Friday, March 26, 2021

Spending our First Full Day at the Ridge - They're B-a-a-c-k🐸🐒🐹

The Ridge, Priceville, On

Bill woke up at 6:30 on Thursday, Mar. 25th and left the house at 7:30. He didn’t have to be in Hanover until 8 and we are now only 20 minutes away. 😊 I got up then and watched him leave, watched Black Beauty drive out the lane. I’d forgotten that I used to watch him go out to work by sitting in my chair at the table. I’d forgotten how fortunate we are to be in this location.

Have a good day, sweetie!✋

I relaxed after using the facilities and checked my phone while still in bed. I didn’t have to be anywhere today nor did I have to pack anything! Yay! It looked like a nice morning and I made a mental note to go for a walk at some point. Somehow that never transpired but I still managed to walk 3 miles in my regular day. I walked a card down to the mailbox and came back inside to work on my blog.

My morning, afternoon or evening view 😍

As I was sitting here, admiring the view across the pond and out the back window, I heard a noise. A couple of minutes later, Bill walked in with his cooler. Not needed today as the job they’d been set up to do, cancelled on them. Nothing like short notice! Anyway, we were both quite thrilled that he would be home and we could putter around ‘together’ to get more things organized.

Not much of a sunrise this morning but we'll take it
The day improved tenfold when the clouds disappeared

We’ve talked about wanting to get some gravel dropped here again in a few different locations so today gave Bill the opportunity to call Alec Hamilton who has a pit about 5 minutes away from us. He will come on Saturday with the first ½ load and we’ll see from that how much more we need. We have also asked that he spread it for us so Bill doesn’t have to. Remember last year? It was hot and too hot for him to be working like that. Mitch was selling a near-new cedar picnic table and since we don't have one, I bought it from him. He loaded in his truck and brought it over for us. 

This will come in handy for sitting around up here
when we need a table
It won't blow around like my plastic one

Thanks Mitch!

The rest of the day was flitting back and forth. Bill spent a lot of time in the storage shed and cleaning out some of the cupboards. Woops, we’ve had a mouse family in there, looks like camped out for the winter. It isn’t insulated, just a wooden shed so it isn’t surprising. There was no food in there, obviously, but they were in out of the cold and decided to stay. He cleaned that out and I worked in the Bunky for a lot of my day.

So far only a blurred sneak preview of Chippy
He was being evasive but he knows we're home now 

Familiar lane to you? It is to me!

Of course, a selfie with our sign

It was a dump place for things until we could go through them and put them in their proper place. Things were looking pretty good by 3 and I walked down to check the mail before lighting a fire to burn the boxes. The sun was popping out quite often and our temperature made it to 14C/60F before it started dropping off around 4:30. I burned all but 3 of the boxes and kept it going by burning some pieces of wood as well. It was nice and only a hint of what is to come. 😊

And look who's back!!! Yay!😘

Hey guys!!!

Our flyers were dropped off so our mail lady now knows that we are ‘home’. We came inside around 5 and I started my blog and Bill had a doze in his chair. Another nice thing to see. 

My hard efforts at the 'rock' garden
Hopefully it pays off this year

The news has spread, The Richards are home

No turtles on the log yet

At 5:30, I sautΓ©ed big pork sausage in Madame IP before cooking it for 11 minutes. I relished having a fridge beside the stove, beside the sink, etc. making meal prep a snap. You don’t realize what you miss until you don’t have it close by. It is also surprising how adaptable we can be.

It felt good having a fire even if it was just for practical reasons
I didn't need it for heat today!

I cut up a medium potato and tucked it in the pot as well, for Bill. I cooked frozen veggies and warmed up leftover fish and mashed potatoes in the microwave. Supper was ready for 6:30 and boy did it taste good. The sausage was perfect and I enjoyed last night’s leftovers. There were a lot of dishes since we didn’t get to them today. We were too busy! Our kitchen sink wouldn’t drain so Bill had to take the pipe apart and then it seemed fine.

The daffodils better stay closed up for a few more days
but it is nice to see them

Just a wee bit of snow left on the berm

But it is gone where we need to dump gravel
beside the storage shed

Tiger lilies up on the hill garden

And our peony is getting new leaves

Everything seems to be ready to go but we aren’t connecting the water to the fridge yet. There are a few freezing temps overnight this week so can wait for our water dispenser and ice cubes until we’re truly in warmer temperatures. We partially watched the news (same old same old) and weather. Things are going to change and we’ll be experiencing some cold and possibly wet days ahead. Before signing off, I wanted to mention that our chirping frogs started last night. I'm tee-heeing, they don't bother me, but Bill isn't quite so fond of them. πŸ˜‰

Our first Ridge meal this spring πŸ˜€

Don’t ask me if we think we moved here too soon, no, we don’t. We’re both very happy to have gotten moved while it was warm and not wet. We are only concerned about the strong wind gusts and we’ll just take them as they come. They’ll only last for about an hour according to the meteorologist. At 7:30, I went upstairs to watch Jeopardy. We’ve had another great day and got a lot of stuff taken care of.

Mar. 25, 2017
Not a great memory but a memory none-the-less

Yup, she drove right into us
This must have been our first year initiation

Lucky Star Casino, El Reno, OK
You can see all the other parking spaces around us
but she chose to be nose to nose with BB
(she is appealing, isn't she?)

Good day folks!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Glad to hear you are back home and settling in... yay!

  2. Always nice listening to and seeing nature up close and personal.
    It might get a little cold a few nights in the next two weeks.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, we've missed the birds, geese and all the critters up here.
      Good thing we have heaters for the changing weather. :)

  3. Almost sounds like you're delighted to be homeπŸ˜„ Everything is starting to pop out of the ground and spring is in the air. Home just in time. I've always loved the sound of frogs. Soothing somehow. Reminds me of being a kid living on a lake in Southern Georgia. Glad you're homeπŸ™‚

  4. It looks so peaceful there, I know you will enjoy your walks being in your home venue. In the Caribbean we had lots of coqui frogs and they were quite loud and sometimes maddening but eventually we got used to them. Can't wait to see your flowers in bloom!

    1. It is so peaceful up here, if you like nature - and we do. :) These frogs are so loud Bill has to turn our tv up. I just laugh at him as he never seems to get used to them.
      I love watching the hostas pop up, every day there seems to be a change.

  5. Oh, I understand the desire to be home. Especially with that view out your window! I haven't lived in someone else's home for 40 years or better and while one does adapt it still isn't the same as being surrounded with your own things and the familiar sounds and sights.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you, I spend a lot of time looking out the windows here. Lots of critters especially once we get into warm weather. :)

  6. Looks as if things are coming along nicely. Can hardly wait to see the turtles on the log once again.

    God bless.

  7. Welccome home! I' even going to miss Paisley (a little wee bit). I love the peeping, quacking frogs!

  8. Thank you F.G. Honestly, so am I going to miss Paisley a wee bit. The frogs can be really loud, gives Bill something to complain about! haha