Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Work and then ‘Work’

Paisley, On

Monday, Mar. 22nd, Bill was up and out for his work by 6:30. I am getting anxious about moving so decided to get up as well. I had my blog to finish downloading pictures into so wanted to take care of that. The walk schedule has kind of gone out the window since Friday – too bad, since now is the nicest weather we’ve had! Oh well, priorities!

A Ridge sunrise
Not because we slept here (yet) but Bill
was there early enough to catch it for me
A man after my own πŸ’“

I had my tea, finished my blog and started packing clothes, bathroom stuff etc. etc. and then lugged them downstairs in multiple trips. I will be happy to not have the stairs once we move, it is up and down for everything and we’re getting too old for that! Unfortunately, on the first armload going down, I must have twisted to check the stair below me and pulled something in my right side. Crap!

Ptooties is loaded

I carried on, not giving in and got a lunch made with ingredients for an afternoon drink to take along. Creamer and yogourt for the fridge, coffee pods and tea bags, just in case. I planned on staying the whole day and then meet Bill at our accountant’s office in Durham at 4 pm. On the way into Durham, I changed my plans from what I’d earlier thought. Jell-o jiggles often in our lives, doesn’t it?

This was my first outside glimpse of the sun 

I stopped at the Mat and did my cleaning then rather than going in around 2:30 to do it. That way, I didn’t have to think about it while I puttered around the Ridge. πŸ˜‰ When it was spiffy, I had no customers today to distract me, I drove to the country. Each day the pond ice melts a bit more and each day our geese are there to greet me, honking hello. Bill had time before work this morning and since he is in the area, he stopped to drop off some of his hobby stuff.

I try to enjoy  things in my present situation and location in life
no matter where I am so I am admitting that I will miss
some of the views along my 50 minute drive from Paisley to Durham
I've come to like Concession 8 πŸ˜„

Lucky man, he texted me a picture of ‘Sunrise at the Ridge’. It was a beautiful day, with temperatures rising quickly to 16C/64F. Full blue sky and warm sunshine warmed things up nicely, even with the winds. I continued unloading and getting everything into the Suite but couldn’t deny that my side was getting worse. I was ticked off at myself because I had planned on these two days of getting a lot of things moved from Paisley.

Just beautiful
G'morning, guys! 

At noon, I stopped and took some pain pills, ate my lunch, had a coffee and sat in my recliner (aaahh) with my book and a heating pad. I need to get back into the groove of conserving battery/solar power as I didn’t even think that we weren’t plugged in to electric. We were only on the inverter, using our solar panels for energy. We didn’t want to turn the power on until we are completely moved up here. Woops!

Bill and I were just discussing the other day about
these guys, North Line needed a top up
Now that we're 'back', they're accommodating! 

Nice fresh gravel

Anyway, it helped and I was able to finish most of what I’d gone there to do today. Things will be a little disorganized and upside down for a few days while we find where things go and probably get rid of some stuff that we’ve done without over the last 6 months. At 3, I stopped working and took my book outside to sit in the sun for half hour, setting my timer for 35 minutes when I got up and locked the doors and drove to Durham.

Even though mostly brown, I love the colour splashes here

You know I'm going to take a break and enjoy the sun


Not much snow left on the berm now
We want to dump some gravel here so hopefully
by the weekend, things will be ready

I arrived just before Bill by about 1 minute and I saw him drive by. We weren’t in the office long and were out and on our way home. Our Income Tax is now complete and we learned something from Tim that we didn’t know before. Bill followed me today and we were home by 5 or shortly after. I hadn’t planned much exciting for supper but Bill was happy with the suggestion of mini sausages and scrambled eggs.

If you look in my mirror, Black Beauty wasn't far behind

He dozed while I worked on finishing the puzzle and made supper. It was good for being a breakfast meal! After dishes, he came upstairs to do some banking and I packed boxes and reusable shopping bags. Most cupboards are empty and I got everything loaded in Ptooties for another day of moving. By the time Bill came down, I had packed the puzzle away and folded up our 6’ table. He can load it and our folding lawn chairs in the truck in the morning.

All done!! Just in time to be boxed up.

Breakfast for supper works

We’re almost there! My back didn’t bother me again for the rest of the day so that was a minor blip. Thank goodness. This was a successful day and I got a lot done. Bill is working not far from Durham in Varney so nice and close for a few days to pop in with stuff too.

Today's memory is last year, Mar. 22nd
and it looks like even more snow and ice on the turtle pond
than this year

But we were home
Two years in a row, let's not make this a habit!!
good night folks!

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  1. I'm glad your back tweak is calming down for you, so aggravating. I bet it won't be 2 weeks and things will be greening up and popping up. I know how happy you must be to get home, even though Paisley has been great for you this winter. Still a couple of months off for us - bummer.

    1. Thank you. Nice to hear from you! We are excited to get back home. We've missed it.

  2. Forgot to say - excellent puzzle looks like fun.

  3. It sucks getting old. Every day I find another pain to nag at me. Hope your side is better. Just think how nice it's going to be when you are back at the Ridge relaxing in the sun. That puzzle .... oh my goodness it looks hard.

    1. I know, things we used to do over and over never bothered us one bit!
      The puzzle was difficult but I loved it. :)

  4. Sorry about the tweak in your back but glad it's feeling better you've got work in front of you for sure! :) How wonderful to be going home! How time and the seasons fly! I can't believe it's almost April!

    1. Thank you, yes time has flown, doesn't really seem like almost 6 months have passed since we moved in. That's a good thing. :)

  5. Glad the backache was temporary. Moving can be exciting but no fun at the same time. Finished the difficult puzzle just to tear it down 🀯 Hard for me to grasp. ☺

    1. Thank you Doug, temporary tweak - for now. haha
      We all have hobbies and puzzles are mine. I wouldn't have enough wall space to hang them all! It is a mental stabilizer and time occupier hobby. :)

  6. Glad to hear you didn't do any serious damage to your back. Moving seems to be happening quickly and I see your counter says you'll be back at the Ridge by the weekend! I can hear the happiness this brings you in your posts.

    Take care, stay well!

    1. Thank you Maebeme. We shaved a few days off our time but it wasn't worth changing the counter thingy. :) We'll be sleeping in the Suite Wednesday night. :)

  7. Glad your back feels better. This getting older is not for sissy's on certain days but then better then not so I will take the aches and pains. I can imagine it will be a wonderful sigh of contentment when you are all moved back in and spend your first night out at the Ridge.
    Looking a day back what a cute little birthday boy, Easton is and Grandma and Hadley are looking pretty cute, also. Stay safe.

    1. Thanks Deb. The sigh of contentment and that is why I am pushing to getting there sooner than later. :) We'll be in it Wednesday night! :)

  8. I am behind, but will echo others. I'm so glad you are feeling better and the Ridge is only a day or two away!! I'm so happy for you both!!

    1. Thanks Cheri. I am so far behind in blogs too but will catch up soon.