Thursday, March 18, 2021

Back to My Normal Day, Still Sad but Moving On, Happy St. Patrick's Day! ๐Ÿงถ

Paisley, On

Wednesday, Mar. 17th Bill was up at his normal time, 5:45 am. After we said goodbye, and granted ourselves an extra lengthy hug, he left and I just stayed in bed for about 15 minutes. When I got up, in one way I was grateful to have work to go to but in another, I still felt very sad about yesterday’s news. I forged on and felt better for it. I only had one really green item of clothing to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and it was too good to wear to work so I wore my neon green t-shirt with a plaid green flannel overtop. 

It was another dull driving day but it was nice to see
the fields drying up
My last picture of this area showed a lake here

I left the house about 8 am with a thermos of coffee and a lunch packed. Today, I was working at both the Mat and the Auto shop so I would certainly be occupied. Both went well, and after helping load and unload wood for the stoves and cut up rags for future jobs, I left at 1 pm. I was excited to drive over to the Ridge again, and so was Bill who had texted me around 10:30 to see if I’d been yet. ๐Ÿ˜Š

The finished truck looks great, not like a 2003

Did you remember how it looked when it came in?

I have no doubt the owner will be pleased

We brought the wood in from outside in 
the wheelbarrow so I got my exercise today
It was nice enough outdoors to not need a coat at all

It wasn’t an easy thing to do but I struggled to lift the heavy iron gate and swing it open. I wanted to see if things had changed since Saturday up top and I wanted to drive rather than walk today. There were some changes in how much snow had disappeared but not too significant. I took pictures to send to Bill and we figured in another couple of days, there would be even more change.

Ptooties hasn't been up the drive since we left in October

Bill also got the call from CanAm in London that our Suite was all ready for us to pick it up on Friday. Yay! Things were taking shape. It would be a long day even with our plan to get up at our normal work time and get moving. A run to Costco would also be in the plans and hope to be home in good time to get her up where she belongs. At least getting her settled on the flat area would be a relief.

From this angle everything looks great

But from up on the garden hill, there is about 8' to disappear yet
That white snowy area is where Bill makes the wide turn
with the Suite
Two days will make a huge difference

So, happy with that, I lugged the gate closed again and headed to Hanover where I picked up a few groceries, a birthday gift for a 2-year old and a sympathy card for our friend. That was the only time today that the tears hit me again. Just realizing who it was for and trying still to get my head around it.

And this one spot at the top of the hill should be gone as well with
the sunshine and mild temps we're expecting

I made a quick porch/bench stop at my cousin’s place to drop off his puzzle. No point in hanging on to it when we’ll be moving everything over the next week or so. It was a beauty of a day with the sun trying to make multiple appearances but never really sticking around for long. My temperature gauge in the car read 8C/48F and it felt like it.

Of course, a selfie on my bench

Looking down over the corral to the laneway

And the joys of approaching spring
My hostas are popping up all over

When I got home, I walked to pick up the mail and then across the street to the bank to make my deposit. I bumped into James from The Paisley Common and he said they will be opening tomorrow and did I notice that they got their new sign up? I hadn’t but I really like the looks of it. I’ll get a picture tomorrow. Too bad we won’t be around Friday for ordering supper there but we talked about Saturday night instead.

My cousin didn't appear to be home but I didn't hang
around and ring the bell either
I was anxious to get home, as usual

The puzzle is coming along

Bill got home around 5:30 when I was working on the puzzle. I’m making progress and sure hope to have it done before it is time to pack up! I think that is a given. ๐Ÿ˜Š We relaxed upstairs until a few minutes past 6 when I went down to reheat our ribs and potatoes from yesterday. We didn’t have the appetite last night.

We had a good meal

I cooked broccoli and corn in the microwave and heated gravy on the stove. Supper was good and we each had a butter tart for dessert. LOL One day things will change! Ha ha. We talked to Marilynne and after dishes called our friend, Sharon, in London to see how Derrick was doing. It’s a silly question, after having just lost his wife, but we are all concerned.

Today's memory is at Eagle's Landing RV Resort,
Grove, OK again
Mar. 17th, 2018

They have a beautiful pool and I've only been in it once
We are always there at the wrong time
November or March when it is too chilly
Good night everyone!

This was a better day and we are looking forward to the changes in our immediate future. Thank you for your condolences and support and thank you for your visit!


  1. Glad to hear “the suite” is ready to move! I’m sure it will be nice to be settled again...

    1. Thanks Kim! It sure will be nice to be back in our own home again. :)

  2. Wow the truck is awesome! Great team you and M make! If the prep work wasn't so good neither would the paint job be! So glad the suite is going home and soon you will be too! :) I always hate buying sympathy cards, you will always find me crying in the store. Hugs!!

    1. Thank you, I like to think I have something to do with a vehicle turning out. :D So, I appreciate your words.
      This was a tough card to buy, wanting it to be perfect but it will never express what we feel, right? Thank you for the hugs. ๐Ÿ’ž

  3. So glad moving day is near. I know the activity will keep your mind off your sorrow a bit. Best to be active. Thanks for thinking of us down here in Arizona in the snow and cold๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿฅถ Bet is a good feeling of accomplishment when the truck was finally finished. Great job young lady!

    1. Thanks, Doug. I was thinking the same thing about the moving will keep our minds occupied. Come to think of it, Mom passed 2 days before we moved in here and it did help.
      Young lady! You're moving up to the top on my list of friends! haha

  4. Even if you bring the Suite back to the Ridge, Bill could wait a week to swing it around so the ground would dry out more.
    The truck looked good and so did dinner.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the changing season.

    It's about time.

    1. Already talked about that Rick. :D We are being positive in our belief that the snow will be out of the way by tomorrow afternoon but getting it up there is the priority for sure. :) Thanks, the truck does look great!

  5. You and Mitch do good work. :) I can understand the desire to get home, hope the weather continues to stay warm and you're able to get the Suite parked this weekend.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. :) Fingers crossed and the weather is sounding good.

  6. It looks like the snow is disappearing at a good rate. I would imagine you two will be happy to be home again, looking forward to those pictures. Seeing plants pop up out of the ground always made it feel like spring. Hugs

    1. Thanks Deb, we will be quite happy to be in our own space again. :)
      Thank you for the hugs.

  7. You'll be SO looking forward to getting back to the Ridge!

  8. It's good to see pictures of the Ridge and hope you are soon parked there! That puzzle looks great. I've been too busy to get the other small one out that I bought at Goodwill. Smaller than I like to do, but the size works well in our rig. The truck looked great - you definitely have been a big help to Mitch, and that "pocket change" sure helps too. We stayed at Eagle's Landing year before last - the pool sure looks different now. It has plants and lawn furnture around it. Very, very pretty lit up at night.