Wednesday, May 26, 2021

A Mixed Bag of a Day, Vaccine Time! A Sale?

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 26th (where has the month gone?) I woke up facing the window. I had it open for a lot of the night/morning but when a gust of wind blew in, I closed it. Behind me, I heard then felt some scampering going on. Gibbs was gently pulling at my hair so I rolled over. He’d been up since before 5 and didn’t seem to be settling down for Bill.

The sky is one of those mixed ones that
leaves us guessing what will happen next

We tried to encourage him to relax with us and eventually he did around 5:30. Bill dozed fitfully until he got up for work at 6 and we followed by 6:30. It wasn’t looking like a sunny day, and to be honest, we weren’t really expecting one. The forecast says a high of 23C/74F and chances of rain and thunderstorms. I doubt it will get that warm but we’ll see! We will probably see the sunshine around 5 which has been typical of many days. 😊

Our laneway is beginning to look like a forest
We'll be cleaning it up before our friends bring any
large rv's up, that's for sure!

I left for Durham around 7:15, cleaned and then went to fill our 2nd water bottle at The Water Store. I picked up another new one at one of the auctions so we’ll get in the motion of filling one as soon as we empty it and always have a spare one on hand. Gibbs was in his crate and I’m sure settled down but he sure cried when I closed the door. It is a good feeling to know that he won’t do it for long and give up the tantrum to rest.

Gibbs' first vet visit in Durham
We couldn't go in, but announced our arrival
and waited in the vehicle until they were ready

When I returned home at 9, it made me smile to see Black Beauty parked beside the Suite. Bill was home, meaning they got rained out. I smiled even more when I saw him standing on the patio mat with Gibbs, watching for Mom. 😊 We came inside and I made my tea and relaxed. It had been raining off and on, not too heavy but heavy enough not to be able to work out there. If it stops, maybe we’ll find an outdoor activity, otherwise, it will be a lazy indoor day.

Gibbs saw other doggies waiting too

We dozed in our chairs and when he wore himself out playing with Monkey and his new rubber ball, Gibbs on the floor where he was cooler. He has a lot of hair for a little guy and it has to be hot. We had some lunch, Bill had beans on toast and I had a wrap, jam-packed with lettuce, cukes, cheese, meat, tomato and mayo. It was sloppy but so delicious and filling. I took my coffee outside with Gibbs and Bill did dishes. Gibbs had eaten a good brekky so I was encouraging a poop.

All done! He'd won their hearts and the vet's assistant brought
him back out to us
Her eyes tell the whole story, don't they?

Not being on the leash, he is a little devil to capture when we want to come in so Bill came out and helped me corner him. :0 At 1, we hopped in the car and drove to Durham for Gibbs’ 10-week vaccine for distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza and leptospirosis. Say that five times fast! I can’t say them once without reading that. He goes back in mid-June for his booster shot. He doesn’t weigh enough yet to get the flea and tick meds so they’ll weigh him at that time.

The Baltimore Orioles, we had both male and female today,
were happy for the oranges

The staff and other visitors (all of us outside in our vehicles) fell in love with Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Are you surprised? He was so good and even touched noses with another 4-year-old cockapoo who was beautiful and 22 lbs! It will be interesting to see how big our baby grows. Back home, Gibbs was exhausted from the excitement and snoozed on the floor as soon as we came in. Funny, we were exhausted too and dozed ourselves after going through the flyers.

This was a cute picture from last night
I must have been telling about today's appointment
He is so attentive and comfortable

After his vaccine today, he slept a lot
but showed no signs of distress

I received my Alzheimer’s neck buff in the mail so I guess I’m set for the walk on Saturday. I’m sure I’ve pestered enough BUT if you wish to sponsor me for the cause, it’s not too late! Any amount is appreciated and goes to our Grey Bruce IG Wealth Management for Alzheimer’s. You can let me know and I’ll go from there.

My new buff for the walk

The afternoon was half gone and I started a new book by a new author (for me). Davis Bunn’s Lion of Babylon caught my attention on the first page of the first chapter. Another recommendation from my brother-in-law, John. 😊 

The sky cleared up late afternoon, as usual

I had a hard time keeping my eyes open, and so I turned The Incredible Dr. Pol on. I watched that until 5 and then watched NCIS while Bill and Gibbs dozed. At 6, I started supper. Tonight, we had poor man’s chili. Bill had his on toast and I had mine on cauliflower rice.

Supper including dessert was very good

After dishes, Bill fed Gibbs and the evening was pretty quiet. I mentioned that we are selling items on Kijiji and someone says that they are coming from Toronto (2 hours) in the morning. Of course, I’ll be alone. So! I called M and asked if I could give his address and meet the buyer there. That worked out as M has a bit of work I can do while I’m waiting. I feel better knowing that I’ll have someone else around. IF the guy even shows. If I don’t hear from him, I’ll move on to the next interested person.

There are Chippy's running around but only a couple
so far
Gibbs hasn't seen them too much yet, I know
he'll chase them and we don't want him chasing them over
the edge to the pond so are very watchful🐢🐹
By the way, we have caught 4 mice in our traps, in 4 days
There can't be more!!

Good night everyone!

This was a lazy day but we got our little boy taken care of for the time being. Thank you for your visit today. Your comments are always welcome.


  1. Poor baby Gibbs. Hope he's feeling good today. I see Chippy isn't missing any meals!!

    1. Now the whole family has had the jab. LOL No, Chippy sure knows where to find his next meal!

  2. Gibbs certainly has his own fan club. Glad things went well at the vet clinic.

  3. That's one of the inevitable costs of a new puppy. Our last puppy was free - until we took her to the vet!