Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lovely Change in Weather, Bill Back to Work

The Ridge - Home
Through the late night and early morning hours of Thursday, May 2nd we were awake a few times. Clemson was either too hot, too cold but definitely not ‘just right’ as he would move and shake two or three or four times. This would wake us, waiting to see if he was going to settle back down or if he was going to jump off the bed.

Once the fog cleared, I got out for a beautiful walk with NO wind
I didn’t realize that he actually did hop down at 1:15 when he moved as I must have dropped right off again. Poor Bill had to get up and take him outside, unbeknownst to me. Next thing I heard was Bill downstairs finishing his breakfast at 5:15. I took my earplugs out and listened while he finished everything else before coming to the bedroom for my goodbye kiss and hug. He slipped off into the foggy morning with Black Beauty.

I wasn't putting too much faith in a sun appearance today
I'd asked a few days ago if he would mind leaving Ptooties this time, since it would be a longer stretch away and he obliged. I know it doesn’t make sense to do that too often but I was happy to have the SUV for some errands today. I dropped back off to sleep at 6 as he pulled out and didn’t see daylight until 10 to 8! My goodness, I guess I caught up on the lost sleep just fine!

Walking the country road, things are drying up
The fog was still thick at the road and Clemson was still sleeping (of course he was!) so I had my tea while finishing my post from yesterday. We were home in good time last night but I was too tired to even think about finishing the day’s catch up. I would make too many mistakes and be too impatient so waited until morning. Seldom does my blog get posted without a proofread although it has happened on occasion.

Bill was kind enough to pick me up 6 bags of black mulch
the other day at Walmart
The price was crazy cheap!
After Clemson got up and went out for his morning business, I took our small Canon camera, my phone and a plastic bag for a walk. I grabbed a makeshift walking stick that I’d picked up last summer just because it was there. I decided this walk would be for the environment as well as for me and although I will not pick up garbage (we pay for our bag pickups) I gathered a grocery bag full of plastic bottles, pop cans and the odd beer can and bottle. My contribution and this time not for the $$.

And we wonder why accidents happen
the little green car and this suv were taking everyone's lives in their hands
passing at high speeds and in unsafe areas
After getting my 2 ½ miles in and returning home, I sorted the collection and came inside. I did find 4 cash-able returns. Yesterday I’d picked up some fresh fruit for my smoothies so pulled the creamy mix out of the fridge and blended it to delicious splendor! I know the fruit has natural sugar but in moderation along with the cream products, I’m not concerned. There is enough good fat in each glassful and it is quite tasty. I had a bit of the creamy Jell-o at noon and got cleaned up for a trip in to Hanover.

We got the call yesterday that our carpets were ready, the ones we purchased in Quartzsite. One needed to be cut to length and the two new ends bound. Bill did our last one himself but a professional fix for $25 was worth it to get a good colour match. I am so pleased that our weather is finally straightening up. Even if there is no sunshine yet, at 59F/15C and rising, I’m a happy camper.

It is celebratory in itself that it isn’t raining and there is hardly any wind at all. The sun made an appearance just after lunch and stuck around for much of the afternoon. Maybe a sunset tonight? I got cleaned up and drove to Hanover, just after the lunch hour, to Cuneo Interiors Carpet One. It was a surprise that the cutting and rebinding service was even less that originally quoted. Bonus!

My sister's lovely home
I drove to my sister’s house and dropped off a card for Gerry since we didn’t get over on his birthday. Just this morning we all concluded that the boys’ (Gerry and John) birthday dinner will be on Monday night. The 6 of us have made it a bit of a tradition and we all enjoy the evening out to venues in the area. After Donna’s place, I stopped in at Giant Tiger and Dollarama. Since I’m in town, you know. I found a few little things at each place and then scooted home.

I had ground beef and sausages to divide into freezer packs so did that, cleaned up the dishes and moved the leftover cake into a smaller container. The fridge and freezer are full now so we should be able to have decent meals for a while. Once I got things tidied up in that department, I set about getting the vacuum out so I could replace the hallway runner at least. It was from our sticks and bricks home, bought a long time ago to match the interior. It worked well then but now it is time for it to go.

