Friday, May 21, 2021

Working Morning, Hot Day, Happy Pup

The Ridge

On Thursday, May 20th Bill was up around 5:30. We’ve been sleeping with just the top sheet for the past 3 nights so with windows closed (chorus frogs!!) I’m not sure how well he’s sleeping but I know that I am waking up more often. Sheet on, sheet off. The duvet is getting tucked under the bed today and our Mexican Kokopelli blanket is coming out. It only covers the top of the bed but tucks in at the bottom. I’m sure it will work just dandy for any cooler nights that we'll have.

The cows were sure curious when I returned home

I got up a few minutes past 6, time enough to hang with Bill until he left for Mildmay at 6:30. I had the Mat to clean this morning so didn’t have my tea yet.  Yesterday, after relaying to Donna and Gerry how Gibbs doesn’t seem to like eating out of his dish as of late, he ate all of his supper with no hesitation. Then licked the bowl! What a goof! Can’t figure him out. We thought maybe it was the food, being x-small instead of the small pieces he arrived with. Now, we don’t know.

Gibbs and I chilled for most of the day
At one point, he decided to redecorate

and dragged his blanket under the table

Perhaps he just wanted to be babied for a couple of days as he ate it either from our hand or off the tile floor. They’re puzzles, aren’t they? Bill took him out before eating but isn’t as familiar with the ‘signs’ as I am yet. My benefit from being with him all day. I put him on the grass, tell him to piddle and he usually does within seconds. After eating, we just kind of watch him to see his movements. The bell is an occasional 'ding'.

Bill put him in his crate last night at 10 when we were ready for bed. He’d been sleeping on the floor so went out, did his piddle quickly and never made a peep when locked in. 😊 When I leave for work, he isn’t as obedient but does walk in by himself and takes the little treat I give him. Then he whines and whimpers for a couple of minutes. I listen outside and he soon settles down. We really have a good little boy here and he has to be learning that we always come back.

Here is the pretty truck we've been working on
Finally, the paint is looking good after M had to strip the box right
down to the metal again
The tonneau cover was easier getting on than it was taking off
It's a folding one just like ours so my knowledge helped

The Mat wasn’t too bad so I made short work of cleaning up and then damp mopping before I left at 8:15. I like getting there before 7:30 so I’m out before most customers arrive. Today, there were 2, one lady only drying her 2 loads and a regular doing his full wash. It gets really hot in there so I am thinning down the clothing that I wear to work now. I only wear a mask when I’m near someone or if there are a number of people in there. I always wear it when I’m emptying lint but that has nothing to do with restrictions.

I think I mentioned how our small service berry trees
have gone
Only blossoms at the very top
otherwise, just dead looking leaves 😟

M had called yesterday and asked if I could spare him some time to help him get the heavy tonneau cover back on the red Ford in his shop. We took it off and that was a bugger, excuse the expression but it was!! I had my tea at home and drove over at 9:30. The truck bed looked great in the cherry red and putting the cover on meant it was soon going to be out the door. It has really been nothing but a pain for M. The holes we found when I sanded, and having to paint it 3 times because of a chemical in the paint. That’s wasted time that ‘we’ don’t get paid for.

Putting the cover on was basically in my hands. M has never owned a pickup truck and was unfamiliar with this folding type like what we have. So, I basically took over first clamping the rails on and then directing which way it went on, front to back. The sucker was heavy though so it did take 4 hands to get it on the rails and secured in place. Phew! After half hour, I headed home. Job done!

I ate my lunch while Gibbs tried to get cool

At home, Gibbs and I hung outside for a bit and since it was cloudy, we weren’t too hot. While he was leashed up, I raked the load of dirt that we got yesterday from Gerry and Donna. We’ll spread it with grass seed and hope it fills in the area that has been sparse and low. Gibbs, when he can reach it, loves finding rocks and little sticks to chew on so it is a constant “No, Gibbs”, but he does stop when I speak. The fact that he goes back to it again is his puppy-self taking over. 😊

He didn't stay in one place too long but actually
fell asleep here

We came inside at 11:45 and I reported to Bill by text that he ate all of his breakfast out of his dish. Before my shower, I weighed Gibbs and he is now 6 lbs! he must be happy and getting enough food as he has gained 1.6 lbs. in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I’m going in that direction too! Ha ha, oh well, I’ve been bouncing around in the same area for months and probably will for the months ahead too.

It's a pretty day

I look outside at 1:30 and the clouds have changed from rain clouds to fluffy cumulus. Just when I want some rain! I’ve turned our Fantastic fan on, blowing hot air out of the Suite as it is quite warm inside. Gibbs keeps moving from one cooler spot on the tile floor to the next trying to get relief. He has quite a lot of hair on him so I’m not surprised. I told him and Bill that I am going to pick up a small hard-shell kiddie’s pool for he and I this summer. Gibbs, not Bill.

