Friday, May 28, 2021

Trying to Get Caught Up, Work Tired Me Out

The Ridge

On Friday, May 28th, we were awake early. Gibbs started whining before 5 so Bill took him out and they both came back to bed. The distraction was what woke me and it took Gibbs a little longer to settle down. Finally, we all slept again. Unfortunately, it was raining so Bill had to check with Billy about their work today. When you’re working outside on a deck, you can’t work in the rain.

The shock of snow this morning

I had to get up by 6:30 so I could be out the door by 7:15. If Bill goes to work, I need to feed Gibbs at 7, clean the Mat, get back home by 8:30 to let him out for a piddle and whatever else. 😊 Then drive around the corner to the shop for 4 hours work on the van. As it turned out, Bill’s day was cancelled, which took some of the pressure off me. The biggest shock of the day was to step outside to a wet snow falling from the sky. What the ??

The sky looked a whole lot better when I returned home
at 8:30

Certainly not something we’d expect to see on May 28th but there it was. It wasn’t heavy but big white flakes were enough for me to have the wipers going. I was back from town at 8:30 and stopped at the Suite to make a coffee in my thermos and grab a snack bar. I felt relieved that I didn’t have to put Gibbs in his crate for 4 hours. It would be good for Bill and Gibbs to spend the morning together. Good for each of them.

I thought we were done with this crap! Ha!

At M’s, it was funny to see old sheets covering the van roof and drooping down the sides. A huge Christmas present! We both worked together taping, blocking and papering the van fenders and sides before we could do any sanding. This van was only getting the lower 10” painted and just in a beige gravel guard. There were other areas that needed attention but the owner didn’t want to put that kind of $$ into a 2007 that was just used for work.

There are some very pretty country roads,
well sheltered with trees but i wouldn't want my house hidden
in trees

Before I left, we had the van covered, looking more like a gift, and the front wheel wells with a good head start on sanding down to the galvanized steel. I meant to take a picture but when my time was up, I said goodbye. M will call me when he has more work for me. When I returned home, Bill and Gibbs were sitting in their chairs. Bill in his and Gibbs in mine.

This would be a dream house of ours
We just need to win the lottery
Just the house, garage and surround porch 😁

He was so excited to see me that he jumped right over the arm onto the floor! He really is too small to do that so we’ll try and prevent that for a while, until he grows a bit. He didn’t hurt himself but still. We had some lunch and because I felt quite tired, we sat for half hour together. All 3 of us.

At the home where Bill works, I love their 
creative designs

Around 2:30 we went for a drive to Bill’s work site. Bill and the boys are going to work on building a wooden stoop for our Suite door. Bill needed to pick up a few tools that they’ll need. Having a better step would be so much easier and it is something we’ve talked about since last summer. Now that we have a new baby, it will be nicer for him too. Clemmy always hated our metal stairs even with the runners on them.

We couldn't be happier that Gibbs loves to
ride with us in our vehicles

It was a nice country drive but first we went to Walmart where I picked up the things on our list. Bill and Gibbs remained in the truck. We made a stop at Home Hardware for a few things for Saturday’s job that our Durham hardware didn’t have. Bill showed me the nice big deck they are working on and I got to meet Patty, the home owner. Gibbs got yet another ‘ooh and aah’ for being so darned cute. 😊

The little imp played with the grocery bags

Yah, you!

We returned home and I took my book upstairs to try and read without the distractions of a tv. Bill was watching a car show. I read a chapter and soon had to close my book and had a half hour snooze. I was exhausted. For supper, we had chicken breasts in the convection oven, split a potato and some string beans. For dessert, Bill finished the crisp with strawberries and I had strawberries and whipped cream. It was yummy!

One bag wasn't enough

Is that Mom's shoe?
Oh, he full well knows it is. 

It was obvious that Gibbs didn’t get enough exercise today. He was a holy terror! He had both bill and I hopping until he had his supper at 7:30. Even then, he’d been out 4 times, doing a little job each time and then he’d ring the bell and sit there again. Finally, after throwing the ball inside to wear him out, he managed to flop in my chair for a doze. Hopefully tonight the pictures from today will download, I don’t know what the problem was last night.

A nice meal for a cold night

This was a good day and I’m sure I’ll be asleep early. My walk is tomorrow and I have received some nice donations from a few of you so I thank you very much for that. The weather won’t be warm in the morning but at least there is no chance of rain or SNOW!!

I have a big container of strawberries to use up
Methinks a strawberry rhubarb pie is in order
Good night all!!

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  1. Oh Gibbs little face makes me smile.💙

  2. Thank goodness we didn't get snow but we woke up this morning to 50 degrees after several mornings of upper 60's,
    low 70's . Amazing how 50 can feel so cold after experiencing nice warm days. Gibbs continues to be a cute as can be! By the way I loved the pics from a few days ago of the Ridge from the different angles. Such a beautiful location.

  3. You are having snow, we have a heat wave ... 106 for the next two days. Ummmm Gibbs is chewing on your shoe!! Many days I have to go outside and throw the ball as far as possible to wear Cooper out .... and he's ELEVEN!!! I love the little white tuffs around his face!! It's always so peaceful when they finally go to sleep!!

  4. I sure hope that is the last of your snow!

  5. It seems our weather arrives in your locale about a week after we see it. None of us need snow or frost for some time now.

    That Gibbs is such a character and he's pretty darn smart too. Good luck with your walk.

  6. Glad the White Stuff didn't stick around too long.
    Nice that Gibbs is learning his responsibilities even if misinterpreted.
    Looking forward to seasonal temps heading your way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Gibbs is so darn cute!! Love his face.

    While we were lucky and missed snow, it was close to freezing here for a number of days and one of my basil plants is not going to make it.

    God bless.