5 meals with ground beef and 6 meals of sausages
I got the floors done and the new runners in place, with a little velcro to hold them in place, just in time to get Clemson his supper. The King mustn’t wait, you know! It is warm inside the Suite so windows are open. I haven’t given much though to what I’m going to have for supper. Maybe some chicken hearts and Brussel sprouts. Now doesn’t that sound wonderful? Haha some of you are curling up your noses, my hubby being one when he reads this. 😊 You don’t have to eat it.

Out with the old
In with the new
So, after receiving a text from Bill at 5:45 that he was still working, delivering a trailer to Ailsa Craig, I decided not to wait too much longer for my supper. I sat with Clemson and read some more. It was likely 6:15 when I began cutting up the chicken hearts with green onions and zucchini. Frying them in butter with salt and pepper, I got the sprouts out of the freezer and prepped them for microwave cooking.

Frying in butter
Brussel sprouts
Oh my, this was delicious! I enjoyed it very much and will do it again for a nice keto dish when I’m on my own. 

Before dishes, I took a walk down the lane way with Clemson. He seemed keen to get out with me. The frogs were already chirping up a storm and it reminded me of how Scott was blown away by their volume. I wonder how many decibels they are? As I walked, I saw many turtles sitting along the banks of the pond islands – over there. They aren't skittish because I'm not too close.

I'm losing hope of a sunset
But then I saw some hope again
In the end, it never happened
Going for a walk with Mom
Neither of us needed a jacket at 7
She doesn't seem to be on very solid ground
but she isn't budging
Ma Goose was still sitting on her nest and the most fun thing I saw was the muskrat/otter swimming right towards me. 

He was wasting no time whatsoever
I could see his eyes here
He realized I was a real person, not a tree
Okay, I guess I'll go the other way
At first, I thought he was going to come straight at us to the bank but at the last minute he made an ‘s’ turn and carried on another way. That was funny. I see him all the time swimming across both ponds like little motor boats. Actually, sitting here at the table, there is more than one. They are having fun out there and I can watch them by their wake.

Father Goose is in the opposite pond and just sits there most of the day
Reflections are beautiful

I did the dishes when we returned and went to work on this post so I could sit with my little buddy. This has been a good day, never great when I am here alone, but a good one for sure. The evening was spent with my book, well, maybe I will turn the tv on so I can watch a recorded movie. Otherwise the nights seem very long. I hope you’ve enjoyed your day and a little more warmth and dryness. At least, I can say that here on The Ridge. Yay! 

The pussy willows are confused and already bursting
He's telling me that he wasn't going to eat the finch food
Yah right
Bill called at 7:45 after arriving at his 'summer' trailer at Kirk's. We chatted and caught up. He read me a text from our West friends, such dear friends, they never, never forget our special occasions. We didn't need the text to remind us that we will be apart on our special day for the first time. This year it can't be helped.

One of my favourite views no matter how high or low the water is
And the winds have remained low all day
This is all the sunset amounted to before it disappeared behind those clouds
Good night y'all!
Thank you for your visit and for any comments you would like to leave.


  1. If the weather stays good you might be able to get a little gardening done. Don't knock those pussy willows they know what they are doing telling you spring is on the way.

  2. Hmm the weather turns nice and Bill goes, to work. at least we can enjoy the wonderful outside weather. Soon we might get some more nice weather.

    1. Bill will be working a lot of nice days. But he will be home a lot of them too. Like Sunday will be gorgeous.

  3. The weather has not been normal for this time of year.
    Hoping you still have an Enjoyable Special Day.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you Rick. You are right, too much rain and cool for my liking but I believe it is trying to warm up!

  4. Love the new rugs! 25.00 seems very reasonable to me for that work to be done! Ok..I admit when you said you were having chicken hearts the word EWWWW..came out of my mouth haha. The rest of your dinner looked yummy though! Happy Anniversary you two! I'm sure when Bill gets home you will celebrate! I remember our 25 year anniversary I had a conference to attend in southern CA I was so bummed..but there have been many others! Oh boy 6 bags of mulch..don't do it all at one time, or there goes your back!

    1. Thank you! Me too!
      I figure there were many EWWWWs out there. :)
      We will celebrate and yes sad not to be together but no big deal. There are and will be many others. :) I will go easy with the mulch. Thanks for the advice.

  5. Fried chicken hearts are one of my favourite 'snack' foods. They look yummy!