Sunday, March 14, 2021

A Cool Wind but Gorgeous Sunshine for a Walk and Snow?

Paisley, On

On Sunday, Mar. 14th our two visible clocks across the room read 6:30 and 7:30. 😊 I had changed mine before crawling into bed. It was really 7:30 and the light was brightening up the room. At the real 6:30, it would still have been dark out. The sun will set tonight at 7:40 and that will be the benefit of DST (Daylight Savings Time). Longer daylight days is a good thing.

First picture I took is the puzzle challenge πŸ˜ƒ

I started sorting laundry right after we got up and Bill carried the basket down for me. Our laundry basket is falling apart. It is the collapsible kind and the rubber parts are tearing. I guess we cram it too full! After getting a load in the washer, we made our drinks and returned to our room. I had a blog to finish which, surprisingly, I don’t beat myself up about being late anymore. I published it this morning. Bill went online today and ordered us two of the same laundry baskets from H.H. Just in time too!

A regular - picture of the Saugeen, muddy looking and high

And on the other side of the bridge,
the Teeswater river bank is home for the geese

With that chore underway, we really had nothing else that ‘needed’ to be done so relaxed. I felt hungry so at 10 we went down for some oatmeal. My steel cut oats with cream and half a banana hit the spot. The morning zipped by and it was 1:30 when we felt that we needed another nibble. I warmed up some broccoli cheddar soup (Bill doesn’t like broccoli so it was all for me me me) and Bill made a sandwich for today and one for lunch tomorrow.

The dam isn't quite as angry looking today but still high

The lady up on the bank with her dog spooked the geese
so they took to the water

I took my soup out to work on the puzzle. It is challenging but great enjoyment for me. When the sun is shining in the one window, it is perfect. When it isn’t, it is not good light to work in. This puzzle in particular is more difficult. It is a puzzle of many books on shelves with little purple, pink and blue book ‘worms’ crawling all over. The titles on the books are so small that I know I’m straining. Once I had to get my phone flashlight out to read one of them when searching for a piece. LOL

The dyke trail and the Saugeen was really moving here too

A nice clear trail to walk but it was quite gusty and cold
facing the wind

And there were geese over here too

I forgot to mention that we had 2 geese fly over at the Ridge
yesterday but our pond is still too icy for them πŸ˜“

When I’d had enough, I came upstairs and read some of my book while Bill snoozed beside me. At 3, it was time to go for a walk. The sun was mostly domineering the sky although at one point, Wes stepped in from outside and said “It’s snowing!” Crap! Within 5 minutes it had quit and that was it. Strange. The wind was very cold and the temperature only reached -1C/30F feeling colder than that when I bundled and left the house.

This is the stream/creek along the trail
and it is up over the bank
If you can see my red arrow to the left, this grass usually extends all the way down

Flooding is not a fun thing but at least here it can't go anywhere
to damage things

After 10 minutes, I almost turned back, it was bitter and strong. However, I forced myself to go a bit further and before I knew it, I was right in the swing of it. I walked the dyke trail and then got off it further down at the north end of town. It was almost an hour when I made my way south down Queen St. to home. It is so nice to wear running shoes instead of boots and not have to worry about snow or muck aka mud. 😊

Cute little house but I got a kick out of the black bucket
and the sign
It says The Sun Times which to me indicates that the owners
are tired of picking up the bagged paper from wherever it lands πŸ˜‚

These red berries have been visible here all winter
Maybe the birds don't like them?

Back home, I brought us each up a cold drink and we worked on our blogs. Yup, my sweetie is writing one again to catch you all up on his adventures over the last couple of months. He has been busy and that is a good thing. Otherwise, he’d be a bit nuts with having nothing to do here. All things happen for a reason and this job was perfect for him as mine are for me. We didn’t have the fish and chips for supper last night so that is what we’re making tonight.

Yup, she's windy out there!

It was a filling meal. I opted to have less fries and have some squash with my fish. I do love squash and buying it frozen is more logical for me than a fresh one and having it go bad n the fridge. A lot of fresh veggies go by the wayside for us since Bill doesn’t like many. He’d eat mixed vegs or corn any and every day of the week and be quite content so buying carrots (which I do anyway), broccoli, squash, turnip etc. etc. makes no sense.

I love how this picture turned out

And I'm going to miss seeing this building
and can only hope it is still here when we come back

After dishes, we came upstairs and what a treat having the sun still outside our window so late. Too bad it is so cold; an evening walk would be wonderful. I’m not saying I feel like it, just that it ‘would’ be wonderful. Ha ha. 

Black Beauty after her bath yesterday
Ain't she purty? (especially next to muddy Ptooties)

I was close to finishing my Louise Penny book and when I read a couple of funny paragraphs to Bill about the peeping frogs, we laughed about it. It reminded him what he is in for when we get home. I, on the other hand, enjoy them and they don’t keep me awake. 😊

My supper tonight
We had Jello and a banana for dessert

He finished The Chamber last night so started the Michael Connelly one that I’d recently put away. He thinks he’s read it before but can’t remember the ending so will read about Harry Bosch again, gladly. This was a nice day. We have our laundry done, I didn’t have my shower, which I’d intended, but I can have it tomorrow after work, some of the puzzle got done, I had a nice walk and spent time with my hubby. All good!

Bill and I visited the former Dr. Pepper factory with Rob and Pat
in Dublin, TX
on Mar. 14, 2019
Clemson and I took a lot of walks πŸ’–at Tres Rios RV Park
at Glen Rose, TX
Good night!

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  1. Just look how fast your snow is disappearing!!!

    It has been beautiful here and last night we actually BBQ'ed our meal. Tonight we ordered in.

    Your puzzle is moving right along. I am always amazed at how quickly you get them completed.

    God bless.

    1. Bbqing already! How nice!! :)
      A bit of pressure on this puzzle so I'm glad it is moving along.

  2. Ha. You weren't very far from me last March 14. I live about 50 miles south of Dublin TX. Sounds like you are doing better with the time change than I am! I prefer the one the the fall.....if they must do this twice a year.

  3. The river does look pretty and I can see it is moving swiftly. I sometimes think I should drive to Paisley and take that pretty stroll myself. Not That I would but, but it would be nice πŸ˜ƒ I see the logic in your puzzle completion. Random connections until it is complete. Great picture of you two lovebirds in Dublin 😍

    1. Oh, you're hilarious Doug!🀣 I think you do plenty of pretty strolls whereever you are. :)
      It helps to do small groupings and then put them in place otherwise it wouldn't look like I'd done much! haha

  4. Yikes ... that puzzle looks hard!!! Yet you've come quite a distance in a short time. Glad to see the snow melting, meaning you're getting even closer to the Ridge. I just love all those old buildings. Hopefully they keep them instead of knocking them down.

    1. I'm afraid that the old hotel will be gone soon. That makes me sad, it is so beautiful!

  5. Nice you were able to do things together and yet have time for personal ventures.
    Looking forward to reading Bill's Blog as well.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thank you, when we spend our days apart, the weekends are even more special. :) Bill will be a few days to finish his blog. He puts more thought into his, I think.

  6. Sounds like a good day! Take care, stay well.

  7. Wow the snow is really melting and the river is something else the way it's running! Nice that Bill's updating his blog :) Love the pic of you two in Dublin :)

    1. Thanks Shirley. Bill writes well but says he needs to have something to write about. It will be a few days. :)

  8. Sorry, but I'd rather have the daylight in the morning.