Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Easy Going Day Off – Purging Like Crazy! Wild Winds Up Here

The Ridge

On Tuesday, Mar. 30th we woke to a decent spring morning. Bill was off to work by 6:30 and I was up by 7. I had the inner debate with myself about whether to walk now or wait. Well, it was 4C/40F so not too bad out but it was windy, quite windy. Our meteorologist suggested walking early ‘if’ we were going to walk today (does she know me?) because the wind speed would increase to 70 km or higher by afternoon.

The moon was in a waning Gibbous phase 
Pictures from inside a trailer don't show the magnificence of it at all

The morning sunrise was beautiful as I sat at my laptop

But I decided that I would have my tea and then head out. The wind was biting for sure and walking south on Baptist Church Road put it right in my face. I’m glad I stopped at the Bunky for my scarf and hat. I walked fast and took a walking stick, easing along pretty good in my running shoes. Nice to have dry roads and I didn’t need my boots for warmth. It was a lovely walk and by the time I got to Turbine Lane, I was plenty warm.

Our friend from London, who gave us
Goose the Spruce contacted us yesterday
to see how we and Goose are doing. 😁
What a wonderful surprise to hear from Dave Gosset!

Almost to Turbine Lane

My turning around point today

Turning back, I actually had to loosen my scarf around my chin as the sun warmed and walked along with me. 😊 My coat was half undone as I came up the lane. I remembered that my little sister was celebrating a big birthday tomorrow so went online to find something to send to her. Our card should have reached her by now, but with the Royal Mail, who knows. She sent me a lovely home-made booklet on my 50th, something I will treasure forever and wanted her to feel the same 💗.

These red-winged blackbirds are so hard to capture on camera
but I got him!

The pond is really high right now making we wish we had our kayaks

This is from farther up the lane, almost to the corral
Lots of little 'islands' in this section

I was feeling hungry and even though it was only 10:30, I set about making something to eat. I’m gearing for April 1st to ‘really’ get back on track for eating right again. No fools joke, I need to smarten up with some of my choices. So, Madame IP boiled some eggs for me and I cut up peppers, cheese, tomatoes, the eggs and added pepperoni slices to my plate. Along with a coffee with creamer and coconut oil, I had a filling brunch.

5 - 5 - 5 always works well for me

If I ate like this every day, I'd be right on track with my keto/paleo
lifestyle but.............I don't.

With the few dishes out of the way and supper semi-planned in my head, I went upstairs to the closet. The dreaded, over-stuffed clothes closet. Slugging clothes back and forth from house to house sure makes you realize what you have and don’t need. Bill will say that I can still get rid of a lot but I’ve done well and have 2 garbage bags packed with all-seasonal clothing. Some were harder to put in the bags but other things went from hanger to bag with no shedding of tears. 😊

Last fall, I began the process but I wasn't very serious
today, I got right into it

In the middle of that process, I heard a door and then a knock. Crap! I was only half dressed as I usually try everything on – everything, to make my decisions. By the time I quickly threw a dress on and ran to the door, the postal lady was back in her vehicle and had left a box for Bill at the door. I waved at her to thank her. We weren’t expecting it until tomorrow but this is better with me home for sure. I texted him and carried on with the job at hand.

There it is, a favourite view and it looks
like our neighbours are having their trailer removed

An example of how windy is got
This heavy iron gate is hard to move but it had lifted off
the post by mid day

I lifted it back in place so it doesn't block the entrance for Bill

With that done, I lugged the two bags out to the Bunky. The winds are playing havoc up here so I’m glad we have everything battened down. When I hear a bang I wonder what it is and yet when I go out to check, things are still in place. The satellite dish is still standing and that is important. I have other things to purge, like the coats and jackets in the hall cupboard as well as things in the bathroom cupboards. All for another day.

I break up crusts for the birds
Finally, after tossing it out yesterday, the birds found it all

You're welcome!

