Wednesday, May 12, 2021

A Little Bit of Upset, V-Day, Sunshine!!

The Ridge

On Wednesday, May 12th, I woke up at 5:40 am and the house was quiet, with Bill beside me. I dropped off again until 6:30 and woke to an empty bed, lights on downstairs and puppy conversation. 😊 Bill informed me that Gibbs was up through the night and had an upset tummy. He’d thrown up in his crate, I discovered later, and had diarrhea only when Bill took him out. Poor little guy.

A little boy in a big chair

Last night he only ate half of his meal so something was up then but with his playing and antics you’d never know. Bill left the house after 7 and I took Gibbs out once more for a little piddle before putting him in his crate. I left around 7:15. There was a fair bit of frost on the grass and vehicles so I started the car in advance and it was cleared by the time I needed to go.

I had a woops with my yogourt this morning

Not too much wasted of my creamy yogourt
but what a mess!

As far as the weather, it is a beautiful start to the day. Pure blue sky and glorious sunshine. Before I left, I sprinkled some water on my flowering plants before the sun hit them. I heard that was a good practice to salvage them from damage. Whether it is true or not, who knows for sure, but I did it anyway. I learned that in my days from living in Rodney, ON and working in London. That was B.B. (Before Bill)

Winged critters

The Mat was empty and it didn’t need too much attention. Things were decent so I went about the norm and finished by damp mopping just the areas that had spillage, detergent or coffee. I drove to Foodland and got my Tangelos for the Orioles and a pack of expensive wieners for Gibbs. Gotta have the best and the prices in the store were atrocious for the beef ones. Henry suggested cooking them and cutting them small for quick and easy training treats. We’ll try it.

He also suggested pumpkin puree or yogourt for him when he had diarrhea but so far, the little bum doesn’t touch it. I’ve put some in his mouth on my finger so at least some is going in his tummy. I hope it helps. After groceries, I filled our RO jug at the Water Store and booted home by 8:30. Chatting back and forth with my sister, I opened the crate door so Gibbs could walk out on his own – and he did. 😊 Soon, he’ll get the hang of it all.

Our visitors took off into the pond

His tummy was still upset, obvious by his deposits at both ends so hopefully the pumpkin helps. He sat on my chair like a big boy for a while and when I offered him his breakfast at 9, he had no interest at all. Oh well, he won’t starve. I lifted his dish up. It means he’ll probably eat good tonight so I let him get comfy in his bed and I caught up on blogs and cooked and cut up a couple of wieners. If he doesn’t like those, at least we’ll eat them.

This is the most cloud cover we had all day 😀

The Oriole didn’t take long in finding the new oranges and delved right in. I wish he’d bring his family and friends. The birds right now are very ‘frequent flyers’ and I have to stop myself from grabbing the camera each time. The Goldfinches especially are constant visitors right now. Blue jays, the odd Cardinal, one Oriole, Red-winged blackbirds and the Crowned sparrows are happy with the food I put out. If it weren’t for the bigger crows/blackbirds, I would fill the feeder more often.

The P & H Centre where we had our Covid vaccines

I changed out of my work clothes into something clean and with short sleeves. Today is our day for our first Phizer vaccine. We have had some mixed feelings and certainly know many who are quite opposed to it. However, despite the controversy, this is our decision and we are doing what we feel is the right course of action for us, our life and lifestyle. We want nothing within our control to stand in the way of traveling south this winter. 😊

On my drive home from Hanover, I'm glad for the direction
I was going in
They were painting the lines in the opposite lane
I would have been late for my appointment had this happened earlier

I left the house at 10:30, thinking I’d be early. You already know that I like to be early especially when it is a set appointment time. Bill’s shot is ½ hour before mine so will go directly from work. We may see each other, we may not, I’m not sure what to expect as far as line ups and the area at the P & H Centre in Hanover. At least it is close to home and I can relax this afternoon if necessary.

My Norwex order so now I have no
excuse for dirty windows anymore

I’m pleased that Bill called once he arrived to give me an update on the parking at the Centre. I probably would have turned in the wrong entrance so once more, my Sweetie is looking after me. When I arrived, it was pretty busy but there were many folks clad in bright safety vests to direct us where to go. One fellow stopped me and asked me about my Ptooties license plate. He said he liked it. That was nice.

Bill was waiting in the parking lot area for me and walked me to the sidewalk before he left to go back to work. The whole thing was a quick process and very well organized in the huge arena. Many friendly greeters had us in to our cubicles, with no more than a 5-minute wait before a nurse wheeled up and gave us our vaccine. After waiting 10 minutes we were free to leave, that period was for our safely so we would be driving immediately after in the off chance that we felt nauseous.

Spent a little money on Gibbs

I w
as on my way within half hour of my arrival. Easy. I can’t fault anything about the experience even though I didn’t like the constant hand sanitizer at each station when my hands were full. Back through town, I stopped at Walmart for some doggy things. Things we had but had since gotten rid of not knowing about a new pup. Murphy’s Law I guess, but Gibbs is entitled to new things too.
😊 He went outside when I let him out of his crate and still had the runs.

A reward for Bill and I today 😄

One of our geese families is getting more familiar with the grass up here so I have opportunities for pictures but also have to shoo them away from our sitting area. With Gibbs now running around, goose poop is even less welcome than it was before! I had a parcel in the mailbox from Norwex so I was happy to get the popular dust mitt, enviro and window cloths. Now I can give my own testimonials!

We tried the retractable leash

Within minutes of bringing Gibbs inside, another parcel was dropped on our step. I didn’t hear or see anyone so not sure which courier it was. This was my Geese Crossing sign and just on time too with all the babies running around. I wasn’t expecting it until June 1st so I’m doubly glad. The afternoon went swimmingly with more of the same – snoozes, drinks of water, snuggles and chases outside. 😊 I’m not even talking about me for half of that. I admit to sharing the snuggles and chases.

