Saturday, March 20, 2021

A Short Post for a Long Day 😊

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Mar. 20th Bill and I were up shortly after 7. We didn’t stop after that until 8 pm. It was a go-go-go day. It’s all good though. We washed, dressed, ate some breakfast, packed a few things, including lunch and lugged the boxes and hangers of clothes down to both vehicles. It was a few minutes after 9 when we vacated the laneway. W & S were on their way out for the day as well, so we all left about the same time. I was behind Bill by 10 minutes but was right behind Wes all the way to Durham.

We all just happened to be going the same direction
this morning
that is Wes and Susan ahead of me

I stopped at Rob and Pat’s to pick up the 3 boxes of our stuff that they were kind enough to store for us and Bill got our water jug filled and picked up our new laundry baskets at Home Hardware. As I turned onto Baptist Church Road, a large dually Ford came rushing up behind me, stirring up dust. Thank goodness it was only Black Beauty, showing off. 😊 I let Bill turn in the lane first and he opened the gate.

I had to stop the car to get a picture of this adorable furry colt
Look at their frosty breaths

How cute to see a couple of Canada Geese on the ice of the pond! I’m sure they were looking for a place to make a nest and seemed disgruntled that there was no water to swim in yet. Further up, we saw 5 more geese so they were slowly coming back ‘home’. They are part of our Ridge entertainment. We set to work unloading both vehicles. Bill turned the furnace on in the Suite as it was a chilly 33F. Brrr!

Look at these guys, searching for a nesting place?

And then these up at the top of the pond

I heated water on the stove from the water jug and washed out the freezer. The fridge was done well before we left and was still clean. I wiped out cupboards and counter tops, the table and the shelves. The clothes that we brought got hung and I see more purging in the days ahead. Don't tell Bill. πŸ˜‚ After we flipped the mattress (what a chore that was!!) I made the bed and we had our lunch. Bill had a sandwich and I had some of my broccoli soup in a thermos.

I got my sunflower out for Daddy and Bill got our orange table
set up
He busied himself emptying the shed to find 'things' and then only half
of the things had to go back in

Our neighbour, Drew, rode over on his ATV to chat and welcome us back. That was very nice. While he was there, Donna and Gerry came in on their trip to the Acreage to check for mice in their trailer. They have had different results over the winter, sometime finding evidence and other times find corpses, so it is a good thing they are keeping an eye. Speaking of mice, I found two in the bottom of our empty garbage container. I guess they ‘dropped in for lunch and couldn’t get out’.No funeral service due to Covid-19 though. They had a final fling out over the edge of the Ridge.

Donna brought me my new Tupperware cannister set
that was delivered to their place over the season
Nice and matching so I'll get them filled soon.

Bill got the recycle bins out, the Weber bbq and table set up
and the satellite dish ready to be reset

We were ready to leave around 3:45 so we beelined for home. Tired but happy, Bill followed me for a while until we turned off the busy highway and I let him take the lead. W & S weren’t home yet so I made sure to park Ptooties back behind the garage door. 

Isn't she purty?? With the new protective coating,
the Suite looks as good as new and never needs waxing
I can't express how much I've missed our home

We started laundry as soon as we got in and in between packing boxes and popping a few more puzzle pieces in, Bill came down to tell me it was almost time to walk across for our supper.

Things were locked up on the Ridge so no need to
close the heavy iron gate
That makes it easy for me to make trips on my own this week
The ice on the pond isn't melting too fast but it is starting!

James and Ranna have had an amazing job done in the new venue. It is beautifully done, some modern and some antiquated techniques kept alive inside. There is room for just a few eat-in diners but many small restaurants offer only 5 or 6 booths. The place was full, and as we were early to pick up, we chatted with James and told him this would be our last pick up order but we would be back to have a sit-down meal. 😊

I followed Bill home
Well, I would follow him pretty much anywhere!

We had fish and chips tonight and it was as tasty as always. I couldn’t eat all of the fries but Bill had no problem ‘eating the whole thing’. It is well worth the $$. We will sure miss The Paisley Common when we leave here. 

The amazing view walking into
the newly renovated P.C.

After supper, I packed a couple more boxes (or was that before?) and transferred the laundry from dryer to our room and from washer to dryer. I’m so practical, eh? Bill had a movie at 9 so the second load would be finished and put away before then.

I took the pictures on Bill's phone but
couldn't get them any bigger

Bill paying and talking to James
Ranna is in the picture too

Fish and chips tonight for each of us

This was a great day, weather and other-wise. Perfect! We reached a mild 12C/52F and hardly any wind to deter what we were doing. The Ridge is beautiful and I could easily have sat up there in the sunshine all afternoon. Instead, we worked and accomplished a lot. Tomorrow is another day with a birthday party in the afternoon with supper out after that. We’ll take a load in the car first thing and go to the party from there.

Pat and I made peanut butter snacks
at Tres Rios RV Resort, Glen Rose, TX
on Mar. 20, 2019
Good night everyone!

I hope you’ve had great weather too! Thank you for your visit. (Ps, if this is a short post, you’ll hate to see my long ones!)


  1. The Suite looks great. I'm interested what product they put on it that you never have to wax it. Bentley needs some TLC of the same kind. The PC looks nice. I love the ceilings.

    1. Ill get the name for you. We had it put on when we bought the Suite and it was costly but this time, our gal, Peggy got us a similar product for 300$ and they did it for us. 2 - 113ml bottles that you put on like a wax. It was recommended to do it after 5 years. Great price!

  2. Hello Patsy,
    Just to let you know, it was 82 degrees in Green Valley today! Just to give you some hope for this year, since you will travel in the Fall, whenever you leave! Take care, Rawn Stone

    1. Wow that is awesome!!! Thanks for your positivity too!
      Warm temps here now for a few days too, keep it coming! πŸ€—

  3. Sounds like a very productive day getting things ready to move home. What a great ceiling at the restaurant. Great picture of you and Pat.

    1. It was, just a few more trips.
      The,restaurant looks awesome.

  4. Wow ... fabulous tin ceiling in the restaurant!!! I'm so excited for you to be back home!! Spring has arrived in Arizona ... it was 82 yesterday. Love your shaggy horse picture ... he looks cold!!

  5. Thankyou, Nancy.we are so close. Hope to be in it Wednesday night.😁

  6. So happy for you two! Hopefully all the freezing is done with and you don't have to worry about that! Enjoy the party today! Great pic of you and Pat!

  7. Looks like you both accomplished a lot and will soon be Home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Got lots done and move in day is coming fast. Loved the pictures of the inside of the restaurant. Silver stamped ceilings and brick walls. Can't beat the ambience.

  9. Getting closer! You will be SO glad to move back!

  10. We have been having lovely weather most days.

    It sounds like your move is coming along nicely. Soon you will be tucked up back on The Ridge in your lovely home.

    God bless.