Monday, May 3, 2021

Anniversary, Shop Work, Quiet Afternoon

The Ridge

Monday, May 3rd – aaah, a special day. As Bill and I met, me just getting up and he almost ready for work, we wished each other a Happy Anniversary at the exact same time. That made us laugh. 24 years ago, we tied the knot in a beautiful little chapel called St. Luke’s in the Garden. It was a colder day than this, windier, but dull just like this with periods of rain. 😊

Good morning

Bill left around 7 and I came downstairs to make my tea and sit to finish yesterday’s blog. We were falling asleep at the end of the movie last night, forcing ourselves to make it to 10. As you know, I always sleep well but when Bill informs me that he had a great sleep, not waking once until 5ish, I’m so happy for him. I had my work at the auto body shop for 9 so didn’t get too involved in anything on my laptop. With a thermos of coffee, at 5 to 9, I drove around the corner.

Gravel trucks went back and forth a few times

M asked if I’d run some errands in town for him which gave me the opportunity to fuel Ptooties up today instead of tomorrow. That was an easy hour and then back at the shop, we moved the big sheets of white paper around from the box to the lower gravel guard sections. The black was done and next he needed to paint the box cherry red. That papering and taping took an hour and I moved outside to the next project vehicle. A business van that needed decals removed.

And the grader followed a couple of times
grading and rolling

With the heat gun, working outside, it took a bit more than an hour but I enjoyed that kind of piece work since it came off quite easily. At 12:15 I headed for home, with more $ in my hind pocket. 😊 I made myself some lunch, a jam-packed wrap (with no jam btw) and had some of the messy Jello for dessert. I cleaned up dishes and made cardboard packaging for the MP3 player I received. Rather than buy a padded envelope, I fashioned my own box and taped the shipping label tout suite!

Lunch wrap, clementines and shrimp

It helped to work in a warehouse during my career

The mail lady would have already passed by so I walked down around 3 to put it out for tomorrow’s pick up. Because it was ordered through Amazon, there will be a full refund. It was worth a try but I’m not too disappointed that it didn’t work out. One day soon, I hope I’ll get back into my regular walks. For one reason or another it has been back-burnered.

At least the wind gusts were fairly warm today

The front field looks nice even with the dandelions

I finally got on to the Norwex ordering site and got my window clothes and dust mitt ordered. At the same time, I booked an online party of my own. Not until June but soon enough that Gayle gets a perk from it. There are a couple more items that I would like to order for the household and vehicles. My niece is also having a May party so soon we’ll all have what we want. Remember the Tupperware craze?

The corral garden

After the walk to the mailbox, I started this post and then sat to watch the last This is Us episode on our PVR. Bill doesn’t watch the show so afternoons are a good time to catch up. Then I watched a couple of episodes of Mom. It is a funny show, good for a laugh. Bill got home just before 5 and we shared our day with each other. At 5:30, I began preheating the oven

I know it is our anniversary but I didn’t plan anything special for supper. Chicken strips, which we couldn’t have Saturday because of our power outage, and fries. We have dessert choices too. Maybe I’ll light a candle to eat by. 😊 Bill was quite happy with whatever I chose and we enjoyed it as if it was something special. I didn’t light the candle, by the way.

Chicken strips and fries
Our anniversary supper

After dishes, we posed for a picture. I had fun putting my collage for Bill on Facebook this morning so I know how important it is to take photos of us together. I set the camera up and rushed to sit on hubby’s lap. I finished writing my blog so it could be posted before our programs start at 8. This was a good day although it would have been nice to be together. That is one reason we went for a drive yesterday.

Happy 24th Anniversary to us!
Good night!

Thank you for your visit.


  1. Happy Anniversary you two cuties 💖

  2. Glad that you enjoyed a happy anniversary day.🎉

  3. Happy Anniversary again!! I do love talking to you guys!!! Can't wait for your to get back to our part of the country. I've never really heard of Norwex before. Maybe some pictures when you get it in?

    1. Thank you Nancy. 🥰 Ditto on the talking and travelling. Can't wait!
      Norwex is a company that sells chemical free products. I'll send pictures! :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope the sunshine arrives there today.

  5. Happy Anniversary :-) I forgot to mention I bought the dusting mitt as well but I have been very disappointed in it, the window cloths are awesome the dusting mitt was a let down.

    1. Thank you MT. 😊 It's the window cloths that I really want and will see how the dusting mitt works. I have my doubts too so appreciate your opinion. Thanks!

  6. Happy Anniversary and yes it was a special day.
    Looks like the grass was manicured
    My Mother was a Tupperware Dealer for over Twelve Years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks Rick The grass always looks so nice in the fields. :)
      I sold Tupperware twice but wasn't good at the sales. Then, once you had the product it lasted forever! No more sales. Ha ha Same with Norwex I imagine.

  7. Happy Anniversary you two! Love the pictures, especially the recent one :) Your gardens are looking awesome! Going to have to check out that company if they ship to US..Dinner looks yummy even if it's simple..all that matters is you two were together :)