Friday, March 19, 2021

London and The Ridge

Paisley, On

On Friday, Mar. 19th Bill and I were both up around 5:30. The sooner we got going, the sooner we would be back with our home. We ate some breakfast, packed a few snacks and drinks and left the house by 6:30. It Was a beautiful day for a drive, cold at -8C/20F or so but the sky was clear and, on the drive, I was able to see the sun rise.

Yay! I captured a sunrise this morning

Soon, I will be seeing these every morning that it
pops up

Glancing out my window, I had to take a picture
of the Monster Black Beauty shadow 😊

It was 9:04 exactly when we pulled into a spot at CanAm on the west end of London. The traffic was expectedly busy, especially on the 401, well, it was a work day for many. 

The Avon River in Stratford

We had picked up some tulips and wine for Peggy, as a thank you. In our humble opinion, she went over and above for us. Not only this week, getting the Diamond Kote (?) on the Suite and having it pulled out front for us on short notice, but every time we've called to ask for help on the Suite. 💛

When we arrived, there our home was waiting for us

She, our home, was sitting in the front lot waiting for us. 😊 We did a walk through with Todd of the things he did inside and outside the Suite. The new floor is awesome and blends nicely with everything else. Four thumbs up! We closed her up and drove to Costco for our few groceries. Really, we did better than we’ve ever done, coming out with a bill less than $150! Our $52 credit voucher helped too. With those fridge stuff loaded into our travel cooler, we headed back to CanAm.

All hooked up and ready to head out

Bill hooked up easily while I stayed in the truck. He hadn’t done that for a while so I wanted to stay out of his way while he went through the routine. That’s how mistakes happen, he didn’t need me out there nattering. And no, he didn’t say that at all, I did. Ha ha. One last trip inside to say goodbye and thank you to Peggy and I used the facilities before the drive home. On the way out of London, we stopped at Denny’s for lunch.

Denny's is the restaurant in the Flying J truck stop

It wasn't a 'bad' meal, I just ordered incorrectly

We weren’t overly impressed with the meal but mine was because I ordered soft eggs on a poached benedict. I should have ordered medium but other than that, I didn’t have to cook it and it tasted okay. Bill’s toasted clubhouse was pretty dark so he didn’t enjoy his so much either. Bummer. But, we were full and the food was at least nutritious. Bill had fueled up at the Flying M so we hauled butt for home.

Seems we had to drive to London to see our first robin(s)
🐦 This was in the CanAm lot

It was a nice drive, listening to country tunes, guessing the artists, and chatting through our excitement to keep each other awake. I had a weird night, awake every couple of hours and I can only put that down to how much I was looking forward to today’s adventure. We pulled into the Ridge at 3:05 which was 2 ½ hours from leaving London so we made great time. The snow was almost completely gone from the lane and we drove through it easily.

Now, we're truly ready to head for home
out of the Denny's lot

Bill didn’t stop, just made his circle around and put the Suite on our ‘site’. It took a couple or three back and forth jaunts just to get the wheels placed on the boards and at 3:30, she was sitting pretty with slides open. There was no wind up there, which totally surprised me, and we set to work straightening a few things and unloading the groceries that we could leave there.

I love this huge flat along the 401

and before we knew it, we were in Durham

Bill opened the gate and we could see the laneway was clear

The Bunky is so full right now as is the storage shed so we need to decide what to bring tomorrow. First thing, is to bring our cleaning stuff so I can wash cupboards and dust the woodwork before putting things away and then unload a few boxes that we’ll pack in the morning. The weather is on our side this weekend for sure and soon we’ll be in place, crawling into our own bed. 😊

*sigh* Home sweet Home Suite 😀😀

All set up in place, easily

We hung around for an hour and a half and as we drove
out, I glanced back up the hill to the beautiful view!

This was a huge relief for us

Our supper tonight was not healthy, with potato chips and cheddar, except for the cheese, as neither of us was hungry for a meal after our lunch. It sufficed. The evening was quiet and we plan on retiring fairly early. I hope your day was at least half as good as ours!

Bill and Ron having fun with the drone
at Eagles Landing RV Resort, Grove, OK

Ron taking pictures of the classic cars
at Darryl Starbird's Custom Car Museum
just down the road
Good night!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Hurray!!! So happy to see the suite back on the Ridge. I know you are excited to be back home. Enjoy!!!

  2. Wonderful, you're home is finally where it belongs again! I am so happy for you! Your winter landlord and landlady were fortunate to have such easy to get along with tenants. It seems both of you couples living together were a blessing that God sent to each other.-Mary

    1. Nice to hear from you again, Mary. Thank you. You are correct, we were all fortunate to be able to cohabitate together so easily. :)

  3. Congratulations you finally got it home. Now all is needed is two very happy residents.

    1. Thank you! Yes, and those two happy residents are itching to get in there! :)

  4. Home sweet home and another adventure starts. :O)

  5. Yeah!!! How wonderful to have your home, home! Enjoy the moving back in.

  6. What a great post, I can feel the happiness through your words of the Suite being back home! Yay!!

    1. ah thank you Shirley. It is like getting a new home, strange but true. A whole new appreciation after not being in it for 5 1/2 months. :)

  7. I echo everyone else's sentiment. What a wonderful day. Won't be long and you'll be sleeping in your own bed, digging in your gardens, watching the birds, turtles, etc. I'm so excited for you.

  8. The day finally arrived you were looking forward to and on the first day of spring! There is nothing like being in your own home, isn't it. Hope the sun will warm you up!

    1. Thank you Marlene. Things are looking up, even the weather! :)

  9. It was long day from the sounds of it, but a wonderful one. I do so like the interior of your Suite, it really looks spacious and comfortable.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. We missed our own things, grateful to our landlords, but it isn't home.

  10. So glad you're home now. Soon you'll be all settled in and ready for the Spring weather.

  11. Woot! Yay! Hallelujah! Ditto Mary. Your time with Wes and Sue was a blessing for all of you.

    1. Ha ha, trust you to make me laugh, Elva. 💗
      It was a blessing indeed. And it helps us to appreciate our Suite even more. We missed it!

  12. There's no place like Home. Glad you Safely brought it back to the Ridge.

    It's about time.