Saturday, May 15, 2021

A Bit of a Goose Chase but a Nice Drive, Lawn Care, Puppy Feeling Better

The Ridge

Saturday, May 15th was another beautiful day. The sky was clear with just a few cumulus clouds in the west. Gibbs didn’t get up at all through the night so that is always good. Bill took him out at 5 and because he won’t settle down with him in the recliner or with us in bed, he gets put back in his crate for another hour. Well, actually this morning it was 2 hours. We got up at 7.

The pond was pretty this morning
Looking east

I love how the sun makes thing pop
Looking west

Rather than a cup of tea, I headed straight out for my walk. Habit forming is the key for me, as things are for our little mutt, so I’m trying to get back into it. It was a lovely walk in the northern direction today using more leg muscles this way on the steep hills. Bill passed me soon after I started out as he was going to the Acreage to fill the water bladder. It seems this one lasted us pretty good. I didn’t make it to the bridge, instead turned around just past the one mile marker.

Just turning onto North Line from our lane

A blurred shot of Bill heading to the Acreage

If I was really energetic I would walk to the end of what
you see as paved road
That is the next concession 
The bridge is past the yellow you sign you see ahead
Today, I wasn't that energetic

I was back home about 10 minutes before Bill returned. I had my tea and some yogourt, then we fed Gibbs around 9. He went out for a piddle and poop and we packed him and his bed in the back of Ptooties, attached to that seat belt. Bill had one item to pick up at the Rockford auction and they opened at 9. It looked strange to me as soon as we pulled up to a spot and called. Nope, not here, the receiver said. You need to follow the directions on the email receipt we sent. LOL

Our trees in this area are just starting
to get blossoms

This apple tree will look so pretty in a day or two

The signage at our front entrance

Bill didn’t notice that it was an estate sale so we drove to Kimberly and then Flesherton, following the typed instructions and Google maps. Our gps wouldn’t recognize the street/road name of Third Line. Anyway, it was a nice drive on freshly paved roads and we found the place. The laneway was very narrow in between cedar trees, laden with skitters, (I’d never have these trees again!) so we had to take turns with other bidders to get in and out. The mosquitoes and black flies were hungry!

As I turned in the lane, two families were walking up
The ones on the left, family of 4, turned left into the pond
The parents on the right tried to head into the front field

But 5 of their 6 babies had minds of their own and kept going

Eventually they ended up in the pond together

Our gps brought us home with no problem and we saw a long-distance view of Beaver Valley on our way. Bill hopped on the mower and cut the front field, saving himself about 13 minutes with the bigger cut. Every little bit helps. He was fully adorned in long sleeves and his screened hat to keep the bugs out while back inside, I caught up on our friends’ recent blogs. I searched for, and found, what we had left of the Benadryl caplets. We both have some bites from yesterday, not many, but it only takes one to drive you nuts. Scratch avoidance is the key.

From Rockford to Kimberly

♪ Dandelion Fields Forever ♪

At the corner we had to make a decision when
Google maps wasn't clear, we turned right

With a couple more directions, we turned into
Nichol's Auction estate
Narrow laneway, huh?

We had scrambled eggs and bacon when he finished cutting the front and decided to use our dishwasher tonight. I loaded that up while Bill had a snooze on the sofa. I knew he was tired after not sleeping well. He was in bed early though so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been had he had a late bedtime. While he snoozed, Gibbs was up to no good. Testing the waters by chewing on things so I got our Bitter spray out and adorned the chair legs and woodwork corners. Finally, he, too, fell asleep under my chair.

One quick photo of Beaver Valley as we turned

What an interesting old building this is
For Sale, I'll have to Google it

I wanted to be outside but the black flies were too much of a deterrent. I stayed indoors, wrote the beginnings of my blog and opened windows to let the fresh air in. Around 1:30, I was feeling pretty dozy too so left the downstairs and went up on the bed. I dropped off pretty easily on my back with my little window open. When I woke up around 2, Bill had joined me and was sound asleep again. When I got up around 2:30, I felt dizzy. Not too bad but a little wonky.

