Thursday, March 11, 2021

Two Walks, One Pleasure Drive, Great to be Outside

Paisley, On

On Thursday, Mar. 11th there is one little boy who turns 2 today. We weren’t able to see Easton William today but we were thinking of him. He is having a small birthday party in another week and a bit so will get our hugs in then. 😊 Bill was off to work at his regular time and I was up, washed, dressed and out the door within 45 minutes.

Just a few hours old

And now he's a much loved big brother at 2 years
Happy Birthday, Little Man!πŸ’“

It is already, or should I say ‘still’, a lovely mild 11C/54F so I’m not missing a beat. The house downstairs was quiet, although I know they were ‘up’, so I left as quietly as I could. Wes came out into the garage as I was putting on my ‘new to me’ white runners from Value Village. No boots today, the sidewalks were bare! Yay! I only wore my hoody with the wind breaker that I wore late summer and spring last year. I was plenty warm too with a light scarf around my neck.

The snow you see here was completely gone by 3 pm

I could see that the sun had already made an appearance in the eastern sky but hoped, as I walked, that it didn’t disappear too quickly behind the clouds. We’d heard a mixed forecast, could be lots of rain, could be clouds, could be sun. Typical Ontario forecast. I made my way south down the main street and detoured to the east following my nose onto the back streets. I was taking the right turns as I had a couple of conversations with dog owners.

Heading south out of town

Putting a lot of faith in this sky

I was happy to turn onto this street again
Easton would love this train!

Meet Chelsea,  12 yr. old little sweetheart

The sky to the west wasn't looking too good

But the sky over Chelsea's house looked good

My trail is part mud and gravel but mostly snow

I didn't catch this handsome little guy's name
Yorkie/Poodle mix
about the same size as Clemson

They were friendly and obliged when I asked if I could take pictures of their pooches. Oh, the pang I feel when the little mutts are friendly and come to me. 😊 I extended the walk as much as I could until I felt a drop or two of rain and hastened my step towards home. The sun was losing the battle. By the time I reached the house, I had my hood up but it didn’t amount to much at all and had quit soon after.

Fnally, the ice is gone from each side of Ptooties

No worries, I got 2 miles in. Back home, I had my tea and came upstairs to read our friends’ blogs to see what everyone is up to. Some spread across the southern state of Arizona, some in Nevada and others in California make us envious of their surroundings and weather. Others closer to home, Oregon and some in Canadian provinces and/or northern Ontario. The latter are experiencing some of the same weather we are, just earlier or later.

It was delicious!

I went downstairs at 11 and the landlords had gone out. On a nice day like this, I didn’t blame them one bit. I made a batch of steel cut oatmeal in Madame IP, it is so easy, and had a small portion for breakfast – oops – lunch. At 11:30 I decided to hop in Ptooties and go for a drive myself. I followed B.C. Rd 3 to Conc. 8 to the corner of B.C. Rd 10 where BizyBee Auctions is located. The auction ended last night with me coming out on top for my 6 items.

After getting my items from BizyBee, I drove into Elmwood
my old stomping grounds

A quick picture of the cemetery
Daddy used to cut the grass here when we lived in Elmwood

I had no more than a 5-minute wait and loaded the goodies in the car. Some framed pictures, 3 of which where the reason I bid (they come in lots sometimes), a new insulated lunch bag, some piggy banks for the youngest grands (just in time) and an interesting lamp. Since I was that far from home, which is only 20 minutes, I drove north through Elmwood, just for fun. When I saw the ball park, I stopped for pictures. 😊

Cute, huh? How many of you are singing
their theme song from The Grinch Stole Christmas?

From the quick melting, a lot of fields
looked like this 😞

and this

Back home again, I began making chili for supper. Madame IP was getting used today after a bit of a break again. Once we are back in our Suite, she will get used a lot more. At one point today, I got my little DirtDevil vac out and did our floors. With tonight’s supper prepared, I slipped out to the garage to get the new puzzle sorted from border pieces but I didn’t get much further than that as it was too hot out there to do anything. With a headache in the works, I came up to our room and laid down for half hour.

You've seen many pictures of the dam before
But none like this!! 😲

The sun was making more and more appearances so I got up after Bill texted that he would be late tonight and went for another walk. I wore my ‘new’ laundromat jacket this time and since the wind had picked up considerably since this morning, it was perfect. It was another great walk and I met one of the same men I’d met this morning. He started work at the real estate office across the street. We chatted for a few minutes and then I walked across the bridge.

