Saturday, May 22, 2021

Twice Rinsed, Country Drive, Meeting More Family, Victoria Day 2-4 Weekend

The Ridge

On Saturday, May 22nd when I woke and checked the clock, it was 5:47 am. Bill was still in bed and there wasn’t a sound from downstairs. We got to sleep in, more importantly, Bill got to sleep in a bit. At 6, Gibbs whimpered so it was time to get up. Praising him for sleeping in, Bill took him out for his piddle and poop and we were up for the day.

On my way home from Durham, a glance
across a recently plowed field shows a promising sky
to the west

I began sorting clothes but it was early enough that I could have my tea at home before leaving for town. Around 7, I was on my way to the Mat. Two loads of laundry washed and I finished cleaning by 8:15. Looking at the ‘iffy’ sky, I took a chance and brought the clothes home to hang. That could be a mistake as when I got them hung on the line, the rain clouds moved in. Oh well, a second rinse won’t hurt them.

And the sky to the east with a battle of sun vs cloud

Bill had an item from the latest auction to pick up and since we couldn’t take Jazz on account of the possible rain, we all 3 hopped into Ptooties. It wasn’t at the usual Rockford location so we needed to follow Google maps to find the farm from which to pick up. We found it easily enough, along some country roads and then drove further to Owen Sound. Bill had ordered the Royal Canin Puppy Small food from PetSmart since we were getting low at home so we did the curbside pickup.

The rain started as we were leaving O.S. so we were glad to not be on the bike BUT it also meant the chances were high that our clothes were getting wetter. 😊 A chance I didn’t mind taking. On the way home, down Hwy #6, we stopped at my sister’s home, CedarHaven to pick up a Norwex order for our friend. Of course, we had to show our new baby off too so we all went inside for a short meet and greet. How could anyone not love a little fur ball like that and I knew they liked him.

And the clothes got a second rinse around noon hour

After Gibbs having met his second auntie and uncle, we headed home. The rain was enough to keep the wipers on but not heavy at all. The line of clothes was right and properly wet and the sky indicated that we weren’t done yet with the precipitation today. We came inside and had our lunch of bacon and eggs. I vacuumed while Bill started dishes and then he took Gibbs upstairs with his blanket and a chew toy. Hoping to coerce him into the idea of a ‘snooze with Daddy’. I think it worked, there is only silence from upstairs. 😊

Downstairs, I also relaxed in my chair with my book. I’m too tired at night after posting my blog (when I do it at all) so not many pages get read. The book is good and I want to get lost in it. Today, with the rain, was a good opportunity since we couldn’t do much outside. On the positive side of things, thank goodness for the rain! My plants wanted it, I wanted it for them and they should thrive because of it.

Bill finished adding sides to my wagon
We agreed that they didn't have to be removable
until winter when we store it away
This will be a huge improvement, holding in twigs and
branches when I need it to

The boys woke up and came downstairs after an hour of sleep. Bill said he settled down and slept. Moved around a fair bit in amongst the pillows that we put around the bed edges but still slept a lot. 😊 That’s good news and we hope it will be habit-forming. I dozed in my chair a bit too and managed to get many pages flipped as I got further into my story. At 3:30 I made a cup of tea and then went out with Gibbs to check the clothes on the line. They are coming along and it looks like the rain has stopped for the day.

We walked down to the Hangar where Bill is working on a project. That was enough for Gibbs to do his business(es) and we came inside for the required feet (& belly) wiping. Bill counts as he dries each paw so I carry that forward as well. Clemson learned how to lift the feet on command, they are so smart! I wrote some on my blog and took a couple of ground beef burgers out of the freezer for supper. I’ll cook some corn on the cob as well while Bill bbq’s.

What do you do with a small puppy and a wagon?

Planning an escape route

The afternoon went by with Gibbs sleeping under the table for the most part and me reading. We went out again around 4:30 to check the clothes and they were almost dry but not enough to bring them in. With no dryer to finish them off, we have no room to spread things out. The sky to the northwest is looking pretty dark and there is a chance for a thunderstorm around 7. Oh-oh. Not much we can do but wait it out.

It was a nice 'summery' meal tonight

Bill came up at 6, just minutes after I turned the tv on. A favourite movie of mine was in its last half hour and I never like the ending, but it is Kevin Costner so of course, I have to watch it. We watched it together and I cried. Message in a Bottle. At 6:30, I started boiling the corn and Bill put the bacon and burgers on the Weber Q. We were eating shortly after 7 and cleaned up by 7:30. It is Bill’s night for tv so up to me to decide whether to stay or go (upstairs). 😊

Of course, at 7:45, the sun arrives and the sky clears
A beautiful night!
We would have gone to the Acreage for their first campfire
but the Toronto Maple Leafs were playing tonight
Priorities, you know!! 😂

At 8, I went out and brought our dry clothes in 😀
Good night y'all!!

This was a bit of a lazy day started off with a nice morning family drive. Thank you for popping by!


  1. Gibbs is sure getting to be a good puppy. Mom and dad are very good teachers too!

    1. Thank you Loree. We've had our fingers and toes chewed a few times though too. Still a ways to go! :)

  2. Love your little wagon. Perfect for puppy rides!!

  3. I'm sitting here this morning looking at dark skies outside and rain in the future. Nevada hardly gets any so we're glad to get what we do. I love your little wagon too. Good for tons of things. Burgers and corn look yummy!

    1. I'm glad you're getting the rain you hardly ever see. We see enough all year but sometimes it is needed so badly. :)
      The wagon will come in handy and make things so much easier than a flatbed.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you much nicer than having a flat bed. Things kept falling off! :)

  5. Gibbs is coming right along. So cute! Glad your clothes didn't get another wash and you were able to get them in. We've had rain for the last week and more coming this week. At least it's not snow and cold.

    1. He is surprising us each day with the little things he's learning. Of course there is still a ways to go. :)
      The clothes smell so fresh so it is worth the extra rain rinse. Ha ha I think our rain has started to spread out a bit more. I mean, some sunny days and then some rain etc. Just how we like it!

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