Thursday, May 13, 2021

Making Progress, Shadowing, Now, it Feels Like Spring!!

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 13th Bill was up at 6 and tended to Gibbs who was whining to get out. He’d been out at 4:30 too and piddled. So, by 6:30, I also got up and joined the family fun downstairs. The little guy was in full playtime mode and chased Bill’s slippers, barking in his little baby yips. 😊 He only seems to bark when playing which is good and allowed. He has really started to follow us around and whines temporarily when one of us leaves the room. A wee little shadow.πŸ•

Nice blue sky today and very little wind

Bill went out to Black Beauty and I took Gibbs back out for more playtime. He piddled once more and when Daddy left, we came inside. He ran around a bit more and then plopped in his bed. I had my tea and we went outside to play after a couple of hours of him sleeping. When we were outside, I began training him with tiny little bits of wiener. He likes them, a lot, so we seemed to make some progress.
😊 He soon recognized that if I bent over with a fisted hand and called him to 'come' that he would get a treat.

Today this family was chased off a few times
Getting into our patio space too often

Nobody could be happier than me when he went to a familiar spot and had a good poop. Phew! I know his tummy upset could happen again and when our blogger friend suggested that maybe the rawhide bones were making him sick, I’m now wondering where they were made. I’ll check it out next time I’m at Foodland but in the meantime will remove the one he chews on. I was outside later with Gibbs and Bill had suggested putting him on our long rope leash for when we are busy doing things and can’t keep an eye on him.

Heading down Baptist Church Road

Turbine Lane, nice to see you again!
I didn't see many trilliums

But I got nice pictures through the trees

It was a good idea so I tried it for about 30 minutes or so. He’s thinking ‘what the??’ I can tell, but he’ll get used to it, as Clemson did. It is quite long and other than getting caught around table and chair legs, he has a lot of leeway and I’ll be keeping an eye on him. While outside, I chatted back and forth with my little sister who had some good suggestions for Gibbs’ upset tummy too. I’m always open to hear them. Now I wonder about the wieners but that was a suggestion from the breeder too.

You can see two things here
My clothes as I delayered in the sun's warmth
Gibbs hiding under the chair at the 'end of his rope'

Hey Gibbs! Are you upset with me?

The weather today is gorgeous! We reached 17C/63F, feeling a few degrees cooler when the white fluffy clouds moved over the sun. At least they were far and few between so it was very comfortable sitting outside with my book around 2. 

I walked as far as the horse farm and peeked through the

After Gibbs had a piddle, a run around and a poop, I put him inside and I walked down to get the mail. A thank you from Marie, the Norwex consultant, for attending Gayle’s party with a small Enviro/Window cloth. Nice!

A few flowers in my gardens
Hostas are slow this year

A variety of poppies

Can't remember the name of these 
I kept the wrong tag

Mini daffodils in the background

These little flowers along the fence line
are cute - name has escaped me here too

Phlox is starting to pop

I had my shower knowing Gibbs was safe and sleeping in his bed, tired right out. 😊 The book I’m reading is James Patterson’s and it is 2 books in one. Quick reads. I made my tea before 4 and caught up on my post before settling back in my chair. I’ve had a few queries about any after effects from the vaccination but other than a tender arm in the area for a while this morning, I have nothing to report.

One big Yertle on the log in the front pond

There's the view I like
See our orange umbrella?

It was a bit of a challenge last night falling asleep in a different position so as not to lay on my left upper arm but I slept well and woke up feeling no different. Hopefully our 2nd jab will be no worse. No regrets here at all. Bill got home between 4:30 and 5 and after special little greetings from Gibbs, he got changed out of his work clothes. After having such a great day, Gibbs had two accidents on the carpet. He was full of piddle because went right out and went again. LOL

He must not have any friends 

Bill went out with him while I prepared pancakes and sausage for supper. It was cute watching Gibbs bark and chase around after his Daddy. He doesn’t seem to have favourite. I discovered that there was barely enough Bisquick to mix Bill’s batter but added a bit of flour to make it work. For mine, I mixed up a batch of Keto almond flour batter. Mine were thicker and made more than his so he helped me finish them off. We had mini sausages alongside.

Breakfast for supper

Bill opted for a piece of peanut butter pie and that topped the meal off nicely. We cleaned the dishes up; Bill made his lunch and then went for his shower. The sky was solid blue without any clouds and at 7:30, it was still a balmy 14C/60F. This was a beautiful spring day and it felt great to be outside for a lot of the day. Gibbs thinks so too. I enjoyed my day off.

My two sweeties enjoying a moment
Good night

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  1. Purple flowers - grape hyacinths? Lovely daffodils too. Spring is a good time. So geese in the yard....wonder if Gibbs had a bite or two of goose poop? I guess days could be spent wondering what upset his digestion. Such a face he has!

    1. That's it!! Thank you! I'll never remember with this memory but I sure appreciate your comment.
      We've really kept our eyes on him and wonder if he's eating grass even though we try stopping him. He's a goof and keeps us hopping!

  2. I've fostered a few dozen puppies for the local shelter, and 99% had diarrhea. Could be change in diet, or water, or just stress because their whole life has totally changed. The vet always recommended yogurt; REAL yogurt with acidophilus (the carton will say live active culture). I use FAGE. For training treats we used cheese. An extra benefit is that cheese is binding.
    As for the covid shot, I got Moderna. After the 1st shot, my left shoulder was a bit sore for 48hrs. The 2nd shot was much higher up on my shoulder and I had no soreness at all.
    Good luck on all counts!

    1. That's great information and very reassuring, thank you Bonkers! We're not thinking it is serious but don't need to add to it. Cheese! Great idea!
      Good to hear about your vaccines too. :)

  3. Your gardens are looking good Patsy. Love the pictures of Gibbs and it's fun hearing about how he's learning and fitting in so well with his "mom and dad".😊

    1. Thank you Loree, it's just too bad I can't remember the names of my plants. :)
      I think Gibbs has accepted us and already it's a week that we've had him! 😍

  4. Gibbs is certainly bringing a lot of joy into your lives. And the warmer weather is too!

  5. Yup I forgot about those chew sticks. Only get ones made in the USA. Could be the water too ... it's different than what he's used to. By the way, I never gave my kids water from the RV faucet. Only bottled water or water straight from a well, not put in an RV tank. Even though mine was sanitized, it bothered my kids. As for the hot dogs, I've given Cooper maybe two tiny pieces. More than that and he gets the runs. On the other hand, it's all worth it ... Gibbs is just the cutest and seems to be settling in right nicely. Obviously he loves his Mom and Dad.

    1. Thanks Nancy, we got rid of the sticks. He only gets RO bottled water and drinks a lot of it.
      Now that he is taking pieces of a good treat, we'll only use the wieners periodically. We'll also try cheese as was suggested too by a commenter. He seems to love us.

  6. those mystery flowers look like primroses to me.

    1. I have primroses that look different than that, they grow tall but I know there are all kinds of varieties. Thank you!

  7. Gibbs has learned who gives him love and will now return it without hesitation.
    Breakfast/Supper looks delicious.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring that has finally arrived.

    It's about time.

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous! Gibbs is so cute in the pic where he's under the chair :) Dinner does look yummy! Sure hoping Spring has sprung for you guys!

  9. Sure was another wonderful day today!