Thursday, March 4, 2021

Traipsing Around the Region

Paisley, On

Bill had to wake me to say goodbye on Thursday, Mar. 4th. I know he hates to wake me from a sound sleep, he told me so. 😊 I went back to sleep easily as he slipped out the door and I woke again around 7. A day off and I could laze around if I wanted to but I decided to get moving early anyway.

The snow is on the windshield, not in the air

Before bed last night, Bill and I had won some, three, items on the auction and the invoices were emailed to us this morning. I know last auction, we picked up on a Saturday, well, I think so, but it specifies pick up between 8 am an 4 pm on Thursday and Friday. Hmm. Bill works most days beyond 4 and lately, when I’m working it can be a challenge to be home by 3:30. I decided to go to Rockford, 40 minutes away, today.

It was a sunny drive to Rockford

Just a barn but interesting all the same

It was around 10 ish when I went down and made a coffee in my thermos and headed out the door. The sun was shining brightly first thing this morning but had dissipated behind the clouds by the time I left. Some snow flurries overnight had left a trace on Ptooties’ windshield that the wipers took care of. It was a good drive and I felt happy to have no commitments today.

A few track bare spots on #40

I was able to drive right up into a spot and call inside for our stuff. There is hardly any waiting, which is pretty awesome, when you know they have a warehouse full of ‘stuff’ in there. The biggest item was Bill’s pressure washer. He did well, winning it, as it was a battle until an hour or so before it closed. We have one that isn’t working 100% so this as a backup is a good plan.

Dobbington, don't blink or you'll miss it

This is where I turn onto CR 16

I lugged it to the back seat and hope it can go into the bed or back seat of B.B. eventually. I got my two boxes of goodies. One was wooden cars and trucks. Nothing big but Ridge toys for any little people that ‘might’ visit. 😊 The second box has 2 dvd players, a Home bass speaker system and a complete weather station. Well, complete minus 2 AAA batteries that were left in and dead. It looks worth the money already and I’m very happy.

I pulled right up to Spot 4

We need a replacement dvd player for the bedroom in the Suite so I hope at least one of these works. The box of these items set me back a piddly $20. At Rockford, since I was just over a couple of miles from the big city of Owen Sound, I continued on. It was snowing in that neck of the woods around 11 but nothing to scare me off. You know I’ve seen worse! Ha ha. My goal was the Mission Store to check out ‘their’ auction.

As I was leaving, I snapped a picture of their

It isn’t online, you need to personally visit the store to place a bid in their book. I’d noticed when I was there with D & G that they had something I was interested in so I registered and placed a bid. It’s a secret though, so my lips are sealed. If no one else tops my bid in 7 days, it’s mine. So, we’ll see. Then I drove home and the sun had returned. The house was empty and I did the few dishes in the sink, had a snack-type lunch and began supper.

Heading into Owen Sound on #6

Hamburger stew/soup tonight. I know Bill was counting on meatloaf but I’m not up for that again so soon. Disappointment hovers though and I have to tell Bill tonight that The Paisley Common is closed for 2 weeks. They are going full force at their renovations, downstairs and upstairs, so we’ll be making our own Friday night meals until then. I fully support them, as a new business, these things take time. Looking forward to their new look on Mar. 17th.

I guess there are a lot of wood cutters around the area

I had the stew ready to go in Madame IP and went to check mail. A few pieces for all of us so it was worthwhile going out. The wind is bitterly cold today and I’m not in the state of mind to bundle for my walk. Instead, I opened a new puzzle and flipped all the pieces over, separating the border pieces as I went. It was too warm in the garage to work comfortably so I came up to our room with my tea. I sat on the bed and read a bit before curling up for a snooze.

I had clear skies and snowy skies on my drive

Of course, that’s when my sweetie texted, around 4, that he was 15 minutes away. Once the door was unlocked, I returned to the bed and we both rested in between chatting and reading. 

I need batteries for the remote sensor
but the main unit still works minus the temperature

Even if I don't use all the features on this unit,
it tells time and has a snooze button. 👍

It was 5:30 when I turned Madame IP on for 30 minutes and set my timer upstairs. With a natural release of just a few minutes, the stew was done perfectly. I used a bit of thickener so it wasn’t too runny. We enjoyed it and have enough for at least one more, maybe two more meals.

The meat is cooked but the potatoes and carrots
aren't yet

I remembered to get the sausages, steak and ribs separated into
meal packs today

A piece of pie finished supper off. A favourite rerun episode of NCIS was on so I stayed downstairs until it was over at 8 before doing our dishes and coming upstairs. This was a good day. It felt good to be out driving without having to go to work so I enjoyed it.

A special memory for the Richard's family
Elephant Butte Lake State park
March 4, 2018

And this picture that my sister sent me from the Ridge
on the same day
We've got a long way to go 😖

Good night!

Thank you for stopping in!




  1. Amazing the difference this winter to 2018😲🥶 Bet those pressure washers come in handy to keep things clean. The picture looking back at the store looks like a windswept landscape. Glad you enjoyed your day off and also got things done.

    1. I know, eh? We forget how different one year can be to the next.
      Bill does like his pressure washer, of course it is more challenging up at the Ridge when we don't have pressure from an outside tap other than from our tank. We're working on that though!

  2. That auction stuff sounds like fun. It must be exciting to see if you won!! You certainly are getting some good useable stuff for a fraction of the price. Congrats!

    1. We are getting better at it. The first one we bid on more things and eventually now, we're being more particular in our choices and don't care as much when we lose out. :)

  3. The auction is intriguing...I wonder if we have anything like that around us. I never even though about it until you mentioned it. Who doesn't love a good bargain?? I love making stew in the Instapot. It's amazing how the meat becomes so tender in such a short time versus making it in the crockpot or on the stove. The picture of the woodcutters could be on the front of a winter card. I love the picture of the old barn, you know what a sucker I am for barn pictures!

    1. The auction is fun and even if we don't buy anything, just seeing the old toys, books and decor pieces from our childhood is very cool!
      I never thought of that picture as being that good but when I look at it, I like what you see! :) Yes, I saw another old barn today but not soon enough to stop. Next time, just for you!

  4. Congrats on your Auction Wins.
    Hopefully you'll soon be seeing a pleasant change to the Ridge.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. It sounds like you guys are having lots of fun and great success with the online auctions! 😀
    I’ve been thinking about making some hamburger soup in the IP again... might just have to get my recipe out. Yours looks good!

    1. The auctions are fun! :) The soup was good and so easy in the IP. :)

  6. The Ridge is looking almost ready for you!