a couple of years ago by a friend at a clothing exchange. There were obviously more than clothes there to choose from and I thought I’d give it a try. It is called Shadow of the King and a story about King Arthur. Yah, I know. Totally out of character for me but we’ll see.

And finally, "okay, I'm ready to go in"
The sun was poking through the clouds while we walked and we actually had shadows of ourselves walking with us. By 5:30 it ruled the sky, for the most part. I took our California Duster and gave Ptooties a wipe. These dirty gravel roads had her looking anything but her finest. Now she looks sweet and I moved her back out of the way; Black Beauty will be home soon to park next to the Suite while Bill unloads. When I'm here on my own, I like to keep the vehicle, whichever I have here, close by – just in case.

And the Turtle Gang meets again
Clemson and I sat outside for a while around 5:30 – 6:30 and I noticed the Turtle Gang was out in full force again. I didn’t go close, just took a picture from up on the hill. Bill called at 5:45 telling me he was just getting on the 401 (similar to large interstates in the US) giving me a rough idea of his eta. 

And the geese come in for  landing

Can you see what I see?
I do believe someone is taking a crap in this picture!
(ps ignore the dust spots pls, I was using my big Canon)
nice sky after 5 and it only got better
We have a silly dog
He loves his sweater and fights to keep it on, so I got his legs out and let him
do the rest - you can't tell here but he actually has it in his teeth
And eventually shed it in favour of suntanning
He still had a burger left from what I had packed for him so when he returns it will be easy to warm that up for his supper. I fried the leftover pizza from last night and enjoyed it just as much as I did last night. I’ll definitely make it again!

Clemson is all in a dither tonight. It is as if he knows Daddy will be home. He is good with me but it is easy to see that he really misses Bill at certain times of the day. I cleaned up dishes, tidied the Suite and caught up on my post while I waited. 

Black Beauty backs in
What a beautiful evening. The temperature has reached 59F/15C but that is because the sun is shining directly on the area that our outdoor remote sits on the slide-out. In reality, it got to about 12C today which is an improvement from previous days here.

Bill drove in around 8:05, just in time to watch the sun set with me at 8:30. I missed him, we missed him, and we’re glad to have him home safe and sound. 

And a beautiful sunset
Tired, but safe and happy. 😊 This has been a nice day in all respects and we’ll sleep well tonight. I hope you’ve had a good day too. A personal note for our friend, Jim, Bill has been busy but will respond in the morning. All is well!

Good night y'all from the Ridge

Thank you for your visit.


  1. It was another pretty good day and you enjoyed a nice sunset as well.

  2. Run Clemson Run!!!! He's just so darn cute! Cooper has those leg things every once in awhile. I think it's from bending or twisting his toenails. Your blouse looks too cute. Great job! Your quiche and pizza look delicious. I can't wait to get to Brigham City where I can cook again.

    1. They are adorable when they play, when they sleep, when they run, when know. Always. :) Good to know it is a common thing with his leg.
      I was pleased with the dye job.

  3. That quiche looks yummy! I have one I make too, but haven't in a long while! Now i'm thinking about it haha. Does yours have meat in it as well? Nice that you and Pat can bounce ideas off one another! Bet you're happy to have your sweetie home again :) Your pizza does looks awesome and isn't it nice to know it's actually good for you and no guilt involved. Now to get hubby to eat it too! Ken pretty much likes everything except the radish hash browns. Can't sell him on that one! haha. Your blouse is adorable! Love the color now! I'm not big on white either, much prefer color. Beautiful sunset to end the day and Clemson is just too cute!

    1. Thanks Shirley. The quiche is good and I think bill will eat that. The pizza? Maybe blindfolded. haha
      I like white but have enough white. :)
      Clemson is adorable, no doubt and we're a bit prejudiced. LOL

  4. What a relaxing day! Good hear the leg was nothing serious, perhaps just a cramp?

    1. It was a great day. I think it must have been a cramp or a toenail thing like Nancy said above. I was relieved when it passed.