Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Easy Work Day for Me, Longer One for Bill, Spring is in the Air! Finding the Property

Paisley, On (collage photos today)

On Monday, Mar. 8th Bill was out the door by 6:15. Wes was having some solar panels installed this morning and had asked that we move our vehicles out of the lane by 7ish. Since Bill has a key on his fob for both Black Beauty and Ptooties, he moved her out for me, onto the street. He had to move it anyway since she was parked in front of the truck.

My drive this morning
Right side pictures show that it is
Maple syrup time!

I was up and out the door by 7:45 and on my way to Durham. Clear day, sunny skies making for a happy gal. The forecasted temperature today is 7C/46F and that will make a lot of us happy. With sunshine and warmth comes more melting. 

The top collage shows the 5 gallon water jugs and pails with hoses
Here is the traditional

The laundromat was not too bad although the floors were pretty dirty. I walked around and picked up the dryer sheets and stuff easy to gather in my hand. As I put it in the garbage, which was overflowing, I noticed and pulled out a coat.

Thank you for the 'new to me' spring rain coat!
Perks of the job

A nice coat, I might add. A nice coat in my size. I checked it over for rips, stains or a broken zipper and when I found none of the above, I put it in a washer to give it a good wash. The coat is a Billabong, seems like a good brand and is going in my closet for those spring days when it is cool and perhaps damp. 😊 After doing the floors, I drove to my other job out in the country. It was an easy job that the boss had me doing today and that worked for me, for a Monday.

The Ram is coming along
Just some primer sanding, all over, and then paint

I was cutting up rags, mostly, we use them a lot and he gets bags of t-shirts from a local store. We did some boxing in (taping in preparation to papering) and then papered. On Wednesday, we will both be hand sanding the whole truck, smoothing out the primer and then she will be ready for paint. It is coming along and we’ve made great progress.

Approaching Hanover, we all stopped to let
a truck laden with logs cross the highway
A stop at Walmart and a nice view on Conc. 8

I left there at 1, after payment for 3 hours, and drove to the Ridge. Of course, it had to be checked on such a lovely day. My hopes were high.

Driving on North Line and then stopped at our gate
I was pleased to see the deteriorating snow

Another view of the Ridge laneway
Bottom right corner, I zoomed in but it is hard to tell how deep it is
On the weekend, maybe we'll borrow some snowshoes and take a hike

I stopped in at Walmart for 4 items on our list. I scooted home the back way and once I entered Paisley had decided to take a tour before going home. Following a friend’s advice, I took a county road out of town and after a couple of turns, found Concession 12 and the other one room school house that Donna, Bruce and I went to when we lived in the area.

It used to have great property but the owners have not done
much outside to show it off
That's what childhood memories do to us sometimes, disappoint
but at least I found it! Thanks Lydia!

It was just as I remembered although not as neat. It is a family residence and the property is quite messy. So, from there, I knew the route we used to take in a neighbourhood station wagon aka school bus so I followed Sideroad 30 to Concession 10. This is the road we used to live on. I didn’t know how far to drive but eventually, I’m pretty sure I found our homestead. Where are you Daddy when I need your guidance?

I'm sure Daddy would have lots of stories
to tell us from when we lived here
Siblings concur that this is the place?

The house has been demolished and a new modern home stands in its place but I’m pretty sure that barn is the one Daddy and my uncles built when ours burned down. It is the only property that could be ours. 😊 I’ve said that before we leave here, I’m bent and bound to find our old place. I feel satisfied even though it would have been great to see the house again. That was 50 years ago so I’m not surprised at all.

On the left is the new, modern house, same spot but angled 
On the right top, 'the barn that Daddy built'
On the bottom, the roadway that we'd ride our bikes on back to the bush

Then I drove home and backed in the laneway. I made a tea around 4 and went about putting Mom’s income tax information together. Looks like I’m missing her T4A for her OAS (Old Age Security) so I’ve got some work to do in the morning. Darn! I was hoping to drop it all off this week for our accountant in Durham. I know it says I can get it online but because it is Mom’s and not mine, that isn’t as easy as you may think. After getting frustrated over that, I realized it was 5:15 and my sweetie wasn't home so I texted to make sure they were alright.

The left is how we'd see our school as young children,
3 of us rode in the station wagon each day 😁

A picture of the sign where I turn so I don't forget
And coming down the big hill into Paisley from the west

When Bill got home  just after 5:30, he explained that they were finishing the touches on the house. New location tomorrow. We sat for a few minutes before I went down to start supper. Chicken strips in the oven, corn and leftover potatoes from last night. We also have a piece of rhubarb/strawberry pie to finish off. So, we were eating around 6:30 or so and supper was delicious again. I added a teaspoon of 35% whipping cream to my pie and wish I’d done that from the beginning. My oh my, that was wonderful!

Supper was tasty

We did dishes and I came upstairs while Bill made his lunch. There is a new host(ess) on Jeopardy tonight, Katie Couric, so I can’t miss it. International Women’s Day may have something to do with that but we are all anxious to see how she does. 😊 The rest of the night is typical Monday. 9-1-1 and 9-1-1 Lone Star begin at 8 pm so Bill and I will be going down to see those.

 A memory at Silverview RV Resort,
Bullhead City, AZ
Sharon and Jim over for Happy Hour!
My late posting is done! Good day!

This was a great start to the week and Happy International Women’s Day to my lady cohorts! Thank you all for stopping in!


  1. Thanks for posting our Happy Hour! Sure have missed our good times! We are enjoying our Island winter in a different way! Take care!

    1. You're welcome! We miss them too!!
      If things don't change this winter (bite my tongue!) we may be joining you next winter!

  2. Nice find on the ‘new’ coat! 👍
    The Ridge looks lonely...but it won’t be too long now before you can get back in there!

    1. Thanks Kim. I thought so too!
      the Ridge does miss us, I'm sure. Go away snow!!

  3. Spring is happening here in Fort Worth TX area. Canadian geese are heading your way. Large flocks have been flying over our house the last few days. Just as it gets warmer here, we will be leaving the middle of April to head to West Yellowstone, Montana to work for the summer. Sending warmer weather your way.

    1. That's great news, Rita!! Send the geese and the heat! :) thank you!

  4. Hoping you will experience the same temperatures as we are so you can get back to the ridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. Yup that's a great coat you found. Glad you found the property. It's nice to reminisce about when we were kids.