Monday, March 29, 2021

Tough Call, Who Invited Winter Back?

The Ridge, Priceville, On

On Sunday, Mar. 28th we were up around 7:30 to greet this wet day. The rain had been washing over us through the night but Bill said it was just light. That will certainly green things up since it was still mild around 5C/40F or so. It was still raining. No walk this morning, which went well with my ‘no desire’. 😊 We had our coffee and tea and sat and read some blogs. I, of course, had to finish my own from yesterday’first.

My first picture is of food, so it was 11:30
before I lifted my camera
Our sandwiches were delicious!

I had a bag of household garbage, no food, sitting outside by the recycle bins from before I’d brought our garbage bags here. Anything I cleaned with, or emptied, went in the bag. Some critter, perhaps Chippy or a Coon decided to investigate. It couldn’t have taken them long to discover that there was no food in it as the mess wasn’t bad at all. The wind had blown some tissue paper and empty packaging across the yard. I went out and gathered it up. It didn't feel too bad out there other than soggy.

Then Alex arrived, soon after the rain stopped
and set to work spreading gravel down by the Hangar

Bill will spread a bit by hand to bring it next to the shed frame
but this save him (us) a ton of man handling

The rain continued throughout the morning and it warmed up to 9C/47F before it stopped. We were 'warned' that we could see some wet snow flurries this afternoon into the overnight so it might be a surprise as to what we see in the morning. No worries, we are warm and have everything we need. The fog had made another brief appearance but it didn’t last long and the robins and redwing blackbirds are searching the grass for wiggly worms.

I sent Bill out with the camera
This is excitement in our neighbourhood 😊

I took this picture from inside the Suite
I wanted the 'Supervisor' in the picture

Bill took the rest of these pictures for me

At 11:30, I began frying some bacon for brunch. Today, it was toasted bacon, cheese and tomato sandwiches for a change. They were very good. We did the dishes and then made a very upsetting but very necessary phone call. Other than sending a condolence card, we hadn’t talked to our good friend, Derrick, since he lost his beloved Kathy. It has been just over 2 weeks and we need to let him know that he has been on our mind and in our prayers, daily, nightly. 😭

It was a bigger tractor than we expected so it made quick work
of the job but he couldn't get as close to the shed
Bill will clean this up a bit too

What do you say? What don’t you say? It was hard not to blurt out the normal phone utterances. “Hi, how are you?” Stupid question, we know how he is, so we focused intently on the flow of the beginning conversation especially. It was tough, for him, and for us but we are so glad to have heard his voice. It just breaks our hearts again to hear the full story and to know that he has lost his world, his whole world. I won’t go on but it was better we call him than he calls us – which was on his list of things to do. Bill and I are worried about those single steps each day he has to take and how he'll move on.

And from there, the day went to 'hell in a handbasket'
Those are snow droplets you can barely see

Across the ponds, it was getting windy and the air was white

Not only the air was white here

Since we were sitting at our laptops, I first checked the BizyBee auction site to see what I had bid on and then moved on to the project I started yesterday with photos. Bill sat across from me and worked on his blog posting. 😉 It is the perfect day for this kind of thing. He finished and you can check it out here. In the back of my mind, while I putter away, is what to have for supper. Our freezer is getting pretty empty and that is a good thing, to clean up old stuff, but it means we may be eating some of the same thing for a few days. I’ll have to get creative with farmers sausage!

The windows were steamy and snow covered

As it turned out, we had one beef loin roast in the freezer so Madame IP gave it the royal treatment. With it, we had potato, carrots, onions, corn for Bill and broccoli for me, and gravy to top it off. For dessert we had a caramel custard and I was stuffed. 

Most of my pictures are not worthy of the camera
but this one could go in a magazine!
Bonus that it tasted just as wonderful.

We did dishes and by this time, the blizzard outside had turned everything white and our windows were steamed from cooking. Maybe it was a good thing to NOT be able to see out there!

The little custard dessert with caramel was light
after such a big meal

Bill had his shower and I worked on my blog posting. We will both be working tomorrow and by then, hopefully the sun will take care of the snow. 😜 We watched movies most of the afternoon and I actually found myself involved in a couple while reading some of my book. Last night, 20 minutes into the Sunflower movie, we were falling asleep so we recorded it on our PVR and will watch it another night.

I couldn't see out the window so dared to open the door
before I settled in front of the tv for the night
Yeuch! At least it shouldn't last. Warm day, 16C/62F tomorrow
but then a couple of frigid days again before temperatures get back to normal
in the early teens. (13C/52F)

This was a nice day. Oh! I almost forgot! As you can tell by my pictures: Guess who doesn’t mind fulfilling an obligation on Sunday? Alex, the gravel guy, had told us he’d be back Saturday afternoon with his front loader to spread what he dumped. He didn’t make it so we figured he’d be here on Monday. A noise drew my attention to the window around 2 and he was here to do the job. It didn’t take long and with the monster tractor, he did the best he could for a small cash fee. We are very pleased.

Today's memory is at Marshall, OK
On our way home from our first winter adventure south
Mar. 28, 2017
Good night!

Thanks for popping around to see how our day was. We’re not crazy about the bit of winter, but it is March and hopefully, the next 3 days of March are more ‘lamblike’. 😊


  1. Nice to get most of the gravel spread. Now it will be easier for Bill to finish it up! Spring is always a little iffy, but it won't be long until those sunshiny days! AT least you're home when it's snowing and you know it won't amount to much! Those kinds of calls are always so hard, but you knew it needed to be done. I think you did the right thing waiting a few weeks to make that call. Dinner looks so yummy! Great comfort food for a cool day. :)

    1. Spring can be fun, eh? Last year we had snow in April so we're taking every day as it comes. :)
      The phone call was tough but although he was a mess, good to hear his voice. It was a perfect meal for a wintry Sunday.

  2. Ditto to Shirley's above comments. Good thing you didn't need to be anywhere yesterday and I am sure today all that white stuff has vanished by now. Hope you'll have a good week ahead.

    1. Thanks Marlene. Most of the snow has gone and today, high of 17C, it will be gone. :)

  3. We've got snow heading our way here today too. And like you we've got a couple of cool days ahead before the temperatures head to more normal.

    Have a great day!

    1. Like a roller coaster, we have a lovely windy day today and then maybe snow again overnight. We'll deal because we are home, happy and know what's coming! :)

  4. It is hard because people just don't know what to say. It will be difficult for Derrick as well because he no longer has a partner. He will feel like the odd man out. Continuing to keep in touch will help his mental well being.
    We are scheduled for warmer temps on Tuesday with more flurries on Thursday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy being home.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick, you know from first hand about losing someone and with no warning, he just can't get over that she was healthy at 10 pm and gone at 4:30 am. How anyone deals with that, I'll never know. :(
      Spring weather, it tends to make us a bit crazy trying to figure it out too! ha ha Enjoy each day as it comes.

  5. CAt least that white stuff disappeared fast! That dinner looks great!

    1. Yup, the snow is almost gone and today should do it until overnight. LOL Spring!!

  6. Glad you got the gravel and have it spread.

    We are in the midst of a blizzard right now. Wind gusts up to 100km an hour and the blowing snow is causing visibility to be almost nil. I heard that the RCMP are closing down a few of the highways. It is that bad.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you Jackie.
      Happy Spring? LOL March was supposed to go out like a lamb. haha