Sunday, May 5, 2019

Foggy Morning, Laundry Day, Gorgeous Afternoon, Socializing

The Ridge

I slept well, having gone to bed at 10 about 40 minutes after Bill. I knew he was tired as he kept dropping his book. You can’t read through your eyelids! So, he was up early, 2 hours before me and I got up at, what seems to be my new normal, 7 am on Sunday, May 5th. It doesn’t seem like a Sunday. Maybe that is because he has been away for part of the weekend. I was anxious to get out for a walk and that anxiety lasted all of about 5 minutes while I was getting dressed.

It was a tad foggy looking down the laneway

And over the pond
Yup, nope. The fog was thick as pea soup (Daddy’s favourite fog theory) and you truly couldn’t see through it. Hence, his second favourite, fog is black. He always made us laugh and I love the memories of his silliness. Bill was standing at the Keurig with his finger on the button “Are you ready for your tea?” Ha ha, that would be a yes. 😊 He knew I would be disappointed not to get out right away but the bonus was to sit with my hubby over our morning java for the first time in 4 days.

And behind us to the east
He had pretty much caught up on blogs, answered an email and done some banking before I got up so as I read what our friends are up to, he went out to the Hangar. Today, being the better of the available two (Sunday and Monday) to do our clothes, is laundry day. The fog is discouraging and delayed my drive to Durham to start the wash. I can’t hang them until the promised sun makes an appearance and pushes the fog out.  I’m being positive in saying ‘when’ not ‘if’.

And there it comes
I sorted the clothes on the bed covers under which Clemson is still dreaming in peaceful blissfulness. He doesn’t move. I loaded the basket into Ptooties and took care of doing the wash in 2 machines. I’m not happy with the new owners’ idea of ‘looking after a laundromat’ and I’ll be making a call either later today or tomorrow. What laundromat that you know of doesn’t have Contact information in case something goes wrong? This one.

Look at that sky now and those shadows!
Back home, Bill carried the basket up the hill to my clothesline and I hung clothes in full sunshine. It was wonderful!! It won’t take them long to dry, I’m sure. I came in long enough to make a coffee and took it outside where I could sit and enjoy the day. 

While sitting there I added some twine to the bird feeders
we made at Tres Rios
It was already warming up nicely at 55F/12C and it wasn’t 11 o’clock yet.  I had texted Rob and Pat just before leaving Durham and invited them out to Happy Hour today. They accepted.

Remember these?
Bill worked away in his Hangar while I was gone and the next thing he wanted to do turned out not to be as easy as he first thought. When he gets to it, it is something he can write about in a post. I won’t steal the thunder. 

Apparently, someone else wanted to socialize with us
but then, maybe not
At 2:15, I brought the clothes in from the line and Bill put his clothes away first. I was sitting outside trying to get into King Arthur (and it wasn’t happening, btw) when I saw Rob drive in the lane in their Ford Edge.

Well, hello Mr. Snapper
Yay! Our first Happy Hour on the Ridge this year. At least our first ones with anyone other than just the two of us. It was so nice outside that we sat outside with our drinks. Even Clemson joined us on his new bed for a while. We did our thing, caught up on what we’ve been up to over the last week and they left a couple of hours later. We really enjoyed the visit; it has been a long time.

And our little trees are budding
Within 15 minutes of them leaving, my sister, Donna and her hubby, Gerry pulled in. They’d been out at the Acreage getting a few things organized for the summer. They didn’t stay long, they were kapooped, but we chatted for a while and they picked up some paint Bill had for a nephew-in-law. (?) After they left, Bill lit the Weber to burn off some ground beef from our last meal and then puttered away for 20 minutes.

I enjoyed the finches today

My favourite picture of the day

When a redwinged blackbird swooped in to the feeder
she dropped and clung to another pole, waiting

And then returned, waiting for her friends to have their turn

And they shared
Inside I made up a salad for our side and he cooked Italian sausages. They had a bit of a bite (spicy) but we enjoyed them. 

Supper was great
We cleaned up dishes and Bill closed up the sheds. We have American Idol to watch tonight and that is about it since Madame Secretary is over until the next season. I can’t keep track of when things start and when they end anymore but Bill is good at that. This has been a good day and we’ve enjoyed one of the first great weather days we’ve had.

I did some spring cleaning in our cupboards
and feel good about getting rid of some unnecessary
And over the fridge, it is obvious I need more wine
but it is clean and ready for it now
And another  beautiful sunset
Good night from the Ridge

I hope you enjoyed it as well. Thank you for stopping in to see what we’re up to and for any comments you wish to leave.


  1. Nice to see you are getting some buds on the trees :-)

  2. Sounds like a pretty perfect Sunday, Sunshine, chores done and Happy Hour with friends.

  3. Are you feeding Mr. Turtle? Maybe you can train him to come to your door for a handout. Love the birdies especially when they are so colourful.

    1. I don't think we want to feed the snapper. Clemson might get too close if he the snapper got too comfortable up here. :)
      The birds are beautiful and fun to watch!

  4. Those birds are gorgeous!! I'm surprised the turtles are so skittish. Do you have predators around there?

    1. They are! And I love watching them. i'm not sure what eats turtles.

  5. What a great day! I know I need to start hanging my clothes out..nothing better than clean, fresh smelling sheets and towels (my faves). How great that Rob and Pat came out, I know you must miss them being right next door! Dinner looked yummy too!! I wondered about that King Arthur book, I know it wouldn't be my thing, but at least you gave it a chance!

    1. I do love the smell of the hung clothes, fresh air brought inside. :)
      We enjoyed our visit and yes we do miss them next door!
      The King Arthur book was a gamble. It started out okay and I wanted to give it a fair try. Nope, couldn't do it!