Look at this mess, I'm glad I only did 3 eggs

After my shower, I fried some bacon and an egg for my lunch at the same time that I boiled 3 eggs for Bill. He’d enjoy egg salad sandwiches, I’m sure, but I didn’t get Madame IP out this time. I was in no hurry. By the looks of the sky, I went out and unplugged. Saving on electric power is key right now! There was a bit of a breeze so I took my book, water, our pooch and his bed outside to the shade. He will feel better and so will I.

More redecorating outside

I had to put my feet in the bed or it would end up under
the Suite and I'd have to crawl under to get it
He loves it under there

Oh! By the way, remind me to never do eggs on the stove again! Madame IP does them perfect each time and I got lazy. They were semi-soft and difficult to peel. Grrr. I’m sure glad I wasn’t making devilled eggs! I mixed them up and added mayo, salt and pepper. It’s good to learn something every day, isn’t it? Gibbs and I went outside, hope to find some relief as in the shade, there seemed to be a nice breeze. I need to remove the ‘storm’ windows on our door today or tomorrow.

What bed?

You tell me, is he waiting for someone?

We can also put away our Blue Flame heater, as we won’t be using it anytime soon. There are so many other things on our list of things to do but many of them require Bill to do them or at least his assistance to do them. We were sitting outside and I noticed that Gibbs just couldn’t settle down for very long. There were noises on the road with the grader and sprayer going back and forth again today. The geese, frogs and birds had his little head popping this way and that. “What’s that?”

Daddy was home, time to relax and sleep

Positions change regularly

Around 2:30, I think it was, Bill arrived home. I’m always happy to see him home semi-early on hot days like this. It was after greeting his Daddy that Gibbs finally settled down outside. I can think what I want but it seems that he was waiting for him before he relaxed.
😊 Who knows what they are thinking, eh? Bill changed and after a little more time outside, Gibbs and I joined him inside. We’d been out for an hour and a half and he was kapooped from the fresh air.

When I saw the red truck coming up the lane,
I wondered who it was
M wanted to show me the 2010 F150 before
it was picked up
We did a nice job!! I'd never seen it outside

Bill brought his oscillating fan up from the Hangar and we placed it on the floor near Gibbs’s crate and bed in the hopes it would help cool the furry little guy down. He finally managed to sleep in a few places so must have been comfortable. Bill slept and I even dozed in my chair at the same time. We watched NCIS reruns until 6 and then we agreed on a cold supper. Bill’s idea. He had a couple of egg salad sandwiches and I had a meat, cheese and veggie wrap. With some ice cream for dessert, we were quite content.

A very low-end supper

After dishes, rather than go down to the Hangar to watch his car shows, Bill went upstairs to the bedroom. I turned on Yukon Vet, Dr. Oakley and The Incredible Dr. Pol on the downstairs tv. Each 45 min. to half hour that Gibbs woke up, I’d make him ring the bell and we’d go out. Each time, there were a few piddles and after eating his ½ cup of kibble, he went out and did both jobs. He’s such a good boy. Bill took him out for his evening ‘before bed’ piddle and he went in his crate for us with just a wee fuss. 😊

topped of with a high-end dessert!

This was a nice day. I did get out and water my newly planted shrubs and plants after supper but we could really use a bit of rain to soak them good. Because of the steep slope, the water just runs through the plant. They’ll just need some extra good soakings in the meantime. Sorry for the posting delay. Days seem short and last night I was too tired to even think about writing.

And not for a minute do we forget this little precious wonder

All growed up! 10 years old in London
Good day!

Thank you for popping by!


  1. When we got our lab, she was two years old, was house broken but otherwise untrained. I would take her out and tell her to go pee, then praise her to high heaven when she did. She has learned that command well.
    When I make hard boiled eggs, I put them in cold water, bring it up to a proper boil, then turn the stove off and put a lid on the pot. I go do something else for at least fifteen minutes. After that I drain the hot water and cover with COLD water. Sometime I have to change the water to cool them down. Perfect hard cooked eggs.

    1. They are very smart and I'm sure Gibbs is getting it all. ;) Such a reward for us too!
      My instant pot makes them perfect and I should have done them that way. 15 minutes from beginning to end. I boiled mine the same as you but didn't leave them for 15 minutes. Not cooked enough at all. I need to do them in Madame IP in the future. :)

  2. The pick up looks awesome. Good job! It's cute that Gibbs likes to be under things.

    1. Thanks Elva. Maybe Gibbs like camping - get it? Under a tent? haha

  3. Wonder what our dogs would think if they knew how many pictures we took of them asleep? I think Gibbs is a keeper!!!

  4. I cook my eggs the same way Karen does and have never had an issue. Funny, how we get accustomed to doing something one way and doing it another just doesn't seem to work as well.

    Gibbs is just adorable (as was Clemson). He obviously enjoys his time with both of you.

    1. Thanks to both you and Karen. It didn't work for me, this time anyway. Peeling was not easy after an ice water bath for more then 5 minutes. Madame IP for me and quicker too. :)
      Gibbs is such a character, has us wrapped around his little finger as Clemmy did.💕

  5. I can see that Gibbs is going to keep you amused and full of happiness for a very long time.

    God bless.