Tuesday, March 16, 2021

A Day Turned Upside Down, Devastating News

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Mar. 16th the same thing happened when Bill left. After kissing me goodbye, I was sure I could go back to sleep. Nope! So, I got up and hopped in the shower right away. I meant to have one yesterday and the day got away from me, somehow. That’s a puzzler in itself! So, now all shiny and clean as a bright new penny, I went down to bring up a cup of tea. I also cut up half a banana in a bowl with 11% Greek yogourt, had breakfast. Yum.

There is a reason for this picture today
Not to only share energy, but to share strength,
support and love

I read friends’ blogs from yesterday to catch up but didn’t go back any further. I’ve glimpsed a few stories over Bill’s shoulder as he reads them so figure I’m in the ‘know’ enough. I sure didn’t like seeing snow in Arizona though! That needs to smarten up, right Doug? Last year at this time, we were close to making the decision to hightail it home. We both wish we hadn’t let the ‘masses’ push us into that choice, instead taking our time as we usually do.

A dull gray day, matching my mood on the drive

After my tea was finished, I gathered my donation bags together at the door of our room. There was no rush to leave for Owen Sound since the Mission Store to where I’m headed as well doesn’t open until 12 noon. I’ll go to Value Village first around 11ish and make my drop offs and a traditional walk around. I have a return (whether they’ll accept it with no receipt is questionable), a $2 coupon to use if I buy anything as well as it being Seniors Day, 30% off. 😉

I’d bid on something at the silent auction the last time I went and received a call yesterday that I won it. I will pick that up and also make a walk through. I don’t want to bring anything (substantial) back since we will be moving things very soon. We got good news about the Suite and plan to get her home this weekend at the latest. Maybe not set up, but ‘home on the Ridge’ at least. That will be a big sigh of relief, know it is back where it belongs safe and sound.

Just couldn't get in the mood

At 9:45, I went down for a coffee and brought it back up. It is too dark in the garage to see the puzzle pieces clearly enough because there is no sunshine today. It is a very dull, cloudy day out there although supposed to warm up from the present 0C/32F to 6C/38F. Bonus! We’ll take it. We weren’t expecting the wet stuff that London and further west were supposed to see overnight so we’re happy that Julie, our London meteorologist, was right for our area.

There was a lot of water still laying around,
especially in the woods where sun doesn't reach

I wanted to make a trip to the Royal Bank today to deposit some wrapped coin plus some of my hard-earned cash. I’ve never had my savings account built up so much before and I’m loving it! Bill is in the same position and it is very comforting for us. And the interesting thing is that this is on top of having to pay way more than half what we normally pay in rent anywhere. 😊 Cool, huh?

At 10:30, I loaded Ptooties up with my 4 bags and it was as I was doing that, the whole day went to pot. Bill called and without going over the thoughts and emotions that ran through my head at the sound of his voice, he told me some very distressing news. We lost another one of our dear friends. I should have sat down when he began, as he told me to, because I ended up on my knees. It was a sudden, tragic loss when her body failed her, totally unexpectedly.

I saw this beauty and then turned around to go back
and capture her

Our friend just celebrated her 60th birthday 4 days ago and was a lovely, bubbly, sweet lady. Bill has known her husband longer than I have, but we have both known her since 2002, soon after we bought our house in London.  For many years, we went back and forth to each other’s homes for dinner and a game of Double Series, once a month and it was one of the things we dearly missed when we retired and left the area.

The drive to O.S. was rough, what else can you do when you’re driving but think. I was in a stunned daze as I made my way to the city. I’d heard how upset Bill was on the phone and now I needed a calming voice for comfort. Donna has heard us talk about these friends for as long as we’ve known them so she was the obvious choice. I pulled over at Rockford, almost to my destination, and called her. Her chatter and condolences helped. Then I felt selfish. I thought of her spouse and his loss. 😞

My heart lifted a bit when she turned and looked at me

Once I got to V.V., I dropped the bags, parked and went inside. I needed to kill a bit of time before going to the Mission Store. Of course, while doing that my mind was occupied and I felt content. I found a few items, got an in-store refund for a return and left feeling good. Once in the car – bam! – yes, it was totally real. I was in and out of the M.S. quickly and on the way home by 1:30. I didn’t feel like taking pictures, the few I took were dull and dreary reflecting my sadness. They’ll have to do today.

And then 'she' flew away

I got home and just curled up on the bed for half hour before going down and focused on supper. Pork ribs were thawed so I made the rub and cooked them in Madame IP. If Bill didn’t feel like them tonight, we’d have something simple and I could grill them in the oven tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes. I just want to hold my sweetie when he comes home. A loss like this makes me think ‘what if it was me or Bill?’ and my heart aches for our friend all over again. The one left behind.

I won't apologize, my eyes have been blurry all day 
The ribs and potatoes are cooked and in the fridge
for tomorrow night
We had Sausage gumbo soup with Jello for supper
Neither of us felt that hungry

This is getting to be very upsetting so I’m going to close my blog now. I saw a hawk or an eagle today, not sure which and I’ll think of that as the bright spot today. Her spirit trying to lift me up perhaps? We’ve all lost someone close, more than once, so you all know how heavy our hearts are today. My resounding question, knowing our friend was not over or underweight, didn’t smoke nor drink excessively, lived right, ate well, was as positive as anyone could be, exercised regularly, looked after others in her work, is “Why?” 😕

This is my memory tonight
Our friends treated us to a lovely evening and stay
at Niagara Falls
April, 2012
My dear sweet Kathy, you will be missed 💔

Good night everyone!

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Prayers to you & Bill for your loss.Hugs being sent your way.

  2. So sorry to hear about your friend, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Bill.

  3. Both Tom's and my condolences to both of you. How sad to read about the loss of your friend. Prayers and hugs.

  4. My condolences to to you and Bill on the loss of your friend.

  5. There just aren't words to express how sorry I am that you lost such a wonderful friend.

  6. Patsy, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your dear friend. Sending prayers of comfort to you, Bill and their family. Hugs!

  7. I'm so sorry to hear you lost such a great friend. Sometimes there is just no rhyme or reason. Sending hugs your way!!

  8. Oh Patsy my heart breaks for you two and the husband left behind. 60 is way too young! Just hard to understand. Hugs and prayers for you all. I didn't know that about the sunflowers...beautiful.

    1. Thank you Ken and Shirley. I loved the sunflower thing too. 💓 I felt it appropriate.

  9. My sympathies on the passing of your friend Kathy. May you both find some comfort in the memories you hold dear.

  10. So sorry for your loss Patsy! Sudden loss can be so devastating for those left behind, especially when the one who has departed was so healthy. You are in my thoughts today.

  11. Sorry to read of the loss of your dear friend.
    It is understandable how you felt and we'll keep you in our prayers.
    We've both been there.

  12. So sorry for the loss of your friend. We never know what day will be our last. Wake up and be glad you are still alive.

    1. Thank you F.G. You are absolutely correct, no truer words spoken.

  13. I'm so sorry. We never understand why someone healthy and did everything right leaves us. May God bless you and Bill with peace.

    1. Thank you Elva, there are so many things we just can't understand aren't there?

  14. So sorry for the loss of your friend... thinking about you guys.

  15. So sorry for your loss😔 Always a shock when someone so young dies unexpectedly. Thinking of you, Bill and her husband.