Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Routine Wednesday, PayDay! Spring? 😄

Paisley, On

It was another pretty routine start to the day on Wednesday, Mar. 3rd. Bill left at his normal time (psst, I was awake to say goodbye!) and I was up soon after to get ready for my jobs. It was a mild morning and only going to get better. Last night, we’d been advised by our weather gal, Julie, that there could be some rain in the form of freezing pellets in our area. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

This was what we were looking at instead. Yay!

That's a dirty windshield, not snow

Bill did text after he and Billy got on the road that the sideroads were icy in spots. That was good info as I made the decision then to stay on the main highway all the way. 😊 I love how he looks out for me. At the Mat, a lady had just left and I was alone for the remainder of my hour. First thing, I sprinkled ice melting salt out around the back door and towards where I parked Ptooties. Within the hour, it had helped a lot. The rest of the lot was ice and snow free. Jamie came in and paid me for February before I left. Cha-ching!

The drive out #4

Baptist Church Road

I left there out the back way of Durham which means I forgot to get our water jug filled. At the auto body shop, I set to work with more taping and sanding then I cleaned out the bed of the Dodge. We would be gravel guarding the whole box. I finished up by papering/covering the areas that would be painted so there was no overspray. It was a mild day, so we took the old pickup back to Mick’s for another load of wood blocks. This time we had a really full load and Mick was happy to have the logs he’d cut taken away.

Mick had a knotted log that gave him some trouble

But he eventually got her rolling again

Here's a look at the machine with no logs
I still think it is pretty neat and at a mere cost of $40,000.
That was 7 years ago, now it is $80,000

Back at the shop, I had just a few minutes left so I cleaned around the DODGE lettering on the tailgate and started taping them. I was getting good at it but it was time to head out with just the D and the O finished. With pay in my pocket for the day, it was a much nicer drive back to Durham than it was Monday. In town, I got our RO water and drove to Walmart in Hanover for some groceries. It seemed that I got more than what was on my list, and I did, but it was time to start stocking up on meat for the freezer.

This time, I directed M back on a different route

with his truck load of wood
a cord is 4' x 8' so we got more than that today

By the time I got everything unloaded at home, I was kapooped. There is a pack with steak and one with pork ribs to be separated before they can go in the freezer. I made a tea, came upstairs and got changed and washed up from the day. Tomorrow is garbage day so when Bill texted that he was on his way, I took ours down to get the bag ready to go out. He was home before 5 and brought the water jug in from the car for me. Some days, it just seems so much heavier than others! 😊

Before leaving the area, I had to check out the Ridge
once more
Bill always asks "is our mail post still standing?"

Not much change at the entrance but I can
tell that it is seeping down into the ground
S - l - o - w - l - y

I couldn’t be very decisive about supper so offered Bill a simple option of sausage and brown beans with toast. He liked that idea, a lot. He makes it so easy sometimes, God love him. Tomorrow, we’ll have a better meal again. I had 4 crescent rolls leftover so we had those instead of the toast and topped supper off with a piece of strawberry rhubarb pie. Yum. I just whipped it up in my free time today. (not really)

You can see how the snow is disappearing
The snow banks are almost non-existant

A week ago, you couldn't see the old corn stalks
all good things to notice!

This is my way of 'whipping up' a pie sometimes

After dishes and after Bill’s lunch was made, we met upstairs. I had an auction item coming due around 7:30 so if I was still in the running by then, I’d skip Jeopardy to keep an eye. Bill also had an item or two that he was watching as were Wes and Susan. I’m really into this book I’m reading and would be very happy to sit tight in here and cram a few more chapters in, however, my eyelids are telling me otherwise. Feeling sleepy.

Susan changed her table cloth yesterday
Of course, this is my favourite so far
The beautiful Sunflower (for Daddy)

This was a good day. Once more, money in my pocket from both jobs, a good day for driving and for doing anything you want to do. Julie says we only reached 2C/36F but all of my records say 4C/40F and I’m going with that. It probably depended on whether you were in the sun or shade. 😊  All I know, is that with my lighter fleece jacket, it felt very spring like to me!

Memory time
Mar. 3, 2019
My buddy and I at Elephant Butte Lake State Park

Bill and his buddy, actually getting his feet wet? 💖

Good night!

Thank you for stopping around to see what we’re up to even if not much changes in our world.


  1. I'm thinking that strawberry rhubarb pie might just make springtime come a little faster. Looks yummy!I. I'm hoping the snow is over and you will be back at the ridge soon. Still pretty chilly, but at least you will be home.

  2. Pay days...aren't they great? I do hope the warm air starts blowing your way, the snow is soon gone, and that we are seeing pictures of the Ridge very, very soon!

  3. From your pictures you can tell Spring is close by. I guess Susan was feeling it too with her choice of tablecloth. She made a good choice!

  4. We're having days above freezing here too. The snow is beginning to melt and the birds aren't as hunger at the feeder. Best of all I can open up the sun room as it warms up nicely with the sun. Both the cats and I enjoy that!

    Take care, stay well.

    1. A sun room would be lovely! I can almost feel the warmth of that vitamin D ball! :)

  5. Another busy day.
    A trick to improve your success at the auctions is after making your first bid (could have been made days before) watch the countdown. If you are still interested post your top bid on the final minute. Same thing works on E-Bay.
    Kathy does bake but will occasionally pick one up at the store.
    Most sell Firewood as a Facecord. A full Cord of wood stacks 4' X 8' X 4'.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the changing weather.

    It's about time.

    1. We definitely had a full cord of wood in the back of the truck.

  6. Fresh Market pies and pastries are my favourites among the store bought ones. Most times you can't beat the price versus all the time and ingredients it takes of making one yourself. It looks like there is still a lot of snow up on the ridge, but with next weeks milder temps it could disappear fast. I hope so for you! Hang in there.

    1. Thanks Marlene, we are very hopeful with the warm weather next week!

  7. Well another busy day for you and Payday! Love our paydays! haha. That pie looks so yummy! Love the new tablecloth at Susan's! Spring! We've got beautiful temps this week and then another storm expected next week. Shouldn't complain, the warmer temps bring out the lizards...ewwww..

    1. Ha ha, I don't mind the lizards, the little ones out there, but storms aren't nice either.

  8. Well, if you've ended the day with more money in your pocket you can't complain!

  9. I can hardly wait for my rhubarb to start coming up. The snow is disappearing (we will have more I am sure) and that is the first thing to more or less pop up in the garden.

    God bless.

    1. I'm hoping my rhubarb at the Ridge makes a drastic attempt to thrive this spring too. I've never had success up there. Too rocky.