Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Giving the Arms a Workout, Mild Hump Day, More Snow Disappears

Paisley, On

On Wednesday, Mar. 10th we went about our regular routine. Bill up and out by 6:30, Patsy up and out before 8. It’s nice to walk outside and not have to think about scraping or brushing snow off the vehicles. We’re pretty sure we haven’t seen the end of those things – yet – but we are enjoying the reprieve in the meantime. It was +4C/40F and that is a lovely way to start a day. I didn't even need my winter coat today, just a fleece lined jacket. 

My turn is up ahead

All roads were clear and dry and the shoulders are getting wider and wider, just like the sidewalks in town. The sun was out first thing but by noon hour it had disappeared behind the clouds. Things were pretty slushy in gravel parking lots and laneways which only means one thing. It’s melting, it’s melting! Not quite a quote from the Wicked Witch of the west but you get the gist. 😊

You know I love this view
Baptist Church Road towards North Line
Turbine in the distance πŸ˜‰

The Mat wasn’t too dirty but at least for 90% of my hour, I was alone. It enabled me to set about my work. The toilet was the worst, this time it was plugged but at least plugged with what you would expect. Jamie has a plunger in the lockup and it didn’t take long at all to get it unplugged and cleaned up. Good thing since I usually need to use it while I’m there. That drive after a cup of tea gets me every time. I finished by doing a quick wash on the floors and left the lot exactly an hour after I arrived.

There is a noticeable difference today
We can see the brown from gravel starting to show

I’d got to town a bit early, 8:35 actually, so I took my time getting fuel. I left Durham 10 minutes before I needed to report to my second job. Today, it was 3 hours of steady hand sanding the primer on the whole truck. I knew that when I left on Monday so was quite prepared. It felt good to just wear my running shoes, not my boots, and I set about getting the job done. The roof, the doors, the hood, the front bumper, the back sides, wheel wells and tailgate. Tadah! All done to a nice smooth finish for painting.

I zoomed in on this one to see a couple of our out buildings

When I left, I felt happy to be able to finish the sanding, I think the owner is coming tomorrow to look at it again. He'll be pleased. After getting paid, I nipped around the corner to check out the Ridge again. I know, am I seeming over-anxious? Actually, Bill likes to know how quickly the snow at the end of the lane is going down and I’m right there. Then I went into town to fill our water jug and then scooted for home.


These pictures are more for us but you can see
where our summer will be spent
that on the right is the pond

I took a different road, Concession 5 out of Hanover, and it was a nice change on the way to Concession 8. I have put off going that way simply because of the weather and snow on unfamiliar roads. I was home by 2:30 and made myself a cup of tea soon after. We have our water now for a few days again and Ptooties has a full tank, also to get me through until next Friday at least. The BizyBee auction closes tonight and I have a few things I’m watching. Small $ amounts and no big deal if I lose out.

Straight through at the intersection of 10 and 28
onto Concession 5 NDR

A large pond/lake covered in snow still

So, they didn't move the time I sat watching
Can anyone explain why they stand so close and so still in a line like this?
They look so pretty

Bill texted at 5 that he was leaving Billy’s which means he is 15 minutes from home so I went down and checked the door. Wes had already left it unlocked, having just come in himself. 

This is the only view I get of the sun before it sets
The Prestige work crew are working steady at
the Paisley Common
I can't wait to see it in a week

The front yard here at the house is now half grass and half snow so even if (when) the weather turns again next week, we have at least gotten rid of some of the heavy white stuff. We aren’t kidding ourselves; it won’t stay warm like this for long. I was happy to see the temperature reading 11C/52F though at 6 pm!

Only in Paisley? Shorts?

Around 6, we started supper. Fried steak, leftover corn, Stovetop stuffing and coleslaw.

Supper was okay but the steak are not my specialty at any time

 When dishes were out of the way and Bill’s lunch was made, I came upstairs and decided to forgo Jeopardy. W & S had it on downstairs because they were watching the auction too. I worked away at finishing my blog while keeping an eye on my bids. The rest of the evening was filled with some crochet work, on a project that may never be finished! This was a busy day at work but I enjoyed it.

Mar. 10th, 2018
Bottomless Lake state Park, Roswell, NM
My sweetie and I

Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. I got a good chuckle out of your It's melting! It's melting! I had to read it to Dean and he laughed too. I'm glad IT IS melting up north and hope you don't have to go through much more of it before you are seeing some green stuff on the ground!! Your dinner sure looked good. I'm always amazed when I see people outside in COLD weather with shorts, or worse yet flip flops! I'm wearing wool socks and shoes and still have cold feet.

    1. Ha ha, thank you, hoped someone got the reference! :)
      It was actually fairly warm so I understood the shorts but with the toque and long sleeve sweater it looked hilarious!

  2. The horses are sleeping. Rarely do they lay down when they sleep. Standing close together keeps them safe from predators (usually) and they always turn their tail to the breeze. The cocked back leg on the one closest to you is a dead giveaway. Totally relaxed that guy. I imagine the kid has much better circulation than you and I! LOL

    1. Thank you Nancy! I knew you'd be able to tell me. now I will remember that. It looked very strange and I've noticed it before. ;)
      Yes, or that kid is actually cold just 'cool'. :0 haha

  3. Well, I just learned something from Nancy's comment. I had no idea this is how horses sleep. Very cool.

    Also cool is the young person in shorts. It isn't only Paisley, there was a young neighbour girl out the other day in short shorts. That was Tuesday, the day we got all the snow, so you know it wasn't warm enough. I don't recall ever doing rebellion is not wearing socks. :)

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Me too! She is a smart gal and also knows a lot about horses. :)
      I remember unzipping my jacket after I got away from the house when mom couldn't see me........I was really cool too! In more ways than one!

  4. Glad the snow is melting around the ridge. The last of it just melted out of our parking lot. Nice that you are able to earn extra cash through the week.
    Interesting lesson about the horses. Dinner looks tasty. Lots of short wearers around here.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick, we are glad too. Can't wait to see it tomorrow after today's warmth!
      I'm sure you'll have lots of shorts in your area. They can't wait either!

  5. I was going to say the same thing that the horses were sleeping. I suppose it is too late now to go up the driveway on the ridge with a snowblower. That way the drive would maybe have been clear enough to drive it.

    1. Interesting about the horses, learned something. Thanks. :)
      The snow has been too deep for a snowblower, hopefully tomorrow I'll see a big change.