Monday, March 22, 2021

Another Load and All About Easton (2 year old overload)

Paisley, On

Sunday, Mar. 21st we were up and had Ptooties loaded with more boxes and clothes for the Suite by 8:30. Bill had also packed all of his hobby stuff from the basement here in Paisley into Black Beauty for his Monday drop off after work. We’d eaten and took coffee, tea, a snack and a change of clothes for the afternoon party. Today, it was a small gathering for our 2-year-old Easton.

Our day started here, driving to the Ridge
with a loaded SUV
I'll never tire of this view

We unloaded what we had at the Ridge and got cleaned up and dressed. It was just around 12 noon when we pulled out, headed for Stratford. We were the first to arrive to see an excited little boy who brought a new car over to show Grandpa while I took little Hadley from Momma. Bill’s other 3 daughters and significant others arrived soon after.

And then it was party time! 🎈🎈

Easton opened his gifts as typically as a boy that age would. Not interested in clothes, or wrapping paper until he got to some neat toy that would slow him down. It was a hoot to watch and I know later he’ll get the enjoyment out of all of his gifts. The floor was covered in Paw Patrol this and that. We gave him a Paw Patrol Chase motorcycle, a wooden piggy bank and a P.P. backpack. We had cupcakes after he blew out his candle(s) and crackers and Matt’s cream cheese dip.

Bill had the camera so captured Grandma and Hadley
She is fully intent on the ball game on tv

He unzips his new backpack

To find his piggy bank inside

Krystal and Matt

Dennis and Yvonne

Olivia holding Hadley

Easton loved his trampoline and Jess
is hoping for an energy expender! 

Cake time

This little guy loves his tractors and BIG TRUCKS!!

Blowing out his cupcake candle


After Jess’s sisters all left, we headed out to get our table at Montana’s for supper. The 6 of us were extending our visit while sharing a meal together. The whole day was nice and could only have been made better by not having to wear masks. From being in the ‘green’ area with very low Covid virus numbers, we felt very unnatural being with family wearing them. Because of everyone coming from different areas, it was decided to be the safest thing.

Easton helps Daddy put together a tractor
and wagon

I enjoyed watching Easton the whole time. He was who I was there for but it was also very nice to see the girls and their spouses. The pandemic has kept everyone apart with invisible barriers. Bill and I enjoyed the time also seeing little Hadley. She was quite fussy for the most part but settled down in our arms a couple of times and it is a blessing to hold a sweet sleeping child.

And she sleeps

Big boy sitting at the restaurant

My chicken caesar salad was delicious

For me, the party was about the little guy and I didn’t get involved in the adult conversation much at all. Easton reminded me that the connection I feel with him is just like what I had with my first two grandsons, Taylor and Jacob, during their early years. We were close in proximity and close in our affection for each other. I loved that then and love it now with Easton.

I'm happy he likes his backpack

We had reservations for dinner and were seated quickly. I had a large chicken Caesar salad which was very good and Bill had the Canadian burger and fries. We were happy with the food. When we walked out of the restaurant, my heart swelled to see the birthday boy proudly sporting his new backpack. 😊 The drive home was uneventful with the exception that Bill missed a turn towards Paisley – he was headed for the Ridge! Ha ha. Soon enough!

We got to see another sunset

And it was a pretty one

This was a great day and we are kapooped. He made his lunch and I wrote my blog. Pictures will be added in the morning.

The memory today is a collage of Easton from
the first time we met him 💕

Good day!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. Happy Birthday to Easton! They're so much fun at that age - everything is new and exciting. Love that he wasn't wearing a shirt when he was having his cake. Smart mom!

    Take care, stay well.

    1. He is a typical little boy, rough and ready but soft and gentle when he needs to be.
      Yes, I thought that was a smart move too! :)

  2. A fun day celebrating Easton's Birthday.
    Patience Bill. It will be happening soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. He just keeps getting cuter and cuter. What a fun day. I understand your feelings for Easton. Our lives are always changing and because of changes I have that relationship with our birthday girl Annayeli. Beautiful sunset!

    1. He does and he will be a heartbreaker in his teens with those dimples. :)
      What a lovely name, Annayeli. :)

  4. Gosh yes, we have to enjoy them while we can don't we? My grandchildren are having children now and I rarely see or hear from them. We had fun times when they were little though.

    1. We all want them to grow up, but sure miss the times when they were dependent on us. I loved when my children were small. :)

  5. What a lovely day you had. I am glad that you all got together even though masks needed to be worn. Better safe than sorry.

    God bless.

    1. Thank you, yes, we put the masks out of our minds and enjoyed the party. :)

  6. You had a nice family get-together with dinner out and cuddles with the grandkids. I'm envious! Soon, I hope to see our family too. I bet the Ridge is calling you now.

  7. We did have a nice little party. Easton is such a sweetie and Hadley will soon grow out of her fidgety self and be easier to enjoy. :) I told Jess she can't have two perfect children! haha

  8. Happy Birthday Easton. So cute with his backpack! That chicken caesar salad looks so yummy! So glad you enjoyed your time with the grandkids :)