Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Next to Final Swoop, Last Supper in House

Paisley, On

On Tuesday, Mar. 23rd we started early again. Bill, off to work, loading our 2 patio folding chairs (our Christmas gift) and the folding table into Black Beauty first. I was up immediately and had my shower before 7 and then brought a tea and some cereal upstairs. I finished my blog and published it before 8:30 and then went crazy packing and loading Ptooties.

Couldn't get much more in without blocking my view

Beauty of a day for a drive and for moving stuff

My plan today was to make two trips, eating up the gas but taking full advantage of my day off. Once I got to Durham, I noticed the gas gauge was hunching around the ¼ of a tank so stopped in at the Pioneer and filled up. Geesh, the prices just keep creeping up, don’t they? $1.22/litre everywhere we’ve been over the last few days. Then I drove to the Ridge to unload.

Driving through Durham, I followed this Erb transport
Yvonne, did you send him this way? 😀
If not, at least it made me think of you this morning.

It's hard to tell but this is still a sheet of slushy ice on the pond

But you see to the left that it is slowly disappearing
This is the east side pond

I needed some of the bags and boxes to go back with me so I hung around for an hour and a half to unpack. The cupboards in the butler’s kitchen were emptied and I had left behind just a fry pan and a microwave pot for tonight’s supper. Madame IP went for the drive today, on one of the trips, and on my second trip, I emptied the fridge and freezer. Again, only leaving tonight’s supper stuff and Bill’s breakfast stuff for tomorrow.

The west side is much shallower so thawed completely

The geese find pockets where they can swim though

I was in no rush this afternoon but the day was slowly getting away from me. It gave me the opportunity to rearrange what I dropped yesterday and I believe I’m satisfied with the arrangements. I wiped down all the woodwork on the main level and the cupboards before putting anything in them. I was feeling good about the amount of ‘stuff’ that I’d transported in two days. Not much left now.

I've hung a couple of the hardy shed hangers

Pretty robin red breast greets me

Bill met me at the Ridge around 4:30 or so and he put our beautiful mailbox in place. At home, he notified the post office to stop forwarding mail now. It was 6 by the time we arrived and after we both changed out of our working clothes, I got supper going. Nothing special. Another Knorr Sidekicks, my last one, and I cooked wieners and vegetables to go along with it.

The turtle pond today was still iced over like last year

And when I left for my second trip, the ice
was 70% gone, 2 hours later

The grasses at the pond entrance

I did it in the microwave this time and it still didn’t thicken up so I cooked it another 2 minutes and let it sit. Better but I won’t likely buy them again. I should’ve remembered and used a bit less water. Duh! It tasted pretty good and we ate our last Jell-o for dessert. Mine with ½ of a banana. Then we got right back at it. Bill carried our heaviest item, the desk from the Bunky, downstairs. It is tricky and awkward so I stayed on the top end to help guide it a bit.

My favourite house in Durham, always catches my eye
I'd love a tour!

The last of the clothing went in Ptooties as well, the printer, my tv and a few other leftover kitchen items. In the morning, I’ll pack up the remaining fridge and freezer veggies and that will be it. Bill cleaned the toilet tonight and this morning, I washed the shower down after I was done. I’ve dusted and wiped base boards so that we are leaving the place in the same condition as we found it. I’ll vacuum in the morning, strip the bed and finish loading the car. All in a day’s work! 😊

And at 2:30, hardly any ice left
It was a perfect day!

Following Bill out the lane, headed home


Surprisingly, the noodles tasted okay, just not what I expected

I’m sleeping well and isn’t it a wonder? We’ve had a few crazy busy days in a row but all for a good cause. The evening was otherwise quiet; I wrote my blog on my laptop and read my book until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. If it isn’t raining in the morning, I’m planning on one last walk. Fingers crossed. This was a really good day and benefitted us greatly. The weather cooperated as well with a beautiful high of 19C/70F and that was without full sun. Yay!

A lovely memory from Mar. 23, 2018
However, someone is going to have to help me with where it is
The casino down the road from Eagles Landing RV Resort?

The mild shakes were thick and wonderful!
Good night!

I hope you’ve enjoyed your day as well. Thank you for popping in to see how things are progressing with our move.



  1. Since you have Two side mirrors you could have filled the car to the roof. It would have been like BB towing the Suite. Bill uses his side mirrors.
    We are certain you'll enjoy being home.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'm just glad I had no more to load!! I use my side mirrors all the time but still like my rearview mirror. :)
      We are very glad to be here! Yay!

  2. Congrats on getting so much done in just a few days! Hard to believe it's time to move on once again, doesn't seem like that long you were moving into Wes and Susan's. Hoping the weather holds for you and spring is definitely on it's way!

    1. Thank you Ken and Shirley. I did move a lot in a few days, true, but once you get the itch you can't stop!! :)
      We are here where we can control our own heat and other things so it feels great, even if it gets 'chilly'.

  3. Look who's in that 2nd last picture! Are you sure you'll be able to fit everything in? Have a happy day tomorrow - or is that today?

    1. Ha ha, yes, Happy George! :)
      You're right, I'm a day behind in my posts these days.

  4. Wow, what a change on the Ridge over the last few days. I am pretty sure you will be ecstatic to be in your home once again.

    God bless.

  5. You're almost home. It really doesn't seem that long ago you were moving to Paisley. You certainly got to know the town well and I enjoyed how much of it you shared with us.

    Have a great day tomorrow!

    1. It doesn't seem that long ago. We moved on the weekend after losing Mom. :( The time went fast and we were occupied then through our grief as we are now.
      I did enjoy the town of Paisley, it encouraged me to walk most days. :)

  6. It is amazing how fast the snow is disappearing. What a pretty picture of the robin on the fence post. That house does look like it would be fun to take a tour through. Stay safe.

    1. The sun is so powerful. It's a lovely house outside but I wonder if the inside is as nice? I would hope so!

  7. Moving is always a pain, but so exciting when you are finally done. I'm surprised at how fast the ice is melting. The price of fuel doesn't surprise me at all. Here in Arizona it's up 55 cents a gallon from 3 months ago. Enjoy your "new" house!!!

    1. Thank you Nancy, you're right about moving. Now it is done and I hope we don't have to that again for a number of years. :)

  8. It's so exciting for you and Bill.... home again and very, very soon. I'm so happy for you, knowing it's where you want to be!! I have loved the walks and pictures you've taken in Paisley, but I really look forward to the Ridge.

    1. Thank you Cheri. It is exciting all over again. I'm enjoying the views all over again, not to mention the sounds of the Ridge. :)