Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A Much Calmer Tuesday

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Mar. 2nd I was awake by the time Bill was ready to leave for work. The day started out much like yesterday, as far as the weather, minus the winds. I dozed until a few minutes after 7 when I got up and washed my face. I slipped into my loungers, I went down for my tea and sat at my laptop to finish my blog from yesterday.

So nice to see the sunshine and blue sky this morning

By the time I was finished, the sun was shining over Paisley. Such a wonderful sight, being ‘able’ to SEE down the street. 😊 I had my shower and then used my Dirt Devil vacuum to clean the floors in our room, loo and closet. I love that little thing; it works like a charm! It was around 10 when I went down to make a coffee and took it out to the garage to work on the puzzle.


My intention was to add a few pieces but before I knew it, close to 12 noon, I had finished it. This was a very interesting one and took me longer to complete it. Thank you, Harvey, for this challenge! Before coming upstairs, I got out the ham, pepperoni slices, shredded cheese, mayo, tortillas and an egg. Time for lunch! Ooh, I do love my quesadillas. They are always original with whatever I have on hand and taste great!

Lunch was so good

I came back upstairs and checked my bids on the Rockford site. I was outbid on a couple of things that I was willing to let go and a couple of others that I challenged by upping my own bids. It closes in the evening tomorrow. When I came up from the puzzle, I had a bit of a headache. I had smelled gas fumes (?) last night when I came home and smelled them again today. Maybe that did it, so after eating, I came upstairs and curled up on the bed for half hour with my book.

A bunny rabbit hops through here pretty regularly

I know I dozed for a bit and when I got up around 1:30, felt better but still decided that a walk would help even more. The sun was out periodically, with blue skies and some white fluffy clouds. I bundled but at -3C/28F didn’t think I needed my mad bomber hat. It would have been too much, even with the wind making it feel much colder. My blue hat, scarf around my chin and the coat with a hood was plenty.

A few pictures from today's walk

The ice patches were what I was concerned about but decided to forgo the poles and trust my grippers. I walked the clear sidewalks and curbs to the north end of town and veered back onto the back streets, scanning that corner of Paisley completely before cutting back up along the snowy trail to the bridge. I felt safe enough, the snow was hard packed and shiny from underlying ice but my grippers held me in place. 😊

The water was flowing from 6 out of 7 'ports'
at the dam today and ice was breaking up

I started up this street but there was no street to get
back into town, so I turned back

A flashback to my years at the London school board
Torontario Paper Co. delivered our paper supplies
for many years 

It's nice to walk in town but feel like you're out in the country

I checked the mail before returning home but there was nothing for us. We don’t get bills in the mail so I’m never concerned with that. I’ve been receiving Mom’s last T4A and T5 slips for Income Tax and Bill and I have received ours from our pensions. This year, we think we’ll get Tim Summers, in Durham, to do our taxes for once. He does Mom’s every year and it would be nice to see if we are missing anything. I’ll touch base with him soon.

A pretty birch tree

Walking the trail was nice if I didn't try to rush

For the next hour or so, I read. It is the best time for me, when I’m not tired and have nothing pressing going on. The book is a great read. I’d just finished my afternoon tea around 4:15 when Bill texted so I took my cup down and unlocked the door. No worries with weather driving today, yay! 

The clouds were pretty today too

He dozed and I read more until almost 6 when I went to start supper. Chicken thighs with shake ‘n bake, roast potatoes, broccoli and corn was on the menu. Peanut butter cookie for dessert. 😊

I love these chicken thighs
It was a good meal

We did the dishes; I came up and Bill made his lunch before joining me. Tonight is Family night in the house, first Jeopardy with W & S and Bill joins us for NCIS at 8. Finally, another new episode! Back in our room, I finished my blog and then did some more reading. What else? 

A friend sent me an email
with this message at the end
of a beautiful story

I love the message

With work tomorrow, I won’t stay up much past 10 so like to get a couple of chapters read at least before I turn the lights out. This was a nice day, at home with no worries.

Memory at Elephant Butte Lake State Park
Mar. 2, 2018
The view from our site
Good night y'all!

Thank you for popping by. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.


  1. I'm interested in your grippers as I think they might work good on the slippery rocks at the ocean. Who's the maker and how much if you know. Thanks

  2. Replies
    1. I wanted to paste a picture but it won't let me. They stretch to fit over your shoes.

    2. I've had my grippers for years and purchased them from Avon. Don't know what brand they are but our hardware stores carry them.
      Found these on Amazon.com and they are what mine are like.

      LERTREE Anti-Slip Stretch Snow Ice Grips 10-Stud Spikes Over Shoe Traction Cleats Crampons Rubber Slip-on Shoe Cleats


  3. That puzzle!!! Congrats on finishing it! Looks like the snow is melting ... spring is just around the corner.

  4. I really enjoyed seeing that puzzle. I have collected Nancy Drew books since I was very young (I always got 2 for Christmas and 1 for my birthday). Still have them on a shelf in my library downstairs.

    God bless.

    1. Good for you! Hanging on to your books! I wish I'd kept more things from my childhood. :)

  5. Lunch looked awesome! The puzzle turned out wonderfully! Glad you got out on your walk, wonder what the gas smell is??

    1. thank you, Shirley. we found out that W & S started 3 of the 6 classic cars in the garage. now it makes sense. :S

  6. Glad to see you had a nice relaxing day and a good walk. Love the picture of the Birch. Your upbeat blog is soothing to read. Thanks for taking the time.

    1. Thanks Doug, it was a great day.
      Kind thing to say about my blog, I appreciate that and the fact that you find it soothing. :)

  7. That was a relaxing day even though you accomplished lots of things.
    Your pictures show that Spring will soon be here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. What a beautiful walk in the sunshine! First time we had an accountant do our taxes we saved $5000.00!

    1. Thanks, it was a lovely walk.
      Well, now we're definitely running to our accountant!! :)