Friday, March 5, 2021

Easy Going Weeks End, Enjoying the Sunshine and Blue Sky!

Paisley, On

On Friday, Mar. 5th, I was up 15 minutes after Bill left. I was having a pretty good dream but don’t ask me now what it was. I can remember that George and Suzie were in it as well as our friend, Colin, from B.C. They've never even met each other. Explain that one! I got washed and dressed before bringing up my tea.

Some light scraping and some patience this morning

It was a clear sky with brilliant, glorious sun lighting my way from the east. At Concession 8, there was no hesitation turning onto a county road today. I feel Tigger-ish again, 😊, bouncey, bouncey. I probably need ‘help’, ha ha but it is better than being on the down-in-the-dumps side of life. With a small lunch and a thermos of coffee packed, I arrived a bit early in Durham. I was hovering at ¼ of a tank of fuel, so topped up first.

This hoar frost was a total surprise as I rounded the bend
on Concession 8

Some pictures just turn out so perfectly

Boy, talk about being down-in-the-dumps!! Well, it didn’t dampen my mood but I was so disgusted as were the other patrons at the laundromat. 3 washers had been used for washing horse blankets. There is a very clear sign ‘DO NOT WASH HORSE BLANKETS IN OUR MACHINES’. Apparently, that only applies to those of us who actually heed signs and rules.

The location of BizyBee auction is on my way to work
so perhaps a bit too handy

I not only had a mess to clean up on the floors, it wasn’t just straw and hair but a gross mixture of that and (dare I say it?) horse poop!! All 3 of the machines had large remnants of the brown stuff making them unusable until I cleaned them out. I’d just cleaned 2 of them when a sweet elderly lady asked to borrow my broom. She swept in front of another machine that I hadn’t got to yet. We said “check the machine before you put your clothes in!”. Good thing she did.

Some areas on the roadways were covered like this
But just from the blowing coming from the north

It was a couple of minutes past 10 when I had finished sweeping and mopping the floor and left the parking lot. I meant to take a picture of the letters on the tailgate that I finished. I’m quite proud of my work on them. Then, I taped up 2 door handles and the tailgate handle before wiping down the inside edges of all 4 doors. A bit of spatter from the primer was easily removed with some paint thinner and it is soon ready to paint! The bed/box has been gravel guarded and sure spiffs up the banged-up metal floor and sides.

But mainly they were clear like this

We were going to go get one more load of wood but the wind was too cold to be standing outside and Mick (Dundee haha) agreed. Perhaps Monday, all things in our favour. I only worked 3 hours today at the shop and left again with $ in my pocket. I stopped at Dollarama for some batteries for the gadgets I bought yesterday and headed for home. When I’d backed in, I texted Bill to let me know when he is close to home and I would pull Ptooties out so he could back in first.

The sky was still a delight when we left for supper

It was around 4:30 when I put her on the street and walked across to the FoodMart for lottery tickets. I had actually won $5 on the LottoMax so cashed that in for tonight’s draw and bought our regulars while there. Bill was just backing in as I came out of the store to cross the street so hopped in Ptooties and did the same. We are not able to eat at the Paisley Common tonight as they are closed for renos until Mar. 17th. Did I mention that already? Yes, I guess I did.

So! We are creatures of habit, as most everyone else we know, and Bill wants to go out somewhere. It is our Friday night way of being good to each other after working all week. 😊 He mentioned Chuck’s in Hanover again but I suggested a restaurant in Walkerton, instead. That’s the plan. Old Joe’s Cabin. As an afterthought, Bill texted Gerry to see if they wanted to join us. I had my shower after I got home at 3 and when Bill came in, he crashed on the bed for 30 minutes.

It's a 20-25 minute drive for us to Walkerton
and I was enjoying the view

We met at the restaurant at 6 and once again, it felt nice to be eating out and about. The waitress staff were very friendly and seated us right away. The place sure filled up within the next hour with a lot of little people. Kids eat for 50% off Friday so that explains it. I ordered the hot roast beef and Bill had fish and chips. Both were very good and although I should have left some of the mashed potatoes on my plate – I didn’t. They were very good and not enough beef for leftovers.

A good meal but I have to compare it with our local
restaurant fare
Paisley Common wins hands down in quantity for sure

We said our goodbyes and arrived home by 8. The rest of the evening was quiet, perfect for a Friday night. I texted Jamie about the mess at the laundromat and he came back with a comical “yes, I heard about the sh*t show!” He was going to check the cameras and see who was using those machines. It would be nice to get to the bottom of it and perhaps address the situation somehow. This was a good day and now we are at our first weekend in March.

Today's memory is at Lake Havasu's London Bridge
Mar. 5, 2020
Ken, don't do it!!

A special lady "Super Kim!"
Good night everyone!
Gosh, I wish we were here!

Thank you for your visit. Tigger is tired. 😊 (too much bouncing)


  1. That was a fun day at Lake Havasu... remember the ‘hat’ guy 🀣.
    I wish I was there too!

  2. My dad's solution to the horse blanket situation was to buy Mom a new washer so we could use the old one for horse blankets. We moved it outside and let the dirty water run out on the lawn!! Yeah I imagine that was a pretty big mess!! Usually the sign says NO DOG BLANKETS!! At least I would have brushed them off first!!!

    1. That makes sense, smart man your Dad was. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had been shook out but it's like they were picked up in a ball and dropped in the washer. Yeuck!!

  3. Never seen a horse blanket sign but it sure makes sense. What a mess they made. Hope Jamie catches those scoundrels 😁 It's nice you and Bill have a nice dinner out together.

    1. Ha ha, I just made up the sign. :)
      We do enjoy our meals out (and take outs).

  4. Ewww...what a mess. Some people just have no common sense, or perhaps decency.

    Take care, stay well.

  5. I'd seen signs of "no horse blankets" but didn't know they would create such a mess. No wonder people go to a public laundry to clean them and not wanting to use their own machine. Is there actually a place where these blankets can be cleaned? That restaurant dinner looked appetizing even though it might have been lacking in quantity. Maybe next year you can swap memory lane pictures of the snow and ice while still staying in the warmer southwest.

    1. I know, screw up the Mat's water system and machines instead. haha! All they had to do to make it better is to shake them out before bringing them in. We have a washing machine marked 'for dirty laundry', but they didn't use that one.
      You're funny about the ice and snow pictures! Maybe I will!!

  6. Replies
    1. Somehow I missed this. Always someone who thinks they are above the rules. Hope the Cameras turn up the culprit.
      Nice looking meal.
      Be Safe and Enjoy the weekend.

      It's about time.