Tuesday, March 2, 2021

All About the Weather – Thumbs Down! 😝

Paisley, On

On Monday, Mar. 1st, (yay!) Bill was up, washed, dressed, fed and ready to go by 6:20. It took a gentle kiss on my cheek in my sleep to wake me up enough to say goodbye. 💗 I felt tired still, but after resting for 20 minutes, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to drop off and shouldn’t anyway. The sooner I got up and moving, the sooner I could get home.

This is how the day started, nice and clear

I washed, dressed, made a lunch and had my tea before leaving the lane. The walk from the door to Ptooties was breathtaking but not in a good way. Holding my breath, I inched across the thick ice to the fence and held it as I walked back to get in the driver's side. Thankfully, there was no snow to brush off her. The roads were clear and dry but it was windy. The forecast for snowfall all day was in the back of my mind, but almost unbelievable at that point.

Dry roads so I carried on further through Concession 8
to Grey Road 3

After cleaning the Mat, without incidence, I met M at a garage out of town where he was leaving his car for an oil change. I did more sanding, taping and papering at the shop and at 1:45 we left in my car to pick his car up from Tony’s Garage on Edges Sideroad. 

Leaving Tony's Garage

I was going to take Concession 2 but....

The weather was not good. Wind had made driving quite hazardous and we came across a road closure on #6 that we later heard was caused by an 5 car accident. There were some treacherous conditions on the highways this afternoon. When we parted and I headed for home, the whiteouts on #4 spooked me enough that I turned into Durham and stopped at my buddies for a break and a tea.

Following M back the way we came
so i could get into Durham avoiding the closures

It was around 2:30, I think, when I got there and when we saw some clearing skies at 3:15, I headed out again. The roads and visibility was good until I got out of Durham past the town offices and then it turned to h*** in a handbasket. Another road closure on #4 had me turning onto unfamiliar sideroad 30 but I followed my gps to Grey Road 3 which I was very comfortable with. I'm grateful that the roads weren't bad to drive on. I took it across to old faithful (concession 8) figuring it didn’t matter which way to go, the winds were creating havoc all over.

It wasn't snowing much to begin with on my drive
but the wind was blowing off the snow banks
making poor visibility

This is on the way out of Durham towards home
Where I changed my mind and decided to stop at R & P's

Visibility is very, very important at any time but when you are behind the wheel of a vehicle with others in the same position, your heart races faster and your hands sweat a bit. I was very careful and had my 4-way flashers on for 90% of my drive home. You may wonder how I could take pictures while driving but if you think about it. It doesn't do any good to 'grip' the wheel any tighter and my speed was basically 60 kmph or less and even STOP at many points. 

an hour later, the sky and road ahead looked clearer
Check the time stamp when I left their place

Check the time stamp, 2 minutes later.......good grief!

Fire truck blocking the main highway
we were directed to the left

I had to wait for the police to arrive and go ahead to the cause
then I, also, turned.

Sky looks good here as I followed my gps

This guys 2 trolleys were whipping back and forth in the wind

Then I realized what he was towing
He was blocking the highway from this end
I went straight through, as did some of the vehicles behind me

Bottom line, I made it home safely an hour and 10 minutes after I left Durham where it usually takes me 40 minutes. Not too bad. Bill wasn’t more than 40 minutes behind me. 😊  I was able then to fully relax. Both of us safe and sound for the night. I texted our friends and my boss to let them know, as requested. All good people.

For our friends who are currently further south, a few collages

The bottom right is an example where I had to completely stop

For supper, I fried some bacon with homemade burgers and they were very delicious. The hardest part about frying/grilling the ones I make is that they are so thick that it’s hard to tell when they’re cooked without being overdone. I stopped them on time and put the cheese and bacon on top to melt before serving them up on the buns. We didn’t need anything as a side but I am eating up the small tomatoes I’ve got in the fridge. They are wrinkling up now.

Breathing easier now

Black Beauty parked for the night

For dessert, we had the second vanilla pudding with a couple of my peanut butter bars. Just a perfect amount of food, I was very hungry for it after that day! The rest of the evening progressed as per our usual routine. Dishes, Bill’s lunch, Jeopardy and then my love and I went down to watch our two 9-1-1 programs with our blankies. Looking out the windows in the pool room, the snow had stopped but it was still windy. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Can you say loaded burger? Yum!


We read in bed for an hour and turned out our lights for sleep. This was a day I don’t care to repeat as from morning to mid-afternoon, there were many changes in the weather. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay home this morning, it was very windy but clear for the most part. I got out and earned a ‘fistful of dollars’ so I’m happy to have gone. Plus, I got a lovely visit in with our buddies in the process!

A good day for this memory
Mar. 1st, 2019
We left Sundance RV Resort, heading
for Elephant Butte Lake State Park, NM
with Rob and Pat 💕
Good night!

Thank you for your visit. The good thing about today? March came in like a 🦁 and should go out like a 🐑.


  1. You definitely had some treacherous driving to do.
    Glad you made it Safely and had an Enjoyable visit to top it off.

    It's about time.

  2. Wow. That was an adventure. I'm happy you had a safe place to stop and wait for better conditions. That bacon looked so good!

    1. An adventure is right. Now I can say I've done it, don't need to do it again! haha

  3. My, my! Not the kind of collages I want to see. Can't believe you're going through that and I'm in 70 degree sunny weather. Glad you and Bill made it home safely. Nothing like a fistful of dollars at the end of the day 🤑 I miss my 911 TV shows but small price to pay.

    1. I had to share with you, Doug BECAUSE you're having 70F weather. :)
      We're missing a lot of our shows so we'll have to catch them as reruns over the summer.

  4. That does look like a nadty day for driving!

  5. I was so glad that we came home on Saturday, rather than spending another night in Regina. We had your weather on Sunday (sorry that it came your way) and I was just glad to be safe and sound at home. Glad that both of you made it home safely.

    God bless.