Friday, May 21, 2021

Runaround Patsy, Testing the A/C

The Ridge

On Friday, May 21st I don’t know where the morning went. We were awake at 5:15 to Gibbs’s whimpering. Figuring he had to go out, Bill woke up from what he feels was a deep sleep. A sucker for punishment, when he brought Gibbs in from outside, he brought him up to our bed. We both want him to get used to settling down with us up there AFTER sleeping the whole night in his crate. We have a king size bed which welcomes a little fur baby.

Home sweet Home at 7 am

He played and chewed and tried to rough-house so Bill took him downstairs. No one was more surprised than he was when he came right up those two steps as if he’d been doing it the whole time! After picking him up a second time, I was able to hold him down long enough to rub his tummy. That works like a charm and he became more still. He wandered the edges of the high bed and whined at his reflection in the mirror from my side.

Looking back to the east as I'm walking west

When Bill got up and left us alone, Gibbs finally stretched out to sleep. “Figures, now you sleep” Bill remarked. 😊 We stayed there for 20 minutes before I got up and lifted him off the bed. I took him out again and he managed another squirt or two. Bill left at 6:45 and at 7, I left Gibbs in his crate and went for my walk. At 1.40 miles, I turned back and headed for home. It was beautiful out with a lovely breeze.

At the corner, I noticed these two vehicles had stopped

Walking around the West Grey truck, I noticed this
was the calcium truck to spray North Line πŸ˜ƒ

On the return trip, I met Rob and Bethany, the Pastor and his wife. We stopped on our respective sides of the road and caught up with things for about 20 minutes. I like them and although I’ve been informed from a couple of sources that they are ‘different’, I will reserve my opinion until I get to know them better. We left it that we’ll see each other on the road and try to get together for a campfire when things open up.

Lots of trilliums in this forest
but you can't see them as well in a picture as I could in person

This one was a light pink

Speaking of things opening up, apparently starting tomorrow, outdoor activities are allowed to open with the usual Covid restrictions. Masks and distancing. But at least golfers, tennis players and rc fliers can get out again. I never understood why those things were closed in the first place. So, eventually we hope for more openness to the events we want to partake in. For us, one big one is to be able to gather with some family and friends in larger groupings and to eat in a restaurant!

I walked past Turbine lane 

I drove to BizyBee after a bit of ‘no success’ shopping in Durham and picked up my 4 items. I am very pleased with the ladies’ moccasins, beauty case of brand-new lipsticks (all colours I’ll wear) and the two ponchos. The bag of cleaning supplies, some full, some half full, will be used accordingly with a couple of the items not useful to us at all. Oven cleaner and concrete filler. Maybe the oven cleaner would work on the Weber Q, now that I think of it. Any ideas? Still a good deal for the $7 I paid for the lot. I made a stop at Walmart for a few grocery items. It was nice to see a couple of rv’s pull in to shop. 😊

I had to zoom in to see what this was
Just a wild turkey, turkey vulture? Can't tell

Back home, I made one last stop at M’s to help him set notifications on his phone (he’s hopeless with this stuff) and helped him put the driver’s side fender on the next project. We had to take the old one off as it was in bad shape. Like the tonneau cover on the Ford, this was easier putting on than taking off. Within 20 minutes I was headed home with the groceries. When I opened the door, I was stunned to see 2 little black eyes greeting me. Wha?? How did he get out of his crate? Obviously, even though I made sure to latch it, there was something I did wrong.

The road was finished and that will keep the dust down

I walked through the Suite and he had been upstairs and dragged our bathroom mat into the bedroom. We have a 4’ x 2’ soft mat at the foot of the bed and it was all bunched up in a ball. However, I also found a wet spot on the carpet. He was probably so excited that he got up there again! Ha ha. I put him out and he finished his business before coming back inside. I didn't get mad at him since he wouldn't know what he did wrong. 