As an Avon lady, I end up with all kinds of things stocked up. That isn’t a bad thing at all, as I’m still using a lot of it. However, there are plenty of other things, half bottles of non-Avon stuff, etc. that need to be sorted through. I gave myself a facial while up in the bathroom, as a reward for all the purging, and now my face feels like a million bucks! Ha ha, well, a few hundred thousand at least! I’m not sure if the mail lady had any other mail for us so I walked down around 3:30 to check.

It's too early to put things out in the yard yet but
I did put my bright yellow painted rocks in the little garden

Then it was time for a tea and a few chapters of my book. Bill came in around 5:30 and I started supper soon after. He removed one of our propane tanks and loaded it in Black Beauty so he can fill it tomorrow. Weekly, for a while, we may be doing that. The same for water from Rob and Pat’s for our tank and water from town for drinking. I’ll get that tomorrow. For supper, I wanted to do something different with sausage but the recipe I tried to follow didn’t end up working. Hmmm, I had to improvise.

Our hibiscus is safe from the weather but
that wind sure played havoc with the shelter today
Two winters ago, Goose was still small enough to fit under here
Now he is 5' tall! 🌲

Well, it turned into a kind of casserole with the sausage meat, mushroom soup, cheddar, bisquick and mixed vegetables. It was dry, too dry for my liking but it tasted good. We have leftovers so tomorrow night, I’ll have to add more soup or something to make it juicier. We had apple custard crisp for dessert, again, mine with cream. I forgot to make some whipped cream so tomorrow I’ll do that as well. 

Bill was a good sport again
He had a potato and I had cauliflower rice
He calls things like the sausage casserole 'pussy-muck' 😂
He isn't far wrong!

We took care of dishes and then passed the time until 8 when we put our recorded movie on. The Love Stories of Sunflower Valley one. 🌻 Mushy and far-fetched yes, but cute and I enjoyed watching it with my sweetie. The winds haven’t abated much and probably won’t until overnight. We’ve been lucky that the strong gusty winds have been coming head on from the southwest to the nose of the Suite, rather than broadside. I rocked a fair bit today but it could have been much worse.

Tonight's 'after the sunset' picture is gorgeous

The sun set around 7:35 and it was just as pretty as last night in its own way. This was a good day.

Mar. 30, 2019
We were on our way home with our buddies
Rob and Pat's set up
at Arrowhead Lakes Resort, Wapakoneta, OH

And ours
We'd had some snow overnight there so we knew we were close to home

Not sure how many more memory photos I'll do but I'm enjoying them

Good night!

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  1. I need to do some purging too! Not necessarily clothes as I haven't bought any since Covid began. I refuse to buy clothes without trying them on and waiting 3 months to return them! Ridiculous rules. Great pictures of home! Nice when the snow melts so quickly!

    1. I would go into withdrawal if I didn't buy clothes for that length of time! haha
      Love it when the snow disappears like that too!

  2. Patsy, your brunch is right up my alley, looks delish! Windy is worse than rainy in my opinion, especially those mysterious noises. I definitely have a few drawers that need purging - thanks for the encouragement.

    1. It is a filling brunch and I definitely need to eat it more often. The winds are scary, yes, I agree.
      You're welcome!

  3. Your lunch looked good. I need to eat a high protein lunch so I don't get sleepy.

  4. Nice to clean things up but don't get rid of your winter clothes just yet.
    We won't see above the freezing mark tomorrow. (No Joke)
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. No, that's not what I'm purging. I always keep some all season clothes on hand. :)

  5. Glad you're getting the dreaded purge done. I bring very few shirts but seem to never use them. Same with coats. I sure needed a facial myself this morning. My face looked like it was still sleeping. All saggy🤣 Loved the sun coming through your window.

    1. Ha ha, Bill keeps saying he needs to purge but I never think he has many clothes. LOL
      I've got just the packet for a facial but you might need to remove the facial hair first. :)