It didn't work out so well

We took a walk down the lane to get the mail around 3. Well, I walked and the little munchkin rode in the serenity of my arms. He isn’t into walking yet just running when we chase him. 

                                                        The chase is more like a hop

Back inside, I made myself a cup of tea. When Bill came in shortly after 5, Gibbs lifted his head and his tail wagged in greeting. So cute! They sat together although there was no snoozing going on as Gibbs just wanted to nibble and chew.

The pond was like glass

For supper, I was inspired by an online conversation with our friend, Deb D to use Rosy our air fryer. Tonight, our chicken strips were delicious done for 25 minutes. I fried a potato for Bill, cooked mixed vegetables for both of us and warmed up some of the leftover cauliflower rice for me. It was very good and for dessert, we tasted the Keto peanut butter pie. Oh my, it was rich but soooo good. During dishes, Gibbs wandered and at one point touched the bell hanging on the door.

Our new orange patio umbrella

He’d just been out to piddle but I grabbed him up and out we went again. There were about 6 drops and then play time. My goodness he makes me laugh! I was in my slippers and for some reason they make him want to chase and bark at them/me. I was out of breath when I finally snafued him up in my arms and brought him inside. He wandered around some more and finally crashed in his bed. It seems like he’s feeling better but we just hope he eats well tonight.

Bill was trying a safety harness and Gibbs was as patient as
could be with him

We watched some television together tonight and relaxed. It was a gorgeous day today with temperatures reaching 14C/60F and we are looking at a repeat tomorrow and Friday but a few degrees higher. Yay! Finally, a break without rain. I hope you are also seeing some relief in your area. Gibbs ate about half of his supper tonight so that is good news. 

The end of another 'decent' meal 😍
Good night!

Thanks for stopping in today.


  1. Be still my heart! The little fellow getting his red harness on is so sweet.

    1. He looks like a stuffed teddy to me! ha ha Such a sweetheart. :)

  2. Gibbs is a heart winner. Hope he feels better. Glad you both got your first shots. I'm a bit of a science person, so was happy to get the Modernas two months ago, the alternatives being not so attractive. Second one made me have fever and feeling like I had flu the day after, but I'm fine since. The waiting time after each shot was 15 minutes, just to make sure there was no severe allergic reaction, which is very rare, but does happen. I think Pfizers have lower incidences of people feeling puny after, even the mild case like I had. That pie looks really, really good.

    1. Thank you, Gibbs is better today.
      I'm glad you felt better within a day. We hope our second one is smooth.
      The pie is very good for being a keto dessert. I'll definitely make it again. :)

  3. I love my norwex. I just got a few more products also.

    1. Just beginning here with the product and I'm sure I'll be buying a few things too. :)

  4. Next time you go outside, try running away a bit from Gibbs to see if he follows you. That's a mistake I made with Cooper. I chased him, so he thought that was the game. He ran right out into the street. Finally I learned to run away from him and he followed me everywhere. So sorry for the tummy troubles. I ended up with sensitive stomach food for both my kids, plus plain chicken or beef. Haven't had any trouble since ... thank goodness. He's seems to be such a love bug!!! I'm enjoying every picture!

    1. He does run after us when we run but we have also chased him too. Good tip, thank you. He's feeling better today, eating normal and pooping normal. :)
      He is definitely a love bug, amazing how we fall in love so fast!!

  5. When our little ones had problems with food, boiled chicken and rice always seemed to help get things under control. I'm glad you decided to get the vaccine. Jim and I have had both Pfizer shots. The only real side effects were a sore arm, tired, and after the second shot I had a headache which was gone the next day.

    1. Thank you, chicken seems to be the go to food. The vaccine was the right choice for us so we have until September before getting the second one. Most say that is where we'll see side effects.

  6. Poor little boy! I hope you're able to find what's causing the diarrhea - maybe it's a change in food?

    I'm happy to hear you've been able to get the vaccine - it will definitely make it easier to travel in the future. Whatever the reason for accepting it, I believe it is important to ensure we'll get closer to the normal we once knew.

    1. thank you, we try and figure out the upset tummy thing with Gibbs. :) Lots of helpful ideas.
      If the borders are open, nothing can stop us now! :)

  7. Could it be that the food you are feeding Gibbs is at this time too rich for his tummy? Sanford is that way. Hopefully time will remedy that.
    Soon you will have your own little zoo.
    Be Safe and Enjoy this wonderful weather.

    It's about time.

    1. The kibble is for puppies under 8 lbs.and the only other thing he's eaten is the rawhide. The pumpkin is for settling his tummy and he hasn't had enough to create the issue. Thank you though, yes time will certainly tell.

  8. Bill putting the harness on Gibbs.....just too cute!

  9. I use a syringe to give my little one his pumpkin when he has an upset tummy. I also give him Plain Greek yogurt for his tummy. Its a larger size syringe and works very well. Hope the little guy feels better real soon.

    1. What a great idea! I tried holding his mouth open and rubbing my finger on the roof of his mouth with both the pumpkin and the Greek plain yogourt. He doesn't like it but is forced to eat it. I'm thinking that may have helped as today he was better. :)

  10. Beautiful pictures...Gibbs is just cuter and cuter! Hoping his tummy is better, poor little guy. Have you used the Norwex on inside windshields? Seems no matter what we use it still streaks, very annoying! I agree the harness picture is just too precious!

    1. Thank you. No, I haven't used the Norwex at all yet but got a small one from Marie today (thursday) so will try it in the car. :)

  11. I didn't get chocolates as a reward, let alone Lindor!

    1. Ha ha, That's because I have low self control when it comes to delicious chocolate! :)