It is easy to see how dangerous water can be
My new friend, Michelle, said in the summer you can walk out in this area

We met this lady on the trail (see how clear the trail is?)
but her Boxer mix had no intention of walking any further
He wanted to stay and hang out with Ezekial, Michelle's dog

Am I ever glad I came back out today. Well, the pictures speak for themselves. I met a lovely young lady with her Goldie/Shepherd and we ended up walking together along the trail (she calls it the dyke) and chatting the whole time. It was a really nice walk even though both of us had to brace ourselves several times against the strong, really strong wind gusts. My goodness, it was blowing us both around. 😊

Michelle and Zeke pose for me

When I came back, I grabbed my book and sunglasses and sat on the front porch bench until the sun lowered itself behind the building across the street. The temperature changed by a couple of degrees and I came inside to wait for my working man. It was 5:30 when he was on his way so I went down to unlock the door. W &/or S must have been outside, the door wasn't closed tight I hoped they’d leave it open when they came in. I stirred the chili and came back upstairs. Bill got home before 6.

this is one of the waterways at the bridge I always walk across

It is hard to tell here but the Saugeen River is only about 3 feet from the bottom of the bridge
Michelle told me a few years ago it was touching the bottom

Around 6:30, we each heated up a bowl and toasted a couple of slices of bread. It was good. I think each time I make it now, it is different. I didn’t use tomatoes this time, Bill isn’t fond of them so I usually only use them every other batch. This time, I used tomato paste, didn’t have sauce, but it was nice and thick and quite good! There will be leftovers for a couple more nights. We finished the meal with a cupcake.

Supper just needed to be reheated

Upstairs, I worked on my blog and listened to see if they were watching Jeopardy. If not, I’ll stay put and read more of my book. It is good and although a murder mystery, different from other detective stories I’ve read. This was a great day, I took full advantage of the day off and don’t feel that I wasted a minute by just sitting around. And it was all for ‘me’! 😊 Aren’t those types of days wonderful? You know the ones I’m talking about.

Happy Hour at Ridgeview RV Resort, Bullhead City, Az is our memory today
Mar. 11, 2017
Nancy & Ken, Oscar & Roland
Molly is stretched out on the patio

It's obvious that we were all enthralled in a story
Judy & Lori

Clemson & Bill
Looks windy πŸ˜‚
Good night!

Thank you for your visit, to complete it.


  1. Sure do miss seeing you this past winter. Sure hope we see each other this coming fall. Stay safe and keep up the blog. Always a pleasant read.

    1. Aah, we miss you guys too! We've really gotten used to seeing you each year, at least once! Fingers crossed come next winter.

  2. That is a lot of extra water in the ponds, fields, river. Our weatherman said if we get the rains they are expecting over the next several days we will have some serious flooding. Fortunately Oswego is located on a bluff, but there are so many low areas around us, it's always a concern. You are sure making a lot of friends, people and their pets, on your walks. I'm sure you are enjoying that. It's great to have a day to yourself and you certainly seemed to enjoy it! Hope it stays warm and those warm winds get you back to the Ridge soon.

    1. Flooding is always scary. The Ridge is up high too but there are horror stories people can tell us all. We want the thawing and want it quickly but never think of the outcome of a fast melt in those terms.
      I love meeting new people. Some, I'm happy they like to keep walking but others like yesterday, we had nice chats. :)

  3. Cute newborn picture of your grandson but the second one is pure preciousness.
    From the pictures it looks like one of those beautiful spring days that are a gift in March. Cute puppies. Stay safe.

    1. I know! I thought the same thing about Easton. πŸ’—πŸ’—
      It definitely was a beautiful March days, broke records two days in a row but we know it won't last.

  4. Happy Birthday Easton. Gosh he has gotten BIG!! I'm glad to see the snow melting and your weather warm up a bit. Much better for walking!! You'll be back at the Ridge in no time!!

  5. Happy Birthday to little Easton! He's certainly growing up quickly and seems quite taken with his little sister.

    Take care, stay well.

    1. Thank you Maebeme. He loves Hadley for sure. (until she gets old enough to pester him!) haha

  6. Those two grandkids of yours are very cute. Happy Birthday to the little guy. Sure was windy yesterday here in Ontario and you had better hold on to your hat. I had to eat steel cut oats as a kid and wowed I'd never eat them again if I didn't have to ;-)) Gad you liked them. I'm sure those little pooches melted your heart. Soon, I guess?

    1. Thank you Marlene. It was crazy windy! but that's good for melting snow. :)
      I love oatmeal and the steel cut are better for us than regular.
      Soon, hopefully but it could be a while. We are particular.

  7. Lovely grandchildren.

    Isn't it amazing how fast the snow disappears when it is nice out.

    God bless.

    1. It truly is, and wonderful too!
      Thank you, I agree about the wee folk. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Easton!! Love the pic of the two of them together :) Wow can't believe how the snow is melting and flooding! The doggies were adorable..too cute! I love a good thick chili and that sure fits the bill!

    1. Thank you Shirley, I love him in his little checkered shirt. Such a wee man already.

  9. Nice day indeed! Amazing day actually!

  10. My, two walks in one day! So glad the weather is getting warmer and river she is rising from all the melting snow. Another puzzle. One day I may have the patience to do one. A day off well enjoyed and you met so many doggies and their owners. If I didn't have Yuma I would never meet anyoneπŸ˜†

    1. I know, I really exerted myself!! haha
      The snow is really disappearing fast and I love it!! We'll see more but I doubt as much now.
      Funny, how as dog owners we meet so many more people.