Thursday, March 25, 2021

Everything’s Coming up Roses! A Walk to Remember

Paisley then Priceville, On

Well, not really but on Wednesday, Mar. 24th, it sure felt like it. It was a work day for both of us and Bill was up and off to Varney to meet his co-workers. After I had to wake him up, that is. He forgot to set his alarm last night and wouldn’t you know that is when he sleeps best. 😊 I had been awake since 3:30, off and on, and I can only chalk it up to excitement.

Join me on my walk, please
Paisley Common got a face lift
I love the black front to match their sign

Before getting dressed, I grabbed my book and finished it in bed. It’s a good one by James Patterson. The 18th Abduction and Bill is ready to read it next. He finished Michael Connelly’s The Night Fire last night. After my book, I slipped on my spring hoody and went for a walk. I had to go to a few of my favourite places once more and enjoy the warm morning. It was already 11C/52F at 7:30. My kind of morning.

In the real estate office window

One of my favourite things, the Pump House and Hose Tower

When I returned, the house was quiet. Susan was sleeping in the front room after seeing Wes off to work. I didn’t want to make too much noise so made my tea and ascended the stairs. I had a blog to finish, that’s getting to be a habit, so did that while sitting on the bed near the window. Bill had taken our good folding chairs down when he left and I had folded up our two little camp tables. I’d been using one as a night stand.

By now, you know all my favourites

To pass the time, I cleaned the bathroom and finished packing everything into bags. I only brought one box back from The Ridge yesterday but had lots of grocery type bags. Those cloth bags we get from Quartzsite DO come in handy! I had just enough, using up every last one to pack the remaining items in. It is garbage day tomorrow so I carried the garbage down and got it ready to go as well.

The day park which I discovered late in our stay

It was just before 11 when I walked to the post office to check for mail. Nothing for us but W & S received some, making the walk worthwhile. Then I said goodbye to Susan and left for the Ridge. In Durham, I had to stop and do my cleaning at the Mat and was out of there in my slotted hour. I felt happy on the drive to our home and although we were forecasted to get rain and storms today, nothing happened. That was good as I had a car load of stuff.

My first Geocache discovery!

I worked away, forgetting to stop for lunch until 1:30 when I ate my cheese and pepperoni sticks but it filled me for the time being. Bill had carried that desk down to the car last night and we were unloading it today into the Bunky. That meant I had to make room for it. I moved the 2 summer tires into the outhouse and straightened things up out there. Lots of dead flies on the floor so I swept those up. This is why I’m so grateful for the warm weather, making it easy to work out of doors.

The Saugeen, Water St. and the campground

It was a pleasant surprise when I looked out and saw Black Beauty coming up the laneway at 2:30. He had stopped at Rob and Pat’s to fill our water bladder and started transferring it to our tank. We got the desk in place and then he rested while I continued to put things away. I was really feeling the work I’d done over the past few days.

Mitch had offered us a bbq and a picnic table that he was selling so I told him that we’d buy the table from him. We don’t have one here. I’ll pick it up tomorrow, between the two of us, we’ll get it over here to the Ridge. I took some more Advil with my coffee and slowly felt things easing up. We’d planned to return to Paisley before supper to say a proper thank you and goodbye to our landlords. We were grateful for the winter accommodations.

Everything but the kitchen sink
and our beautiful full fridge 😁

The drive home to the Ridge

I'm so happy to be in a good location for sunrises and sunsets again
This was on our way to Paisley
Thinking of Paisley Common for supper, we soon learned they were renovating the kitchen so headed home after our visit. With A & W in mind, I was surprised and pleased when Bill pulled into a spot near Old Joe’s Cabin in Walkerton. 😊 This was better still! I ordered fish and chips but mashed potatoes instead of fries. Unusual, yes, but I love mashed potatoes at any time.

It was late when we’d walked in the restaurant at 7:30 and when our food came, I was starved! Well, you know. I felt content halfway through and since I didn’t need it all, brought a doggie box home. 

A good supper with leftovers for another meal
for me

Of course, it was dark when we left for home and I was feeling mighty exhausted. I’m glad Bill was driving. Bill had the satellite set up before we left but needed to tweak it a bit and refresh the dormant system. It felt great to be sitting in our home, our recliners, watching our own tv. *sigh*

And after getting home after supper, the Ridge sky
was spooky but very cool

This was a busy day again and by the time I finished writing my post, I had walked over 6 miles! Needless to say, I’ll download pictures in the morning and get it published.

No memory today, focusing on the present πŸ’“
See ya!

Thank you for your visit! We are home! πŸ˜‰


  1. Welcome "HOME". Now you can really relax. Nice Pictures.
    Hopefully the border will be open this Fall.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Congratulations you made it back home!! I am very happy for you both. Don’t work to hard & get some rest.

  3. Nice! Hopefully you'll get a break this weekend and can relax and enjoy being home.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. It feels great to be here even though I have to do laundry in town. :) Soon I hope to hang them on the line too!

  4. Sweet good byes to Wes and Susan. I wonder if you'll stay in touch. Yippee,home again finally! I'm happy for you, may this be among your most blessed seasons there.- Mary

    1. Yes, we will definitely keep in touch with Wes and Susan. :)
      Thank you for the blessings, Mary, we appreciate it!

  5. Nothing better than putting up your feet in your own place. I am glad you are back home and settled in.

    God bless.

  6. Whoa. Your day started out warmer than down here in central Texas. Good thing as you were up and at em and got a lot done. So glad you'll be back out in the place you love, but a wee bit sad not to have any more walks with the Paisely Mad Bomber.

    1. I know, it was beautiful here! :) Perfect moving weather.
      I'll miss the Paisley walks for sure but I'm keeping the mad bomber hat, it will be needed again one day, I'm sure.

  7. Great pictures of your memory walk. So glad for you guys to be finally back in your home.

  8. I'm so happy to see the snow gone and you are finally back home. So much more relaxing I would think. I'm looking forward to bomber pictures down the lane!!

    1. Thank you Nancy. I do plan on some relaxing for sure. My days will be longer without the drive even though I was enjoying it most of the time.
      Happy bomber will appear, just in a different hat. :)

  9. What a beautiful last walk! So glad you are home! That was nice of you and Bill to visit Wes and Susan one last time. Even though it was a beautiful home I'm hoping you won't have to use it next year. Any idea if they will continue to rent it out again? Enjoy being home again! Dinner looked amazing! :)

    1. Thank you, i meant to go to see the old mill but didn't get there. Too much to get done back at the house. :) We enjoyed their hospitality and we have made new friends for sure.
      I hope we don't need to use their home next year too, we want to be in Arizona. Yes, they have the other bedroom already rented out for 3 months at least. I'm sure they'll keep doing it and I'm glad we gave them a positive experience. :)