Saturday, March 6, 2021

Laundry, Walk and Puzzle Works

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Mar. 6th we woke up leisurely, meaning we were in no rush to get up. So, it was 7:45 when we crawled out from under the covers. Basically, an “oh, alright, I guess we should get moving”. On the weekend, we usually get up at the same time because we don't through the week. We went down to make our morning drink and returned upstairs. Susan wasn’t doing laundry, yet, so I finished my tea and sorted our clothes into two loads and we got ours started.

I don't know if these little additions have been on this tree all along
or if someone has just put them there (?)
Can you see them?

Here's a closer look
More gingerbread men! 😀

The sun was shining, out our window, but it was a cold, windy -7C/19F. I had no inclination to go for a walk yet. When one load was folded and put away, I popped the second one in and went out to the garage to work on the new puzzle. I’d flipped the 750 pieces over the other day and separated border pieces but didn’t start putting it together. That's when it was too warm in the garage to work. This was an interesting one that I picked up at an auction. Darn! I forget to get a picture for you. Tomorrow.

I walked down Mill Drive

To the old train bridge

I love the look with the shadows in the snow

A view from each side of the bridge
to the west

to the east

We had eaten some oatmeal and/or toast earlier but at noon when the clothes were done, I fried an egg for Bill’s toasted sandwich and one for my quesadilla. Both were devoured, we felt hungry. Bill came upstairs and I went out for my 2- mile walk. The wind was still cold but the sun was so warm. My hood was up and down a few times and I thoroughly enjoyed the walk. I stopped at the Book Barn and picked up a James Patterson book. It looked familiar but I couldn’t be sure.

I was encouraged to walk the trail

To the Book Barn

It sounded familiar but..............

Once I got back home, I checked and it was one we’d both read. Duh! Senior moment! Then I went back to putting pieces together in the puzzle. This was another fun picture and I was moving along pretty good with the lovely yellow and white daisies in the picture inspiring me. Bill and I are getting the itch for another puppy so doing some prep work online. 

Some days we miss him so very much but
I feel we have his approval to find another cuddler
He will never be forgotten

We have a pretty good idea what kind we want but it will be a matter of time before anything happens. When we know anything positive, you’ll know, it’s ‘out there’ somewhere for us. We're ready.

The last picture on my walk was an impulse from across 
the street
Not everyone has a water tower growing out of their house!! 😆

The day went along pretty quietly. Neither Bill or I felt any pressure to do anything strenuous or anything at all, for that matter. When you work through the week, the weekends are for relaxing, so we did. 😊 I went down just before 6 and turned the oven on to bake some rolls to eat with our leftover stew for supper. I also mixed up some Coleslaw and of course, we had a piece of pie for dessert. It all tasted great and we were very full when we did dishes and climbed the stairs.

It was an easy but delicious supper

After a bit of online stuff, including my post, I worked away at a crossword puzzle before settling on the bed with a new book. This time a Louise Penny, The Cruellest Month. Another good author, indicating to me that it will be a good story about Inspector Gamache. At 9, Bill joined W & S for their Saturday night movie and I hooked up my tv and dvd player to watch Catch me if you Can with Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio. It has been a very long time since I’ve watched it.

Memories today from Lone Tree BLM
at Lake Havasu Mar. 6, 2017
We hiked with a new friend
Bill and Jill

Yours truly

She and I went all around the mountain
longest hike I've ever taken, I think

Thank you for stopping around today. I hope yours was a good day too.


  1. the pictures from the bridge are beautiful. There is something about snow and blue skies that is really quite, dare I say it, pretty. I know, I know easy for me to say from the desert. Reading a few days back the whole laundromat incident with the horse blankets sounds disgusting, hopefully who it was shows up on the camera. Sounds like you are really enjoying those auctions and getting some useful stuff. I am sure Clemson would totally approve of you getting anew cuddler. Stay safe.

    1. I have to agree about the sun, snow, blue skies - it is pretty. ;)
      The auctions have been fun but until we are out of here, we should slow down! Running out of room for things!! haha
      Thank you, Clemmy stole a big chunk of our hearts but there is still more to share. :)

  2. Lazy days are so relaxing, and supper looks delicious! Looking forward to the puzzle pic. Amazed by how much walking you get in, good for you!

    1. Lazy days are good for sure! :) I don't walk far but i do try every other day to get one in.

  3. I'm sure Clemson would want you to have another buddy because you are the best parents a boy could ask for. I've never been a puzzle person, but I'm determined to find one and give it a shot.

    1. Thank you, I'm sure he would agree. After all, he has found 'new' people to cuddle with in Doggie Heaven! Hopefully, my Mom and Bill's dad have found him. :)
      Puzzles are good for concentration and you can chat or listen to music at the same time. Plus do a lot of thinking! They aren't for everyone though.

  4. Oh, such cute bows on the tree.

    I do hope you find the perfect fur baby.

    God bless.

    1. Aren't they cute!?
      Thank you, I'm sure we will, if we're patient. :)

  5. Oh boy a new puppy :-) We have thought about it often, especially this year with being shut in during COVID, but our with our life style it wouldn't be fair to a dog. We will live through the rest of you. I can't wait to see what you find, good luck in your search.

    1. Yes, we weren't sure in the first year if we wanted one but Clemson loved our lifestyle as much as we do so we're diving in. Thank you MT!

  6. Beautiful pictures. I love that house. It's way too big for us but it's a beauty.

    1. Thanks Elva. The house is way too big for us too but lovely.

  7. A busy relaxing day where you accomplished plenty for yourselves.
    We weighed the problems of traveling with a pet compared to not. It just didn't fit in.
    Looking forward to what you come up with.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. There are some disadvantages of having a pet but too many advantages in our eyes to miss out on the joys. :)
      Thank you Rick.

  8. Whatever new family member you end up with will be blessed to have you two as parents :) I'm excited to see it happen! Dinner looks yummy. Love your memory pictures every day!

    1. Aah, thank you Shirley. Not sure when it will happen, small pups are hard to find up here.

  9. Glad you had a nice relaxing day! We did too.