Sunday, March 28, 2021

Settling In, Foggy Start, Saturday Movies

The Ridge, Priceville, On

On Saturday, Mar. 27th, Bill and I were really beginning to relax here, back on the Ridge. Weekends were for just that, right? Sleeping in as long as we want and for doing whatever we want. So, we slept in until 7:30 and when I noticed that fog was pretty thick, I had my tea with Bill rather than walking – yet. We read blogs and did some online stuff and then I dressed for my walk.

Walking on the country roads in fog is not
a great idea so I waited until it cleared a bit more

It was cool, around 0C/32F but there was no wind to make it feel any colder. I wore my long winter coat, tall warm boots, a scarf, my hat and gloves. I felt that I should be extra cautious since the fog wasn’t completely gone, so I slipped on my safety vest and headed out. It was a great walk but I was feeling winded by the time I got to Turbine Lane. Not sure why, maybe the air was heavier, maybe because I was overdressed, but I turned around and had a better walk back home.

The fog looked worse ahead until I got to it 😀

Mother and Father Goose scurrying across our front field

On Baptist Church Road

I managed to get over 2 miles in before I got back. Inside, I started a ‘project’ on my laptop that I’ve wanted to get to. I have so many pictures that are duplicated, too hard to explain, so began removing one set. It will take a long time but free up a lot of space when I’m done. 

With no leaves on the trees, I saw a lot of little nests
Look at the buds on these trees!

This one is definitely a hummers nest

I worked away at that for a while and then walked down to see what Bill was up to. He was in the Hangar going through the tool chest he bought last summer from Mitch.

A new discovery in every drawer, all drawers were full

It was full of tools and all kinds of things that needed to be sorted. Some things he can sell, some to keep, some stuff for the metal recycling and some junk. Lots of little drawers so it was quite time consuming. I stayed down there for a while with him and helped box and/or discard things. 

Top of the hill first

This is where our new shelter will go for the lawn
tractor etc. 

And the second load went down here by the Hangar to widen it the space
where his cargo trailer sits

We mentioned getting some gravel and we were expecting Alex anytime with a load or two. When he arrived, Bill directed him to the two spots where it needed to be dumped.

Stopped at Donna and Gerry's for a visit

Once that was done, we drove in to Hanover to pick up our new portable shelter at Canadian Tire. While in town, we stopped to say hello to Donna and Gerry and had a nice visit for about an hour. They have had a houseguest for a couple of years that has moved out and we’ve just moved back to our home so there was a lot to talk about. We were all quite elated with how things are moving forward. One day we'll all toast to the changes. 👌 We were home within 20 minutes and I started supper right away.

After my shower, I trimmed my hair again
Getting rid of more brown

Checking to make sure the back is straight

Tonight, Bill is a guinea pig – again – with a new meal that I’ve never made. It isn’t difficult and most of you have made it before but I had a new recipe for stir fry. I’d bought steak strips a while ago and forgotten about them. 

Spring greeters
My winter geranium has popped to reach the sun

And the blue spruce trees Donna planted in 2015
are growing like crazy and so healthy!

Just some pictures from my walk

Doesn't look like an easy walk through here

When we moved, I found the 2 packages in the freezer and Googled an easy stir fry recipe ‘without’ broccoli. Bill has to eat this too and he doesn’t like that green tree vegetable. 😊 It turned out great and even better for me when I got to try cauliflower rice. For me. I cooked regular rice for him.

I have a wee Mom wall beside where I sit with my laptop
which has nothing to do with our wall plaque btw

We've had to detour these guys from getting too close
to our living space 
I speak goose in case you didn't know

Next to no wind today which was really nice

Marilynne called when we finished eating and got caught up on our living arrangements. She was very happy for us to be back home. After dishes, we finished watching one of the Hallmark movies together. I actually didn’t mind this one and have planned to watch the 9 o’clock one with him later. It is the title that appealed to me so I’ll give Love Stories in Sunflower Valley a try. If I’m not enjoying it, there is always the upstairs tv.

I'll definitely make this again
I enjoyed the cauliflower rice and it was an easy 60 sec. in microwave

Too cloudy for a beautiful sunset
but still nice to see

This was a good day, we managed to get a few more things done. Without the wind, it wasn’t too bad outside and we were happy to have the gravel dumped. Alex will return on Monday to spread it for us with his front loader. That makes me very happy. He knows what we want in case I’m not home.

Mar. 27, 2019
Travelling through Atlanta, GA to our
overnight destination - Cracker Barrel
Heading to North Carolina to pick up Bill's plane kit

Good night!

Thank you for stopping around!


  1. Your stir fry looks yummy with cauliflower rice. Not a big fan of that veggie, but bet the rice would be good. Great job on your hair! That's a lot to come off. Love your mom wall :) Everything looks alive and well at the Ridge!

    1. Thank you Shirley, always such a positive commenter! :) I'd never tried the rice before but couldn't tell the difference when eaten that way. So easy to make too.

  2. Oh I love cauliflower rice, we both eat it instead of rice.

  3. Nice to have leisure time together. You still accomplished a lot'
    That Stir Fry looks tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. You've both accomplished a lot since arriving home and it sounds like you have lots of plans for the spring.
    Take care, stay well.

    1. spring is usually busy here but it all depends on the cooperation of the weather. Ha ha

  5. Like the blonde look. Glad to see you home at the Ridge. It looks like it is where you belong.

    1. Thank you Rita, hopefully the 'gray' won't look much different from blonde on me. It is slowly growing out. :)
      We love being home.

  6. You are moving right along with gravel delivery and a new car shelter. I bet Bill had fun discovering all the goodies in the to him new toolbox. Maybe like a kid getting a new toy? In any case I am sure he was happy to find things he could use. Fog in the area means warmer air hitting the ground.

    1. things are coming along for sure. The tool box had a lot of neat things to keep, a lot of decent things to sell and yet a lot of junk too. ha ha :)
      I'd prefer fog to what we got on Sunday night. LOL

  7. We had stir-fry last night too, and (with noodles added) tonight.

    1. I don't make it often but always surprise myself that it is so good! :)

  8. I'm glad you shared using the cauliflower rice. I've used it to make pizza crust but now I'll try it with stir fry. You do a great job of cutting your own hair!!

    1. I've never tried it for a pizza crust, Bill isn't big on pizza but I might try one for myself. :)
      Thank you, re the hair, it is pretty simple and I hate paying $20 for someone to do the same trim.