Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Successful Shopping, Gardening, and Jell-O Day, Family Birthdays

The Ridge
Early, around 4:30, on Wednesday, May 29th I woke up when I heard Bill and Clemson. Clemmy was gagging, about to throw up and Bill was hustling around trying to get him outside. Once that episode was over and Clemson seemed fine again, we all settled down to go back to sleep. It was 20 after 7 when I woke next and it has been a while since I’ve slept that late. It felt nice to just relax.

2 hanging planters, marigolds, peppers and tomatoes
Bill was already up with his coffee made when I moved downstairs. I made a tea and as I did so, checked the weather. Our station said it was 52F/11C and it was cloudy again with little to no wind. Not too bad of a day and maybe we'd see some sun later. We finished our drinks; Bill had already checked our banking and was happy that our CPP pensions had gone in. Yay! Finally, we would be able to fill the fridge and cupboards again.

My stump planter still has bark on it
A couple of marigolds will brighten it up
By 9 we were on our way into Hanover. I drove Ptooties and Bill drove Black Beauty. We had so much to do and different stores to visit so this made the most sense. First, I went to Rockwood Terrace and signed the paperwork to get Mom on the Foot Care Schedule. That was easy. Bill had left after me, but was most likely ahead of me by now. He first went to First Choice Haircutters to get his ears lowered and then carried on with his other stops.

My handsome guy with a new haircut
I drove directly to Walmart and picked up a few groceries and also a couple of hanging planters that were marked $9.99. I was happy to pay that price. One is a pink geranium and the other a name that I can’t remember without looking at it. From there I drove back through Durham, stopping at Foodland for some 4-pack annuals. Marigolds were my choice this year. I got tomato plants but she didn’t have peppers so I wasn’t done yet.

Geraniums and marigolds in my new garden
I think Chippy approves
The truth? Chippy is hanging around for the dropped seeds only
Home Hardware was my next stop and I used our gift card from Scott and Ellen to buy a bag of mixed bird seed. Lastly, I stopped at the garden centre in North Wellington FS/Co-op. They had the green pepper plants that I was looking for. At 11:45, I texted Bill that I was on my way and he was already there ahead of me.

These marigolds found a home in the flower box Bill made
It is in our seating area so maybe will keep skitters away
By the time I arrived home and got the groceries put away, I was hungry and since Bill only had a yogourt at 8:30, he was as well. I made us each a toasted egg omelette sandwich. I wasn’t thinking about carbs at this point, just wanted to satisfy a hunger. We cleaned up dishes and went back outside. I first surveyed my purchases before making plans on where to plant. In each planter there are 3 rooted plants so I split the geranium for individual planting. I only have one hanging location so Bill got one in his pot by the Hangar along with a couple of marigolds.

The hanging planter in another sitting area
The rest of the 12 marigolds were spread out in different places. My new little flower garden got 4 along with the other 2 geraniums. I may purchase more annuals but time will tell. The price of $1.29 for 4 is almost too good to resist. Next, I filled the bird feeder so the bigger birds will be happy and spread some out for Chippy, our little piggie chipmunk. Note: by the end of 4 hours, one feeder was empty. LOL

And this is the flower that I can't name but it is very full and looks good here
 I went up to the garden with 16 tomato plants and 8 pepper plants. I’m quite pleased with the progress on my radishes, even though 5 had jumped ship into another row. I have sunflower seeds that are pushing up through the ground around my garden and that is also exciting. Now the rain expected tomorrow can do its magic. If nothing else, it will save me from watering my new plantings. I put everything away and found Bill closing up the Hangar.

To put the above picture in perspective, this is where it is
Returning inside, I mixed up my Creamy Jell-O and now we have an edible keto dessert again. 😊 8 of them, in fact! I caught up on my post, which I hadn’t started and sat with Bill and Clemson until he lit the Weber for grilling. Tonight, we are having sausages and Caesar salad for supper. It feels good to have choices again, rather than the same thing over and over. Supper was great! And because the sausages were so long, half of mine is in the fridge for another night.

Bill was sad that he only got one planter back when he gave me two
And lastly, in a movable pot, 2 more marigolds
Just before we finished eating the sun popped through the clouds. The temperature hit 60F/14C and we look forward to many more sun appearances in the days to come. We had our Jell-O later when watching Mash reruns. I sat with my crocheting, did a few rows and turned to my book until the new season of Private Eye began at 9. This was a terrific day!

My garden today looks a lot happier!

And an experience - this is a watermelon plant
The weather wasn’t warm but at least it is dry and the G-R-E-A-T news, (picture Tony the Tiger here if I had one) the black flies were no where to be seen the whole time I was outside working! Woohoo! Before posting, 2 very special birthday wishes go out to our son-in-laws. Dennis and Cory, the husbands of Bill's two oldest girls. What a coincidence that they share the same birthday. 

Happy Birthday, Dennis!

Happy Birthday, Cory!
I hope you enjoyed your day as well.

Supper tonight

And the sun breaks through on time for a sunset
Dessert was yummy
Good night everyone!
Thank you for popping in to see what Bill and I were up to today.


  1. I so love all your flowers. Wish I could plant some but am never here to enjoy them!!! I’ll just enjoy yours instead! Making jello as I type!!!

  2. Private Eye.....hmmmmm. I will have to check this out.

  3. Could I ask how you do the creamy jello?

    1. Absolutely! Here is my recipe.

      Creamy Jell-O Fluff
      2 (.30 oz) boxes of sugar free Jell-O or 1 (.60 oz)
      Make as directed and let set.
      On the side blend ¼ c. heavy whipping cream with ¾ lb. softened cream cheese.
      Once Jell-O is set, whip with immersible blender the cream mixture with Jell-O.
      Set in fridge.
      Note: If you don’t have an immersible, you can also use a regular hand mixer. Mix slowly to the consistency you want. It can be blended creamy or left in chunks.
      Enjoy guilt free. The Jell-O I buy says 10 calories per serving. 😊

    2. Thank you, It looks delish!

  4. Another productive day enjoying the outdoor fish air, nice that the black flies are gone You will be having a lot of tomatoes with 12 plants. Too bad they usually all come at once.

    1. It was a great day but I'm sure you mean FRESH air not FISH air!!!
      The tomatoes don't come all at once though, they last me all summer and into the fall so it is perfect!

  5. Wow..I love your garden! Wish we were closer to get some of those yummy tomatoes and other veggies! The flowers look so nice too! Us like Nancy are never home long enough to keep anything alive..Maybe one year! Dinner looked yummy too and I agree it's nice to have more choices! Happy Birthday Dennis and Cory..good looking guys!

    1. Thank you, no worries, I don't go crazy in the garden but lots of what we love at least. :) You are welcome to enjoy it from afar too!
      Nice to have groceries so I can plan better meals. :)
      They are handsome young men.

  6. I can't keep my hummingbird feeders full but the birds don't touch the other feeders, you must have friendlier birds in Ontario :-)

  7. The plant is a Calibrachoa,also known as Million Bells.