Back on our gps, we came home CR 4
through Priceville

Downstairs in the recliner with the footrest extended it dawned on me. We’d both taken a Benadryl and they do say ‘can cause drowsiness’. I’m glad Bill had gone into town earlier to get gas for the mowers, he was in no good condition to go now. I went out with Gibbs after he woke from his sleep and he did both businesses and I brought him in.

Gibbs was playing with his monkey

That’s when he went and touched the jingle bells I’ve hung on the door. The second time he did it, I took him back out. He needs to understand that the bell means an outing. I had just made a cup of tea, feeling better, so put him on the long leash and came in to retrieve it. I also took my crocheting out since I’d finished the J.P. book on Thursday. I sat at the picnic table while he ran around as far as he could and the breeze seemed to keep the flies at bay.

And Mr. Oriole brought his wife today

About half hour later, Bill came out. He couldn’t believe he’d dropped off again. There would be no more grass cutting today even though he, too, was feeling refreshed. Donna texted and asked if we could come over and give her a second (& third) opinion. She’d hit her head on their 5th wheel king pin box. Ouch! So, we took Gibbs over and went to check things out. There was quite a cut in her forehead but we didn’t feel it was deep enough to require stitches. Just what she wanted to hear. 😊

Nice temperatures today
69F outside and 75F indoors

We visited for a while, watched and laughed at Gibbs playing while Bill and Gerry had a beer together. Then it was 5:30 and we scooted for home. The black flies were terrible over there too, Gerry and I wore the screened hats. Next time, we’ll remember to take our own over, even for a short visit. Hopefully, the critters won’t last too long. Bill lit the Weber Q and began bbq’in our burgers while I got the condiments ready inside.

The north sky looked threatening but we were in sunshine
and eventually the black cloud cleared away completely

They were a perfect meal on a Saturday night and I’m glad the clouds moved off on time to bbq. We’d hoped for a ride this weekend on Jazz but feeling the way we did and with the threat of rain around 3, it didn’t happen today. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. We finished supper off with one more slice of peanut butter pie and stacked more dishes in the washer. Still room for breakfast and lunch dishes tomorrow.

Burgers on the Weber

And the chef

Bill felt like going down to the Hangar for an hour or two so I worked on my blog. I decided to watch the movie Bridgette recommended and I have on the PVR. I didn’t even try talking Bill into it. He’s going to miss out on a ‘good’ movie. 😊 This was a lovely day and more things were taken care of. I hope you’ve enjoyed your spring weather today too!

Tasty supper!
Good night!

Thank you for stopping by!


  1. The black flies were hungry today! Like my dear old dad, I react terribly to their bites. They really go for ears and around the eyes.
    We had to slow for a family of geese on the highway heading into town this afternoon. Not something we see often out this way. It's usually gangs of turkeys. We had a couple of fierce downpours, but not enough to really be of any benefit.

  2. Are these the little black flies that we call no-see-ums? I remember living in the north and they were constant in the early spring. We don't see them much here in the city, thankfully!

    Enjoy your warm weather!

  3. I wonder if the black flies bother the geese? I hate those things. Luckily we don't have them around here. It's probably a good thing I don't live up there ... I'm sure I would be buying that building, it's gorgeous!!
    The bell is a great idea. No matter if he even hits it accidentally, I'd take him out. He's a smart cookie, he'll get the message. It's funny ... I've had puppies chew my shoes, but never table and chair legs. Your's must be extra tasty!!

  4. Bill might be having trouble sleeping at night due to his naps during the day.
    Can imagine what you are going through with the Black Flies.
    Donna and Gerry might be wise to add cut Noodles around the Pinbox Edges at least until she gets used to it.
    Sounds like Gibbs is starting to understand routine.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your Sunday.

    It's about time.

  5. I recognized some of those photos on your drive - the church, the view and the old Eugenia hotel.

  6. Another beautiful busy day! Those flies are something else, glad we don't have any of them here. Yes you have a very smart puppy there! The hamburger looks absolutely yummy!