Sunday, March 7, 2021

Clear Sunny Skies, Birthday in the House

Paisley, On

Sunday, Mar. 7th was another ‘hanging out’ kind of day. We had nothing on our plate today again. Yay! I’ll likely get out for a walk and also work on my puzzle some more. My kind of day. We brought up our drinks, tea for me and coffee for Bill. He likes a tea only in the mid afternoon if he has it at all. Today is Susan’s birthday so I left a card on the table for her. It brought a chuckle. We're glad she liked it.😊  

No precipitation overnight other than a heavy frost
on the vehicles
It got down to -18C/0F

We dabbled on line a bit and when I went down to make my coffee at 10:30, I made us something to eat. Peameal bacon and eggs with toast. Bill had his on a bun and I had the crust and last piece of bread from the loaf. I’ll have to get some tomorrow for his lunch sandwiches. He’s already got it made for tomorrow. After dishes, I went to work/play on the jigsaw and between then and 2:30, I made amazing progress.

This is my auction puzzle

I was confused
The box says "2 pieces missing"
as well as "all pieces"
as well as "complete"
So, we'll see! So far, none missing 😏

I forced myself to stop then and go for a walk. The sun was gorgeous, a full blue sky. The temperature was funny. It read -3C/27F but feels like +1C/33F. Usually the ‘feels like’ is colder. Wind speed was only 4 mph so I was quite pumped for my walk. W & S were just heading out for a drive at the same time so I texted Bill to let him know that he was alone, in case he was looking for them.

The sun is powerful - that is grass you see along the sidewalk!!

The river has noticeable melting going on

One section under the bridge shows signs of 
flowing water under the surface

It was a wonderful walk, down Queen St. to the north to the edge of town, east down the back streets and back up towards the centre of town. It was another couple of miles and it felt great to be out in the sun. The wind, although not strong, was still cold so my hood was up again when it was blowing in my face. While I was walking, I called my Aunt Fern, Mom’s older sister, and we chatted for a few minutes.

All over town, the melting is wonderful
The sidewalk is completely clear

Walking along the main street is easier now again

Happy to be out in the sunshine

Back home, I was ticked with myself when I discovered that I had a birthday date wrong in my head and now it wouldn’t make it on time if I sent one Monday. I was thinking the 19th and it is the 9th. No point in buying one now so I found one online to send off to the birthday girl in an email and hope she is happy enough with the thought. I’m usually better than that with cards, but I guess age and forgetfulness accounts for something. LOL

a discovery in a snow bank

So, in true 'rock painting' fashion, I re-hid it

I brought us each up a cold drink with a few potato chips. I know, snacking in the afternoon is a no-no but we felt like it. I told Bill that I didn’t want to go down to the puzzle because I knew I would finish it if I did. I’d like it to last one more day, Tuesday, so decided to start my post and perhaps another book instead. Supper is planned, in my head and that’s the hardest part!

I still love this church
The new owners are so fortunate, I think

Beautiful sunshine on the Teeswater River dam
and look on the bank

This gave me joy, seeing some Canada geese

Susan's Lily of the Valley (I think) are coming all along our buildiing

And a hyacinth? Tulip? No matter, it means spring to me!

Along the edge of the walk, Susan leaves carrots
for her frequent visitor, Fearless the Bunny
I saw him at supper but didn't have my camera

At 20 minutes to 6, I went down and cut up some potatoes and garlic and prepped them with olive oil and spices. They went into a pan with 2 large pork sausage links and in the 400 ° oven for 30 minutes. Perfect! I mixed up some cole slaw and we ate the leftover crescent rolls from last night. 

Supper was delicious

For dessert, Wes and Susan joined us for a piece of her birthday cake. 😊 It was made for her by their Amish friend. It was delish although I’ve now probably had enough sugar to last me a few months!

After we all got our pieces (and they had some last night)
this is what's left

We all sat at the table for another hour as stories unfolded. It has been a while since we’ve done that. Bill and I did our dishes and soon all 4 of us came upstairs. The evening would be short, since it was already 8 o’clock, so I worked at my blog, downloading pictures from today’s walk. This has been a nice day, the end to a great weekend. I hope yours was just as good.

My memory tonight is our view from our site
at Elephant Butte Lake State park
Mar. 7, 2018
We love this place
Good night friends!

Thank you for popping in!


  1. Looks like Nature is bringing you signs of Spring. Nice to have a day off to relax and take a walk in that nippy weather. Beautiful last picture of the sun.

    1. I think so too, Doug. The snow is melting slowly which is always better than a fast melt causing flooding. :)

  2. Looks like spring to me!!! I bet you are looking forward to being at the Ridge!!

  3. Nothing like seeing the grass along the edge of the sidewalk and those first flowers peeking up through the ground to make it feel like spring no matter what the temperature. The pictures of the river are beautiful. Nice selfie. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Deb. Those first signs of spring melting are wonderful!

  4. Happy belated birthday to Susan. I think just looking at that cake I put on two pounds. :p

    Brrr...we've been having lovely weather though we are expected to get a dump of snow this week it will soon melt I'm sure.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Yes, I'm waiting for the temperatures to at least stay above freezing and I think we are looking at that from here on for at least 10 days! 🙏

  5. That is a joy to see the Lily of the Valley flowers poking through the ground as well as other spring flowers. I think we are over the hump and the snow shovels can be stored for good until next winter. Just think in a week we are jumping into Daylight Saving Time already!

    1. I love your attitude but maybe YOU can put snow shovels away but I'm sure we aren't finished with them here. :(

  6. Happy Birthday Susan! That cake looks so yummy! Love the flowers poking through (not happening here yet). I love your last picture too and your selfie :) Dinner looks pretty yummy too!

    1. Thank you, the cake was too much for me but they all enjoyed it. :)

  7. It definitely looks like Spring will arrive on schedule. The Fourteen Day Forecast shows the 21st as a Sunny Day.
    Wishing Susan a Happy Birthday.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. You will certainly see 'spring' before us but that's okay, just staying above 0C will be wonderful!

  8. You have way more snow than we have right now. There are just a few drifts left in places that the sun isn't hitting right now. How long this will last is anyone's guess.

    That birthday cake looks wonderful.

    God bless.

  9. It's good to see the snow starting to melt away on the river and the grass, and a little warmer weather has arrived. Still cold, but any rise in temperature during winter is good.

    1. That is absolutely correct, better every day. Warmth above 0C is a big deal here for us right now. :)

  10. I'm amazed how fast the snow builds up and how fast it disappears.

    1. I know! Ours needs to go a bit faster but we're doing good now with warmer temps and sunshine. Rain and wind are also a big help.