A kit full of lipsticks that I will definitely use
some foundation sticks maybe not so much but
Even 3 or 4 Avon products
All new, of course!

new slippers

2 new ponchos
Price tag on one says $15 I paid $3 for two

I made some lunch and then closed things up, shutting all windows. It was time to test our a/c since it was fixed over the winter. How wonderful to hear it kick on so I set it a few degrees lower than the inside temperature and let it do its thing. When Bill got home around 2:30, it was nice and cool inside. He had gone by way of the Acreage and filled the water bladder. We were down to about 8 gallons here at home. Gibbs was happy to see him so I took him out for a piddle first. He tends to get excited and might dribble. 😊

Lunch was different and delicious

Some Gibbs sleeping positions

Gibbs got a new ball today

Gosh, I'm so cute!!

Bill finished emptying the bladder and doing the banking before we all went upstairs to have a snooze. It wasn’t as cool up there as I didn’t turn that a/c unit on, but it was okay. Gibbs wouldn’t settle down again so Bill put him downstairs and closed the sliding door at the top of the stairs. After about a minute of whining, Gibbs quieted right down. When we came down an hour later, he’d been sleeping at the end of the island, being a good boy.

Supper, yummy

For supper we had Basa filets and fries. It is Friday night after all but I still miss the fish and chips from The Paisley Common. Hopefully soon, we can get over there for a meal. This was a nice day, a bit of a hectic morning but a lazy afternoon here at home. Still no rain so I watered my plants with the two watering cans after supper. 

And Jack has grown in 2 days!

My hibiscus doesn't seem to be
coming back this year

The raspberry bushes look healthy though

The cornflower and primrose look happy

First irises to start blooming

When I came back in, I finished drying the dishes that Bill had started. I poured us each a rum and Zero Coke and when I went out to take some plant pictures, Gibbs came out with me. 

Any help on what this is called?
I was told poppy but it doesn't look like
any poppy I've seen before

The dreaded hill garden is
also coming along
(you can't see the weeds from here)

My Super Star Spirea is performing well
so I believe it is happy

Gibbs romps in the front garden

And follows me across the parking area

our London Peony bush is happy too

Quite a few buds on it

A refreshing rum and Coke was wonderful!

That was just plain fun, walking with the fur ball running around my feet. πŸ˜‚ He was having a blast. He ate all his supper again tonight so we're happy about that.

A beautiful sky to end the night
Good night!

Thank you for stopping in.


  1. Nothing cuter than a back sleeping puppy!! You got a lot done with some cool purchases. Your garden is doing great .. I’m encouraged. Hope they open things up soon.

    1. Thanks Nancy, I'm hopeful that by midJune we should be able to have larger gatherings and eat in diners. :)

  2. Not sure what that plant is, it looks similar to a viola but I have never seen one that colour before.

    You had a very busy day. Gibbs did as well.

    God bless.

  3. Looks like the need for the AC will be short for now but then Summer is still to come.
    Nice to hear Gibbs is quickly learning. Might need to put a spring clip on his cage.
    Supper looks tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Yes, our silly weather but we really didn't want the humid heat to last. :)
      I just need to remember to double check it.

  4. Like Jackie, my first thought is viola. The leaves look much like a pansy but I don't recognize the color.

    That Gibbs is such a character! He certainly makes life interesting. :)

    1. I had to go back and reread hers. I thought she meant violets. :) I'm going to Google viola. Thanks.
      Gibbs is a little monster covered in fur. We're being tested with his antics but loving every minute!

  5. I'm thinking Jackie & Maebeme are correct that it's a viola. The leaves def. look like Viola Sororia which is the common violet that's native to basically all of Eastern North America including Ontario, no doubt. It's hard to tell in the photo if those are tiny spots on the petals but it sure looks like it could be at least related to this cultivar pictured below called "Freckles" which I read somewhere else a few seconds ago (Wiki?) that it was found/selected in Wisconsin. But, aargh, now I can't find where I read that:

  6. Viola, violets, have been the same to me....Did you plant this one? Otherwise, it could be

  7. Puppies sure take time to get with the program don't they. Our border collie caught on pretty quick.
    The last of my tulips are just opening. And the lilacs!!!