Sunday, March 14, 2021

Day Trip and Happy Hour Visit

Paisley, On

On Saturday, Mar. 13th, I was a bit messed up when I woke up. After talking about changing our clocks ahead last night before bed, I thought today was Sunday. Duh! I picked up a clock to change it from 6:55 to 7:55 and Bill said “don’t change it now, dear! it’s tonight we make the switch”. LOL Too funny. Phew! I’m glad we were only beginning our weekend.

First picture of the day is FOOD
our brunch

We went down and brought up our tea and coffee. It was a quiet morning of reading blogs together. Around 10, I started bacon and eggs for breakfast and we were cleaned up by 11. 

In between breakfast and the time to leave,
I put together my Broccoli cheddar soup

I've never made it before and it turned out

Now was a good time to work on the puzzle for an hour or so. Bill was getting washed up and would likely have a snooze before we went out. Today, he wanted to see with his own eyes just how clear the Ridge was looking.

It is wonderful to see the blues and greens again

Okay, I just had to try and capture the new calves
for Loree, I know how she loves the cows 💗

We left Paisley at 12:30 and had a nice 40-minute drive. Bill hadn’t been that way for a while so was enjoying it. At the Ridge, he opened the heavy gate and Black Beauty made her way up the lane. There were a few snow patches, as you saw yesterday in my pictures, but it didn’t deter her or Bill. First, we parked at the Hangar and he unloaded a few things he’d brought from the house. While he did that, I unlocked the Bunky and Outhouse to see what room we have.

The blue sky seems to go on forever

Turning onto Baptist Church Road together feels natural

The Bunky needed tidying so I straightened things up and set the empty storage boxes off to one side so they would be easy to get at. I had also brought a couple of things from the house to offload in there for the time being. Bill had called Peggy at CanAm before we left and made arrangements to have our Suite pulled up from storage.

I don't know if you can, but peer through the trees and you
can see our turbine 😉

Parked in the lane, while Bill opens the gate

We requested a repeat of the acid rain coat, since it was due and to have it ready for pick up next weekend or soon after. Yay, she was coming home! 😊 Even though we might not be able to get her in place in our spot, we can at least get her on the property. We know our ‘site’ is reserved. Teehee. It is the best one on the lot and likely in high demand!

It's a heavy gate but he always says he doesn't need my help

I looked up and the pussy willows were amass in these trees
I know it's hard to see in the picture

We tidied, then walked and talked for a few minutes and before setting about dismantling the car shelter frame. It has served us well but it is time to make its way to metal recycling. It took some doing; undoing all the bolts and pulling the pieces apart but with Bill doing the hard job, I piled the pieces against the building for now. Some were resistant but they were small enough to fit into the truck to dispose of them.

We parked at the Hangar and I walked up to check things out at the Bunky
See one of my gardens? Looking good!

Then Bill and Black Beauty came to the top

We wandered around
I love this view from the top of the berm where my
vegetable garden is located
Hey! We're missing something!!

And then another favourite view of our pond

She fishtailed a bit, even WITH 600 lbs of sand in the bed,
but she made it through the deepest stuff

It was after 2:30 when Bill closed the gate behind us and we drove into Durham. Both vehicles were home at our buddies’ house so we stopped in for a visit. When Pat offered us a cup of tea, she got grins from both of us. The chilly winds outside today warranted a hot cuppa for Happy Hour today. It was a really nice visit and after an hour and a half, we took our leave and headed for home. First a stop at the Pioneer in Hanover to fuel up and give B.B. a wash.

This was a big job and now it's done

Metal disposal
With the top cover a shambles, we will not worry about covering the
cargo trailer

We were home by 5:30. There was a car in the spot where Bill parks so he backed in beside it, understanding that our landlords had company. We waited upstairs until they were done eating and had vacated the kitchen before we went down to start warming up our own supper. We hadn’t eaten since 10:30 so were ready to get something nourishing into us. Chili fit the bill. Tasty and quick to reheat.

The Hangar looks tiny from this direction!

It was 6:30 when we finished eating and doing our dishes. It didn’t take us long at all to get supper out of the way. I wasn’t planning on chili again, instead thinking of fish and chips for a break but when it was later getting home (although I have no regrets!) than I thought it would be, reheating was the way to go.

I have never seen such a happy trio of Christmas cacti
as the ones Pat nurtures each year - second blossoming
Even once she deadheads this one, it will be loaded
Beautiful, buddy!

Upstairs, I worked away at my blog and then relaxed on the bed for the evening. I long for our recliners, maybe more so now that I know they are closer to the realm of possibilities. 😊 They are almost attainable! Ha ha. Bill went in to the other room to watch the 9 o’clock movie but I wasn’t into a movie tonight. Instead, I opened my book and got lost in that until it was time to turn things off and go to sleep.

When we fuelled up, there was quite a line up for a wash

Since Bill had one he paid for a couple of weeks ago,
we got in line for a quick wash

This was a good day. We got a few things done, checked things out at ‘our summer place’ and spent the day with each other as well as some time with our buddies. We all agreed about how much we missed Happy Hours! Tomorrow is laundry so we’ll be staying put.

Saying goodbye to Sharon and Jim
at Silverview RV Resort, Bullhead City, AZ
Mar. 13, 2020
S'long until we meet again!

Thank you for your visit today. We are doing well!


  1. Looks like a great day! How nice to be able to get to the Ridge and get something done. So close, I know you're anxious to go home! Nice to spend some time with Rob and Pat, I'm sure they miss you guys as you do them! The Christmas Cacti is gorgeous!

    1. A cool day but we felt great getting a couple of things taken care of. ;)
      We do miss the H.H. with Rob and Pat so nice to catch up when we can.

  2. I'm sure you are looking forward to being back in your home again soon. Paisley has been a good place for you this winter, but nothing beats home.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. You hit the nail on the head Maebeme. i've enjoyed this little town but home is sweet. ;)

  3. Winter, almost over and a better summer ahead! Looks promising for you to get in there soon! Thanks again for the tag! Have a great week!

  4. That was a fun day. The Christmas cactus is beautiful.

    1. It is a beautiful cactus for sure. Pat has a green (& red) thumb. :)

  5. Oh for those sunny warm days in the south! Glad Bill got ou to see the Ridge.

    1. Yes, hope to experience those days again soon...........further south. ;)

  6. Instead of getting rid of the Shelter a Plastic Tarp would have replaced the skin.
    Nice you spent the day together.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. The Ridge is looking good!!! You'll be there in no time!!